Creativity Vs Optimization: What Works Better for Content Marketing?

Creativity Vs Optimization: What Works Better for Content Marketing?

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Creating content that hits the mark and attracts traffic is a difficult task for content writers. These days brands are taking a fresh approach to proactive content management. Most brands are paying a lot of attention to optimizing content that involves execution. However, the companies are also want to expand their brand name, in these type of scenario content marketing is the best way to grow your brand name in digital media and get unique searches.

content marketing

Above in the statistics, you can see how important Content marketing is for digital marketing. So, it is always said that building content and gathering the follower is not so much easy it involves lots of patience. Apart from patience, the first question that pops up into everybody’s head is: “Could building an optimization strategy be the way to achieve your desired online results?”

Nowadays, being a content marketer is not an easy task, just a couple of things you have to pay attention to;

  • Make sure you deliver creative writing.
  • Create relevant content.
  • Know your audience.
  • Optimize the text that you have written.

How to balance creativity and optimization?

Creativity and optimization work together. Until now you must be having a question “how creativity and optimization can be balanced?” to make you understand in details below we mentioned some critical points.


Whenever you are writing content, it is essential to list out all relevant keywords, related to the topic, first. Do a keyword search and use the results in your content. There are a lot of tools available explicitly designed to help you find the keywords you are after. Tools such as SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner and Soovle are some free examples that do a perfect job.


Once you have your list of keywords, prepare your text for implementation of these words. Don’t just dump the keywords in your writing but try to weave them in naturally. Simply draining in all of your keywords reduces the quality of your text and will affect your website ranking in the end.


Keeping track of the competition and what they are currently up to is an essential element of your day job as a content marketer. Be smart and use successes of others but try to avoid mistakes made by others. Technology has made things easy nowadays there are a lot of pages and sites available in the online media which will help you in getting information about your competitors.

Some things that you have to keep track of while checking the competition:

  • How many keywords does the competitor’s website use?
  • What are the topics they usually cover?
  • What are minor topics they write about that support their general coverage?
  • Check if their coverage is complete and correct.

See, if your contender sites are making any mistakes or if their coverage is incomplete, try to fill the gap. This will keep you a step ahead of your competitor, and you will have some unique content which they even they don’t have. So, it gives you a chance to grab it and kill it.

track competitors

Never forget to check how their content is performing and how many engagements are recorded. Then, also check which articles or blog posts and the blogs are performing best on engagement, social shares, and link-building. Don’t forget the most critical point; check the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of the page, article of the blog post.

If you want to make all these things work then having a proper content optimization and accordingly planning the content marketing strategy becomes very crucial.


As remember, before jumping into a conclusion and start to work, it always better to know what your audience wants and what are they looking. Lessening the stress and pain of your audience should be your aim.

Customers are the path to success, for all the efforts that you invested, if people find your article to be good enough then the audience will share it for sure. This automatically increases the article reach and will gather more viewers. Eventually, the number of people reading your content increases, then the bot in Google will assess that your content is capable enough to rank higher.


Hence, it is always an excellent idea to concentrate on the problems of the viewers because if we solve the audience problems then only people will come to us and still make sure SEO content strategy revolves around this.

Use different channels to communicate with users. Before you start conveying, check all those channels where you will find active users. To make your work bit easy we mention some of the channels below which are used by a lot of people:

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • GrowthHackers

The viewers are using these channels a lot to get good contents, other than these there are few other social media channels where you can find good content.

Initially, if you follow these channels, you will get to know what are the topics people are interested to read. Not, just the topics you even get the idea about what is the language the writers are using and at what time which type of content is trending, and what people are interested to read. All these things are very relevant which you have to keep in mind while writing content.


According to the surveys, it is recorded that Humans have very less concentration, so it becomes imperative for your content to be engaging. Even a goldfish has attention up to 9 seconds which is more than that of the Human beings. This clearly shows that users may come to your blog but can return without checking your content. Also if some of the viewers may visit your blog but doesn’t read full content, just read the headlines and close it.

content marketing

So, before you start to write a content keep in mind about the Skimmers and try to write a creative and engaging content, that will avoid the bounce rates. Use the Italics fonts, bullet points, include required keywords, and subheadings.

Highlight all the critical points, write short sentences and short paragraphs because if you have long paragraphs, people lose interest quickly. Place all the relevant issues in the beginning, middle and at the end.


As it is said, images speak millions than the words does. It is essential to use relevant pictures. If you have a content that has only words, then it doesn’t attract people. While using this images, videos, gifs keep the people stuck to the blog. Not just the photos even the Facts and Figures are important it improves the Search Engine Optimization.

Content gets rich support through the images, facts, and figures, and the results here are positive. A compelling, inspiring content with events, characters, and models involve people deep into it. Nowadays, people believe more on the facts, images, figures and understand the facts better than normal content. There are a lot of top websites like Pew Research Center and Statista that provide the facts and figure about everything in the world. While for pictures you can take a look at the free image sites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash.

creativity and optimization

Nevertheless, you can find various ways to include images like product image, infographics, gifs, blog images, anything you can use that is related to your topic. It goes similar with all the figures and facts. While coming to data include the infographics because no one wants to see boring statistics.

So, this sums up that creativity and optimization in content marketing, both are important and should be taken care.


Creativity and Optimization both operate collectively. In a content, if Creativity and optimization are balanced, then it gives immense and excellent results. So, both works best for content marketing of any brand.

If you want us to add some more important points which we missed, you can comment or email us!

We will feel delighted to include it in the blog!

How Content Marketing Strategy helps to improve various sectors?

How Content Marketing Strategy helps to improve various sectors?

Content Marketing Strategy is not just for only one field “software”. It is for every business person who has his own business. Making his business active on the internet platform has become mandatory. Whereas, developing a content marketings strategy that is the same in every sector is not the thing. Various sectors have their different and own marketing strategy. Below are some of the important sectors and the content marketing strategy to be followed.

Content marketing strategy for B2B

B2B content marketing Strategy means that you not targeting the common people to visit your business. Instead, you are targeting those who have their own business. These are the people just like you and are the decision makers of their own company. To build up their company they must have read a lot and are active on the online platform. These people are tired of the robotic writing and are looking for something new and good.

It is always recommended to impress them with something which is unique, maybe in a  humorous way rather than sticking to the old methods of using complicated vocabulary and professional language. Try to tell the things like storytelling but with added humour in it.

content marketing strategy

When it comes to B2B marketing email is the most effective way. A business person relies upon and uses emails more. The survey even says that in B2B marketing- proceeding through email marketing is the best thing that you can do. Even 53% of the b2b marketers claim that email is the most reliable and can help generate more leads.

Having a personalised email marketing list for every business person and using it to segment the list is the key to win in email marketing strategy. Creating the specific groups and introducing new and customised things to impress the B2B people. Target different people in different roles this helps you generate leads covering all the roles.

Content marketing strategy for e-commerce

Having a great content is the valuable thing in the internet platform. When it comes to e-commerce and selling products on the online platform content is vital for e-commerce. Whereas, content alone can’t drive a lot of people to your website. If you think that you can drive a lot of customer’s- yes! you can but just the passive customers to your account.

If you want all the active customers to your site then it means using the essential tools, and communities to drive the targeted customer’s. Try to create the interactive and exciting experience for your viewers. You should follow the things like:

Use the blogs on the website to write about the different products and its usability. Because Blogs are the thing in which you can write about your product in details. Not only about the product it even increases the pages while Google indexing and this helps in improving the search ranking.

Checking the reviews is a great quality of an e-commerce person: Checking the reviews which are bad and trying to overcome it. Always put yourself in the shoes of the public and let the public judge you. It becomes very important to respond to the customers’ feedbacks which can be both positive and negative. Because this action will show that you are interested in their queries.

Make everything easy for the customers by giving them the right guidelines at the right time.

Content marketing strategy for real estate

Content for the real estate marketing doesn’t just require the words. It requires all types of the content that is: Written content, Visual content and Video content.

In the written content you should add all the things about your business like from where you have started? The story of your brand. What made you so passionate about the real estate business? Not just that you can also add the client list and the projects that you have accomplished including the detailed customer experience.

Keep your partner’s list and their story behind, the challenges they faced to come to this point. Success stories always impress the viewers. Apart from this add the geographical location and describe the services and facilities that you provide. Share the trending industry news and day-to-day varying price in the real estate business.

While going to visual content- infographic is the crucial thing. Highlight you recent survey by using the infographics. Property photos that contain the business statistics and staff photos and their area of specialisation. Slideshows of your projects done and market information and marketing guides.

Video content is the best for the real estate business people. You can open your own Youtube channel where you can have different video content. Can add the videos of the homes that you have build like the “virtual tour of home” which attracts the people. Interview with the happy clients and staff member attract the audience attention.

Below is the search matrix for developing a content marketing strategy for different sectors

content strategy matrix image(source: Smart Insight)

Content marketing strategy for restaurants

Content marketing done rightly for the restaurants will drive customer’s- if we provide them with the things that they like and value, which people will remember for a long time. By developing a content marketing strategy you can develop a relationship with your guests and you will become one of the trusted resources. This helps your restaurant to become just more than a logo and some coupons in the mail.

Start writing a blog it helps in empowering your reputation on the market. It creates a pathway for the traffic to come to your business. Write about your self how you started, your success story. Not only concentrate on the business, news, upcoming events etc. In the blogs sometimes try to share the content like the recipe of secret sauce, new recipes and secret ingredients that keep the people stuck to your website.

Try to create the cooking videos with new recipes. Which is not much long just 30-60 seconds and every time with new recipes and tips and tricks. Getting personal with the people is the key.

Content marketing strategy for Healthcare

Content marketing in the healthcare industry includes different type of contents to be written just in one Genre. Whereas, most of the healthcare companies don’t know where to start from, how to start and what should they write about.

The first and foremost thing is having the web pages that are data-driven. Being a healthcare service means the hospitals and hospital usually have all the data of the patients and their health history. You can use this data in your blogs to support the claims and help the people understand it better. Because people will understand easily if the content is being related to a case study.

As it can be said:

“If a content has the potential to drive thousands of audience then an Infographic has the potential to drive Millions”

These visuals give a rich and an attractive look. It delivers a lot of information in just an image in an easy way. Not just the infographics even the video contents these two things support the written content a lot. Videos are very engaging and attract a lot of people.

These steps look very complicated but while executing it is very simple and easy.

Content Marketing Strategy: Top Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Content Marketing Strategy: Top Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Content Marketing Strategyis considered to be an easy task to accomplish. It is not not just writing random sentences and words. Content marketing involves a number of parameters to be considered before the content is published. There are a few common mistakes that people commit while opting for a content marketing strategy. This article highlights the same.

What is a content strategy?

Content strategy means managing substantial and real content that is being created and owned by you. It may be in various formats – written, visual, or downloadable with your signature or name on it.

The aim of this marketing is to realise who you are, where you stand in the market and the expertise you have in the domain. Normally, digital marketers emphasize on the importance of content for online marketing. Pushing the content in a strategic way in the market has the same priority. It is crucial for the growth of business. A well-planned purpose or scheme is the in-thing. This is what is called developing a content strategy.

What is Content marketing strategy?

Earlier, for marketing purpose, only a few old tactics could be adapted to have a good content marketing. These few options included bandit signs, flyers, magazines, advertisement in newspapers etc,.

Earlier wanted poster image(Source: eBay)

The above advertisement is a kind of advertisements that was used earlier. It contained words, sentences with a picture that overpowered the words. This layout was per the preference of the advertiser. Thus, it can be said that earlier, there were limited content marketing strategies, but the playfield to experiment, was vast.

Content Marketing has increased creating a broader and huge market value, and paved way for newer pastures for aspects related to strategy and marketing.

Present Day Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a broader way of having an integrated marketing strategy. Content marketing always teams up with a strategy. Both content marketing and content marketing strategy come together because, without a proper guide and a plan, there is no perfect content. Succinctly put, content marketing strategy gives shape to the content marketing.

In simple language, we can say that a strategic approach towards writing a content and marketing the content is what content marketing strategy involves. Content marketing is a huge concept which requires developing of a content marketing strategy to make its presence felt in the marketing arenas. Not only content marketing, but also other marketing fields require strategies and techniques that should be incorporated to have better businesses.

The techniques involve the different ways in which content can be marketed to pull the customer’s attention towards business. Developing a content marketing strategy involves aspects like the journey of the customer, the life cycle of a customer, and the experience of the customer, while they visit the site. All these things grab the customers’ attention and sustain their association in the business for a longer time.

Content marketing strategy focuses on how content marketing can be utilised in a planned and strategic way, for the customer to get attention, increase the market value, and meet the set sales target.

content marketing strategy

The above is a list of Content marketing formats that should be followed these days. There are tons of options in Content creation these days which a writer can follow.

Why is Content marketing strategy important?

The reason as to why content marketing strategy is important, Is because it has become a crucial aspect in the digital marketing for all the companies in this globe.
People have different views regarding content. It is used for reasons that are very real and sustainable, than the Search Engine Marketing. This is the main reason why you should think about content marketing strategy in an organisation. Without a proper strategy, pushing the whole content and its marketing is a risk, and the risk doesn’t stop there. This can meddle with the goals of the company too.This is the biggest mistake that can take place and your company can even face a downfall.

A gross mistake that most of the companies do, is that, Instead of concentrating on this important aspect, they start concentrating on the lesser important ones.

Let’s discuss the reasons as to why content marketing is considered important.


Building a brand name and attracting people through words and phrases is what a content does. If we follow a certain strategy and develop better content marketing strategies, then, as a whole, it helps in increasing the growth of the company. In today’s busy world, the market has turned towards digital platforms. It has become important that businesses establish and maintain a healthy rapport with the users and the leads. Building a trust factor can help in having a positive reputation and this helps build a brand name for the company.

Trust can be maintained with users and leads only with the help of good content. It is the content that when read by the users, creates an opinion about the company and the business in the minds of the users. If the content provided is informative, engaging and relates to the public, people will consider it to be a genuine site and start following it. The more informative and valuable the content is, the more helpful it is to seal the trust with the audience and that too in an easier and simpler way.

content marketing

Posting of effective content on the website at regular intervals, would make the brand appear more authentic and enhance the trust factor of the customers. This will impact the users’ thinking about you as an effective writer and also increase the number of followers to your blog site. Posting your content in the third party user blogs or sharing the content with them helps build trust with the customers.


Conversion statistics is an important aspect and a key parameter to be accomplished by a business entity. Content marketing should aim at bringing in effective leads, and, at the same time help in converting these leads to effective customers.

Here are a few points that will help in improving the conversion and tell us why content marketing strategy is important:

  • Compared to other digital marketing methods, content marketing helps in generating conversion 10 times more.
  • 70% of the online consumers buy things only after doing a thorough homework, reading reviews on the blog and analyzing the pros and cons. Mostly, they visit those sites and pages as recommended in the blogs and articles.
  • According to a recent survey, 74% of the company’s marketing leads have increased due to content marketing. Not only leads, but content marketing strategy has also helped in creating long-term relationships with customers.
  • Video content helps in delivering a 72% increase in the ROI and even increases the number of leas conversions.
  • Due to the efforts put by the content marketing, the inbound marketers can easily increase the average site conversion rate from 6% to 12%.

Content marketing strategy helps in improving the knowledge of more number of viewers, you can easily connect to the people. It’s not just about building the relationship and trust. It is also about encouraging the users by providing them with the information they must know before opting for the company and its products.


Content plays an important role in improving Search Engine Optimisation which helps in building businesses. The main work of SEO is to increase the visibility of your website on the internet platform. For meeting the purpose of increasing the visibility, it is important to optimize the content.

The top digital marketers even consider content marketing strategy as the most effective SEO technique. Even those business websites which have their own blog and write the content, have an average of 434% more and increase page rankings in Google, than those websites which don’t publish the content. If the word count of the article, in terms of content, is lesser the number of articles present, then Google does not index that in the Search Result.

A number of pages don’t mean you will have a huge traffic, but it increases the chances of getting traffic, the content has many keywords that help increase the rankings in Google. For example, creating blogs that have effective and different topics which are relevant, so that the attention of the audience can be grabbed. Content marketing strategy even gives more chances to rank higher, by using target keywords, which the people keep on searching in the search engine.

This creates a situation in which there is bulk of content on the website, giving the customers a number of reasons to visit the website. More content also increases the on-site time. This positively impacts the Search Engine Optimization of the Website by the user. As Google checks everything, it even checks the time spent by a customer on your site. If the time spent is more, it means you are delivering effective content, and if it is less, it means people are least interested in the content.


Generating leads is highly crucial for every company, most importantly the smaller ones, as the smaller companies rely on the traffic, that is generated by continuous boosting and branding of the products and the company. Content marketing is not only crucial for making the company known, it is also cost effective.

On comparing content marketing with traditional marketing, it is found that the content marketing costs cost 62% lesser than the costs incurred in the tactics of traditional marketing, but generate leads 10 times more than the traditional way of marketing. All the small brands should use content marketing strategy to make their mark in the market. In fact, for them, it is an added bonus that the content marketing is cost-effective, and they can invest the rest of the money elsewhere, for more effective results.

However, patience is the key factor here. Content marketing is time-insensitive and it can take a good time to produce the results. It becomes accurate coming to the part of SEO. When a quality content is being prepared, it takes some more time to reach people. In fact, there are many marketers who opine that 81% of the increase in traffic can be viewed by just investing an hour a day, on the social media marketing.

You can see the relevance of the content marketing strategy, once you start getting the results and the returns. Creating the content, in reality, costs lesser and has a higher efficiency rate It helps small businesses, which see a huge Return on Investment on the content marketing. The result that you get by using content marketing, almost would be 4 times more than the amount you spend on it.



This is one of the biggest mistakes that the content writers do. No proper research about the topic you wish to write. Once the content is written, you need to be curious to measure its impact on the people. Has it attracted the people? Have they liked it or not? Thus, proper post-research about the content also needs be done.

This usually happens if the people are new to the field, i.e freshers, or small companies. To rectify this, instead of choosing a subject that we like, it is always a better idea to choose a topic that the audience might be interested in.

Posting a content which you feel is interesting, doesn’t necessarily draw the customers’ attention. This might drive some traffic, but it will never drive the targeted people Hence, it is always better to go with the tide – with what viewers actually seek.


Do the thing you are best at! If your niche is writing, just stick to blogging and don’t take everything into your hands. If you are a blogger, then do only blogging and writing, the rest of the optimisation would be done by SEO and other people who are best in their own fields.

Trying to take everything into your hands may spoil the things. There are cases where you are working for a small company and you have to handle a lot of things due to less number of employees. In such cases, it is always advisable to first take up whatever is your forte, and later take help for further work. This will improve your knowledge and also your grip on technology.


Content writing doesn’t refer to the mere writing of words or content. It involves video content as well as visual content. If your content consists of only words and sentences, it is considered to be passive content.

To make the content attractive and catchy to the eye, it is always recommended to have visual content – at least one per article. This makes the content more attractive and increases the interest of the people, because a content without an image is more like a book on history.

canva infographic image(Source: Canva)

piktochart inforgraphic image(Source: piktochart)

Infographics, images and videos gain audience’s attention and make them stick to the content. There are a lot of tools available in the market, that help in generating free of cost infographics Canva, Piktochart, Venngage.


Checking the statistics and analysing sounds very boring and drab. Well! this yet another major mistake people or the writers do.

Being a marketer, it is important to know the statistics like the click-through rate, bounce rate, and average time spent on the site. All these things tell whether the content you are writing is effective or not. If yes, you can see the growth in the number of people. If not, you can figure out the reasons that lead to a decrease in the audience visiting the site.

Checking statistics and acting accordingly, may sound very simple but technically, it is not so. Keeping a tab on on all these little but important parameters, definitely saves time. This is a very important that has to be kept in mind keeping in view the benefit to the company, as this plays an instrumental part in the growth of the company.

10 Best Content Marketing Trends for 2019

10 Best Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Here is the content marketing trends, before we going to content marketing trends we need to know basic things.

What is Content Marketing?

If you’re new to this, let me acquaint you with what content marketing actually is. This is a no-brainer. The title itself suggests the complete idea. Hold your horses! Do not get deceived by the simple idea it connotes. There’s a lot more to it than that meets the eye.

How Content Marketing builds your Business?

Content marketing is merely a way of writing blogs with the purpose of attracting more traffic. This traffic eventually goes ahead and attracts the prospects that are essential for building your business. These prospects are the ones that you might be doing business with. Thus, in short, content writing is a way to build your brand and grow your business.

How Content Marketing helps SEO?

content marketing trends

Content Writing. How?
We will take you through…
SEO is nothing but helping your website crawl better on the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Initially, you need to write as relevant a content as possible. Understand what the users would usually search for in your particular domain. Write your content in accordance with your keywords and Voila! You’re good to go.
Google will start considering all those keywords and display your page on the SERPs. This leads to a number of clicks to your web page. So that’s how it helps your SEO. For the content marketing tips, do read this article on content marketing tips and tricks.

Why is Content Marketing important for Business?

Content marketing is said to have attracted about 160% of businesses more than the websites that don’t encourage content writing. If you don’t showcase your own expertise, then how will the external parties know of your existence? Similar is the case with the content writing. Content writing is a technique where you show off your skills and expertise in that particular area, that finally leads to the prospects – creating your brand. When you appear constantly on the SERPs, when the prospects search for the same, it definitely grabs their attention. When these prospects are interested enough in the way you do business, they’d be willing to team up with you. That’s how most of the prospects are earned online.
If you’re still not convinced, do go through this article.

What are the Content Marketing Channels?

Once you finish with your content, the next and the foremost step is to promote it on a large scale. This promotion is helpful as then, it would reach a large number of prospects who are looking for services like yours. Do register yourself in the channels mentioned below:

Social Media:

What’s the purpose of all those hours of writing when it doesn’t reach the expected audience? What better location could you find to publicize your article than your very own social media? We know out of all the communities, social media has the highest outreach. Do share your articles on the social media platforms to garner a number of audiences. In order to understand how you can leverage social media for your content marketing, do read this article on social media promotions.

content marketing trends: Social media

Similar Field Communities:

There are a number of communities that are in relevance to your field of expertise. No matter what field you are in, you can always find your own communities. These communities help increase the relevance of your posts.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is yet another way of expanding your business in a short time. Find the website with a better domain authority (DA) than yours and start guest blogging. This will lead the traffic from their website to visit yours and eventually, you’ll see a great increase in your traffic.

Email Campaigns: 

Encourage the viewers to give out their emails in an interactive way to be able to send them more of these. Keep them updated, keep those blogs coming one after the other. Make it interesting to watch. Not everyone is interested in sharing out their personal information, so make them give it out to you by themselves. Such should be your strategy.


Make videos, make them interesting, publish them on YouTube, give out your link. This will eventually gather a huge amount of traffic. Keep interlinking from one media to the other to get a huge flow of traffic.
Out of all these, there’s one important thing that you can never fail to follow. Always get yourself updated with all the new trends in the field.
Here are a few more low key channels you can visit.

What are the content marketing trends for 2018?

content marketing trends: trends

1. Content Remarketing:

If you can invest something on this, then you need to go with this. Content marketing is the way in which you can display the same content that your users were not able to finish. So, the people would have the option to come back and finish the whole article again. This is called content remarketing. This helps the visitors leaving your website to revisit.

2. Podcasts and Embedding Videos:

The latest trend these days that has been taking over the regular blogging is the Podcasts. These podcasts are highly essential for all those people who are busy to read through things. Podcasts help in reading out the whole article that is written in words. This helps the reader to multitask while listening to the same content that he/she has to read.
Embedding videos from YouTube or various other channels helps in easy understanding. This ease of learning attracts a number of people towards your blog. Not just that, one of the ranking factor, duration of a visitor in your website, increases by a great amount, when you successfully make them stick to these videos.

3. Funny and Humorous:

Being funny has always attracted a number of customers. I know I’m not as funny but yeah, I don’t recommend you to be that way. Don’t go hurting people on your quest for being funny. A good laugh always kills off the pressure that you take all day! Hence, be funny for yours and your viewers’ sake!

4. Promotion, Promotion and Promotion:

Keep promoting yourself finding new channels. I can only suggest a handful of these, but you need to find your own communities or locations to promote based upon your field. So, just go ahead and find your niche communities to be able to spread your content across the web.

5. Ambience:

These days people are all about ambience. Would you walk into a restaurant with a bad ambience even though it offers great food? That’s the effect even a website ambience has over the viewers. These days every other website is developing its pages, such that they are more interactive than ever. So, do concentrate on your website’s interactiveness, such the viewers remember the next time they visit your blog.

6. Voice Search:

The next big thing that everyone is aware of! Voice search is the next big thing in the technological advances running around. We can say with surety that this will take over the regular search by a great extent. That’s the kind of predictions the experts have for this. So whenever you write some content, do keep the questions asked as per the perspective of the voice search. This might not be completely essential on this day, but in the future, it’s going to help your viewers a lot with their search.

7. Marketing Automation:

Another way in which you can make your life easier is by using the marketing automation. Marketing automation helps you in doing the jobs that are usually performed by people. Hence, do understand what a marketing automation is and how it helps you in building your marketing strategies – here.

The Evergreen Trends:

There are certain trends that never go out of date. The ones that are listed below are few of those. Never ever even think of neglecting all these factors.

8. Trial and Error:

This is a method that works the best. This needs a lot of patience, but mark my words, this will help you in the long run. Learning from mistakes is the best way to learn anything. The same is the case with this one as well. Keep trying for different techniques and implement them on your website. Some might even give you unexpected results. That’s how you learn to grow your traffic and prospects altogether.

9. Content Repurposing:

You update your blog day after day coming with all the new updates. Have you ever thought what happens to your older blogs? You must have thought about it, but have you really acted upon it? Well, you should. Your older contents are as important as the newer ones. The older content, once they are outdated, are supposed to be looked upon. These updates lead to a better quality and efficiency of your blog. It also shows the kind of effort you’re trying to put and how serious you are about your business.

10. SEO:

If you know the importance of having your website rank top on SERPs, then you’ll know Search Engine Optimization is always essential no matter what year it is. As long as the search engine exists, its optimization is highly necessary to attract enough traffic to your website. So always have your site optimized and ready for the search engine to crawl.

Best tools to improve in content marketing:

content marketing trends: Tools

Content marketing is not just about how you market the content. It is also a cluster of how you write the content. So, let me introduce you (if you don’t know already) to all the tools that can help you in writing and marketing your content efficiently. There are a number of tools that you can utilise for the content writing purpose.


Always have a sight on which Plugins to incorporate on your CMS. If your CMS is WordPress, then find the appropriate plugins to make your job easier and efficient. You can find multiple plugins that can help you out in making your job smooth. There are a number of such plugins, for WordPress, Yoast SEO: helps in your SEO, Backup buddy helps in backing your data while writing. Thus, do acquaint yourself with multiple plugins, but don’t go with too many of them. More plugin slows down your website.

Google trends:

This is one more way to find the most trending topics and putting them up on your website. Trending topics are always the ones that reach a larger audience. The current hot searches will put your site ahead on the results. So, always be aware of the trends, and be ahead of your competitors.

Google Trends


One more widget everyone needs to put on their respective browsers is Grammarly. This widget helps you in working out on your grammar. Bad grammar pulls you down on the results page. Hence, always take care of the grammar upfront.


In order to see which topics to concentrate upon, this would be the best site for you. Buzzsumo shows the statistics on which topic reaches the maximum social sites. Hence, according to these shared statistics, you can create your own content and share them on social media.
You can check demo Click Here


Writing a content itself is not enough for your content to reach the masses. You need to take certain marketing precautions as well, to install this plugin to be able to directly share your content on multiple social media sites.


There isn’t just one single thing that HubSpot does. HubSpot is considered to be one of the largest tools to ever exist for your content marketing. It not only helps you with your SEO, but also shows you the analytics that you need to be aware of. These analytics show the different responses to the different things you’ve tried on your content.


The other important tool in the field of content writing, Ahref analyzes all the content of your website and gives you your ranking on the internet. It shows the amount of organic traffic that your site attracts. It also has features like showing the progress of your site.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the one site every website user needs to use to understand the statistics. These statistics help you deliver better performances on your website. This analytics also shows which sector your traffic is coming from. You can also have a view at your bounce rate and the duration at which your audience is staying.

Furthermore, if you’d like to have a brief look at tools, do look here.

Content Marketing Success Stories:

Nomadic Matt

content marketing trends: Traveller

A great and impressive travel blog by Matthew Kepnes who has earned a great deal of recognition. This guy is an American Travel expert and has a domain authority of his blog at a whopping 66. That’s quite a great Moz Domain authority for a travel blogger and it isn’t easy to get such an authority. He went on to writing books and managed to become the New York Times best selling author.

An MBA graduate, after traveling to Thailand decided to quit his job. He decided to earn his living by what he loves to do. He has travelled to over 70 countries in his 7 years of traveling. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter is the book that has been critically acclaimed and is said to be an eye opener for all those heavy spending nomads.

Neil Patel:

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

The guy about who all the content marketers are aware of. Neil Patel has found his own ways of attracting the traffic through both his conventional and unconventional methodologies. These tricks have helped him create a name for himself in the world of SEO and Content Marketing. Now, he is the founder of multiple well-doing websites and has a great impact on all the digital marketers.
Neil Patel is now worth more than $10M and has been said to have a great impact in the world of digital marketing. So, do follow this guy in order to stay updated on all the things happening around you.

Content marketing trends in various industries:

In the Travel Industry:

content marketing trends: Travel

The travel industry has been reaching new heights in terms of blogging and using its content on various platforms. So, let’s look at how this industry has been upgrading itself in terms of content marketing:

General Blogging:

The usual blogging has been on a hike for a long time and is believed to have a great future as well. These blogs are the way in which people are attracted towards the site. Different people enjoy the travel experiences of these blogs and become loyal customers.

Social Media Short Contents:

The short and sweet tales or quotes posted on social media go a long way in being shared among themselves. These shares are further publicised. This publicising further helps in the brand awareness.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is another way of putting the content in the videos and sharing them further. These are short and quick to read. There isn’t much detailed information but the short videos help in a quick understanding. They don’t consume much time and are quick in helping us by giving a brief understanding.

In Commerce Industry:

content marketing trends: Ecommerce

Content on the products:

There has to be certain content on every product description. The way the product sells also depends upon the description of the products. These details should be explained in a way that helps with a good understanding of the customer.

Instagram Description:

Instagram descriptions have always gone a long way in attracting people’s attention. These descriptions, if short and attractive, can keep the audience engaged towards them.

Video Marketing:

The videos of products and apparels give a brief idea on the products. The videos are not just enough, rather the product descriptions on the product page help with an easy understanding of the colour, size and further specifications.


The tweets made on each product also help with the product sales. Tweets are short ways of displaying the content and attracting the customer’s attention in a short time.


Well, what can I say? There isn’t a page good enough to describe and guide you all about the content marketing. But I think this would be enough for a great start. Understand what it is and start improvising if you’re lacking in any of these. All these tricks have helped me in gathering about 200% of traffic in less than a month. Here’s how even you can improve your blog audience. I’m sure it’d help you the same as well. Have a great time in marketing your content!

All the content writing tips you ever needed for your business!

All the content writing tips you ever needed for your business!

Have you ever wondered why content writing is considered to be such a big thing? Before going to the tips let me just brief you the importance of content writing. Content writing has taken the world of marketing by storm. How? I’ll tell you! I’ll also tell you how content writing would help you in your business.

Content writing for business: 

You’re a website who has just started and don’t have much of a brand recognition. What are your ways of familiarising your brand with the people? or getting more clients for your business? There are ways like having your video go viral but the chances of getting such videos, related to your business, are quite low. In this scenario, the best way to grab the attention of online fanatics is content writing. A good content writing is a direct indication of the kind of website you’re running. Higher the quality of the content higher is the chances of attracting the clients towards your business.

Content marketing Generates leads

Source: Hubspot

As you can see from the above picture how important it is for an organization to keep blogging, other than just concentrating on their own product.

Content has an incredibly strong grip on culture formation. Content writing not only helps in the free marketing for your websites, but it also brings the traffic to your website. Traffic stats are important in showing the kind of recognition you have in the world of internet and it simultaneously shows how seriously you take your business. It shows the potential clients the relevance to their field of work and how diversified you are. It is a way of convincing the hearts of the visitors and showing how good you’re at it.

Not just that, we understand how bad one needs to spend on website maintenance and for the very same reason, a good ROI is something anyone could use. The better you are, the better advertisements you attract. So let’s not delay anymore and just get to the tips how you can improve your content writing.

All the tips you needed to stand out in 2018:

Things to do:

  • Make sure the content is relevant to your website and your business.
  • Plan it out rather than just jumping on it. Find all the relevant websites that could help you in this process.
  • Take it slow, don’t rush. Understand every little situation and how the world of content writing works.
  • A good title is the one that attracts the attention of your customers. Try a catchy one!
  • A trendy topic is always the one to go for.
  • Stick to the point, don’t dwell from one direction to the other. Know your job and execute it accordingly.
  • Understand your potential customers and what they actually need.
  • Produce quality content, don’t go with all the quantity tips. If your content doesn’t have enough quantity, try to finish it with a good quality rather than going behind the quantity theory.
  • Pictures and infographics are something you should never forget to put. Infographics are an easy way for the reader to understand the story of the article.
  • Understand the statistics and work on it! Analyzing any situation shows how thorough you are and how strong you are on your point
  • Use attractive images and the most relevant ones to make it easier for the visitor to read.
  • Kill the ideas of using any foolproof methods. The more genuine and honest you are the more traffic you’re going to get
  • Always credit the websites if you’ve borrowed some information or images from them as it’s their stuff, let’s just appreciate them a little. That’s all they ask for.
  • Google has multiple ways of listing your content on top, so don’t go on searching for different tricks, rather just concentrate on what you need to do and what you’re good at and the traffic would flow on its own.
  • Content writing is one part and standing up for what you say there is another. As I said in one of the previous posts, do what you say and say only what you can actually do. No fake promises or fake content should be entertained.
  • Come up with innovative ideas, the ideas that catch the eyes of people.
  • Write in a way that even if the content is simple it still get its attention.
  • Your content might not garner enough views, likes or comments in the initial stage but sooner or later it’ll get all the hype that it deserves. Good things are never gone unseen.
  • A little humour never killed anyone, so even though if it’s a business website, you can still make some unprofessional healthy humour in order to bust off some stress.
  • Maintain your website with an impression that it’s a one-stop place for reading, and also for all the information that they need in this field.
  • Last but not the least, enjoy your work, it’ll surely reflect back on your article!

Things you need to avoid:

  • Don’t try to be so diversified that your website loses its authenticity
  • You are never supposed to write it clumsy as it’ll only keep visitors from visiting your  website
  • Blackhat methods are something to stay far away from! Don’t indulge yourself in activities like key stuffing or multiple backlinking, as it would only hamper the image you’ve been trying to create all this while.
  • Don’t forget crediting or providing the sources from where the information has been gathered, or it may lead to some serious troubles.
  • Good grammar is never a sore to the eyes, so avoid making any grammatical errors.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to few articles. Write as many articles as you can so one doesn’t have to go to any other website for further information.
  • In the process of looking for attention, don’t go and share the article everywhere, rather concentrate on one particular social website. It’ll keep you from looking desperate.

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As far as my experience with the article writing goes, I think these tips would be enough for any beginner to come out with an impressive article. You might think this is a huge list, will I be able to remember all of this? Well, I went through the same phase, I collected the tips from various websites and listed them down. A momentary look at these tips would show how well you’ve improved day by day.

Once you’re done with these tips, I’d recommend you to go through the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. That’s what you need if you want to place yourself well above the rest i.e., you’ll be ranked higher in the appearance of results, when someone searches on the same topic in google.

Here’s a link if you want to learn further about SEO: How the Local SEO helps in the growth and visibility of company?

If you want a professional to handle the SEO part for you, here’s a glance as to how we could help you out in this scenario: SERVICES FOR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION

So that’s it enjoy writing!