What are the different aspects involved in Re-Purposing a content?

What are the different aspects involved in Re-Purposing a content?

According to the statistics, 40% of the content provided on the internet is repurposed or rewritten. Repurpose actually means getting all the texts, contents, research work, images and then by using different multiple ways and implementing them in as your content as a refurbished and formatted content. In simple words, we can say gathering information from different sources and summing up to a totally different and creative your own blogs, contents, articles, ebooks etc.

The information you collect can be from anywhere not necessarily from the online platform it can from the physical means like the newspapers, magazines etc. can even convert some of the important data to infographics, graphs etc. making them look attractive and catchy for anyone who reads your articles, blogs, ebooks etc. all these repurposings or rewriting things are called as the smart work than doing hard work.

Working hard is a very good thing some marketers out there always want their work to original under their name every time they work. But with so much content that is available out there, it becomes very important to stand out unique from all of them. But every time creating a new content entirely takes a lot of time instead repurposing it time to time by adding new important things, removing some old things repurposing it with time also gives a lot of boost to the content and instead saves times and resources and attract a lot of leads.

Below is the survey conducted OkDork about the average share generated by different content types:


Repurposing the content or else known as rewriting your present content by adding important things and by removing the unimportant things as it has a number of benefits which can be listed as below:

  • Reaching audience: whatever we do it is just to reach the audience, and users basically prefer infographics than the texts. And generating the content according to the customer’s needs is one of the important things. Rewriting and adding more information through infographics grabs the attention of the people more.
  • Rewriting the old content: while cleaning your room sometime you may find your old favorite book. Whenever you see that you always think to take time and read it but unfortunately fail to do it. And it always feels really great when you stumble upon such master. And from next time to remember to read it, you should dust it out, clean it and keep on the front row which reminds you to read it every time you see it. Similarly, your content also should be refurbished or rewritten with some new contents and infographics which attracts the customer’s attention at the first go.
  • Making your efforts work: when you put all your effort into a content you will always want your content to turn out to be the best one. Just having a good quality content is not enough there are some hidden qualities also involved in it that may affect your content. Repurposing whereas helps to let your article to get into front once again and allows people to see your blog once again. And it is just like a second-time content promotion.

Below are the approaches that should always include while repurposing a content:

  • Updating your content from time to time. You should always keep on updating the content with necessary data and infographics.
  • Always keep on expanding your content by providing more and more relevant data and adding it to the already existing data.
  • Reformatting the contents should be done because it again allows your blog to come to the front and which enables viewer see your content again or add on the new viewers which initially increases your audience’s.


  • Video tutorials or Webinars: Webinars are always a great idea that draws you a lot of leads and attendees. And repurposing your webinars into youtube is the best you can do. Because everyone out there won’t be able to make up for your webinar and youtube videos of your webinars then your valuable content lives on.
    This will automatically drive a lot of people to your webinars and videos as you would be having all the videos stored and available for the audience’s which will help in grabbing the attention of the new viewers also.
  • Guide to old blog posts: Suppose you have written a very good article about anything, always remember to repack those blog posts into a completely new article. For example, in past if you have written about why digital marketing, what is the importance of digital marketing, different functional parts in digital marketing, jobs in digital marketing, how to choose digital marketing course etc. you can effectively be combined this all and make them into a “Complete Guide to Digital Marketing”.
    This really works out you just have to do some coating and crafting upon your old blogs and you are ready with a new article.
  • Turning a blog to a podcast: after a tiring day at the office or early morning wake up people usually don’t prefer to hang on the data provided on the internet and check the whole article, instead, they would be interested sitting back and listening to something. Whereas you have the script ready podcast it in social media is a mindblowing way to repurpose your content. You should always know your target audience and prepare the content according to their preference. Never ever try to sell yourself bluntly and should not contain long commercial. Should be brief, clear, informative and topic oriented. Nearly 94% people using podcast use social media wherein 48% people follow brands.



How to chose the best Digital Marketing course?

How to chose the best Digital Marketing course?


There would be no saying no if we say that the marketing strategies in the digital platform are growing like anything from the past 10-15 years there has been a huge increase in the online marketing platform. The businesses are more opting for the online platform than following the traditional marketing format. Traditional marketing platform is usually very expensive and costly which was not easy for every company to afford. Moreover, the digital marketing platform is cost-effective and open to all irrespective of what and how big their company is.

It has opened a lot of channels and routes for marketing so that the customers get spoilt by the different choices provided to them. These services have brought a lot scope for the people in professional aspects creating a lot of job opportunities for experienced and as well as for freshers. The posts like the digital marketing executives/managers/ associates, social media marketers/executives/ associates etc.

As everyone is turning towards the digital marketing side the requirement of the employees in digital marketing is very high. And learning the digital marketing course is very useful for anyone who wants to explore in digital media and it is the most trending and booming jobs nowadays. For any individual who wants a career in this digital background will surely have a bright future.


Usually, people watch other people on the social media and think that its very easy to go trending and viral on the digital platform. Then you are mistaken it is one of the difficult tasks for completing these task people come to the digital marketing service providing agencies which eases their work and helps in building a trending content for them in the digital platform.

Sometimes people do research about “Digital marketing” and its Tool in the Google like the Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Webmaster etc and do a thorough research on the digital marketing tactics by readings some blogs, articles, watching youtube videos etc. and they feel like now they became experts in digital marketing field which is the biggest misconception of anybody if he/she thinks like that.

Even there are agencies who sway people by giving false hopes and fraudulent promises to make people experts in digital marketing and portray themselves as the best digital marketing service or course provider instead they are the digital marketing impostors they show the access to the tools, templates, website etc. which is all useless because there are a lot of free tools available in the internet and are very simple and easy to use. That is when you should understand that it is a trap and you should not fall for it.

Communicating is one of the important factors of the digital marketing service because whatever you may be knowing and working in Google analytics until you communicate you can’t get the audience’s and all your services would be crushing. And be updated with the present trends, patterns, and insights no matter whatever data or companies you are working with which helps you to enhance the leads in business.

And a best digital marketing course providing tutorials will make sure and keep in mind to avoid all these kind of mistakes instead will give right guidelines, do time to time reality check, most importantly keeping grounded.

How to achieve it? Only by having a strong foundation in digital marketing fundamentals.

In any digital marketing course which provides the best coaching will always start from the basics, concepts explain them nicely and then goes to expand those concepts in the vast arena of the digital marketing. By this exposure, you get to basics of digital marketing easily not only that but you will get to learn all the shades involved in digital marketing which will help you in applying these techniques in the longer run and larger framework. And all this can be achieved in the longer run when trained by an expert trainer in digital marketing field, who would be able to incorporate the best course material and lacing a lot of real-life examples and should access a lot of practice examples and real-life live works undertaken because from real-life examples only people get to know what is deep inside the campaign and can know how the actual digital marketing strategies works.

When you will get to know the correct strategy to accompany the digital marketing campaign you will be the king of your specialized sector. And moreover will maintain the conceptualized and glory of your digital marketing campaigns.


The most important thing to remember there is no secret formula to learn digital marketing or there is no 2-3 days digital marketing course. If you think that you will land you somewhere, where they will provide you with some digital marketing secret tricks then you are in a big misconception.

There are always certain steps which are required to be followed to achieve something. And below are some of the major things so should check on while choosing a digital marketing course providing institution:

  • REPUTATION OF THE INSTITUTION: this is where everything starts from the reputation of the institution you are willing to go for because a reputed institute will always focus on the course provides, want you to gain knowledge and would also want you to perceive candidature in the market.
    Below is some question which should pop-up while choosing an institution:

    • How old is the institution? What are achievements of the institution? What is its journey?
    • How wonderfully has it been grown?
    • What is the profile of the institution? What the alumni have to say about the institution?
    • Does this institution have license and accreditation to run the coaching class?
  • REVIEWS: ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE JOINING: digital marketing it self-means going online on the internet platform. In digital platform people always have to maintain their business reputation and online platforms allows the users to give reviews, comments, suggestions and the ad makers always have to maintain their reputation. Because they can the bad reviews and negative comments on the online platform which may lead to bouncing back of the customers. Because people nowadays rely more on reviews and comments then what they see.
  • FACULTY OF THE COURSE: the most important thing for any type of course not only the digital marketing, whatever course you may go for always check how good are the faculties because they are the only medium from which the students gain the knowledge. Everything falls apart when the time comes to chose the faculty the institute may be the top class, with well-crafted courses provide, and nicely templated syllabus provided everything tears apart if you don’t get those best trainers who can make everything easy for you. Doing a background verification with the alumni is the best thing to resolve it. Because good indicators can show you a clear path to achieve what you want.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING CURRICULUM OR SYLLABUS: what is the syllabus and curriculum the institution is providing is very important because of know because everything should be well versed and crafted and very closely be being examined. Everything should be in an order like the basics first then expanding the whole topic of the digital marketing. And should always know how important are the topics? And are all the topics being covered nicely in stipulated time? And are real-life examples being linked with the topics or not?
  • CERTIFICATION PROVIDED: certification is very important if you go for the job in any digital marketing firm certification is the important thing what the companies ask for. You always have to check on are the certifications provided are relevant or not? Because of there a lot of certification available out there. Should always check how the certification is going to help you? What is the important certification you need? And are these certification provided by the institution?
  • PLACEMENTS: placements are very important for everyone who completes their education. Basically, you should know does the institution provides placement facilities or placement support? What are the companies it has tied up to? How many people are getting placed? What is the average package being given to the students? What are the job profiles the companies hire for?
  • PAYMENT PROCESS: you will be able to start a course only when you pay the fee. Knowing the fee structure is always an important thing to keep in mind. You should always check what is the fee structure? And are they providing courses and facilities according to the money they are charging? And are the multiple stage payment procedure available? And are the installments procedure easily available? What is the ROI you expect or get from the fee paid?

These are all just the guidelines to select a good institute for the digital marketing course. Rest it all depends on you how much you are keen to take in the knowledge given to you. This is just to keep you on track and help you in decision making. But at last, the decision has to be taken by you.