5 Tips To Boost Conversion Rates Of Your Emails

5 Tips To Boost Conversion Rates Of Your Emails

One of the oldest means of marketing; email marketing still works like a charm whether it’s to reveal a new product to your existing customers or to connect with more potential customers for the same, with an email conversion rate you can do it all.

Just write up a great one. Use a good structure and design — the right links. And SHOOT!

email marketing

If only it were all that easy.

While email marketing is just a simple term, its right implementation can get the best in a sweat.

From writing a great subject line to keeping the mail body comprehensive yet short. And then the pressure of compellability, I tell you. All of it requires some in-depth analysis, research and the right choice of words (of course).

But does it mean email success is too hard to achieve? Well, not if you go by these five tips.

5 Killer Tips to Boost Email Conversion Rates like anything

Here are the top tips for leveling up your email marketing game to earn a spate of conversions.

1. Make use of existing intel

Be it offline or online; data is an integral part of all businesses.

Gathered after several hits and trials, it helps businesses strategize and optimize better for their future projects, including email marketing campaigns.

But how exactly?

Well, it’s a lot like targeting.

The data would tell you a lot about your audience. Its likes/dislikes. Geographical locations. Age group and the gender that they belong to. The brands that they love the most. Products that they are interested in. And a lot of other stuff.

Now here you need to do is make use of this data.

Craft your emails by that. Use it to be relatable with your emails. As relatable as you can be. Do you know how a joke suddenly becomes way funnier the moment you start relating to it? The same tactic works with all forms of content “Emails too.”

This will make your prospects believe that you can feel their pain and so can help them too.

2. Refine your email list

While you might be sending out emails to some subscribers who gave you their email addresses at one point in time, turns out not all of them are receiving those emails now.


Every email list in the world has the following categories of subscribers.

  • Confirmed: Those who confirmed their subscription to your newsletter/mailing list
  • Unconfirmed: Those who didn’t prove their subscription
  • DNC list (do not contact): The ones who blacklisted you (no further contact)
  • Bounced: The file with (now) invalid email addresses

Now, this might have got you wondering,

All mailing lists are divided into four categories, three of which aren’t worth a try. But how does it matter? Why do I need to refine?

Well, I hate to break it down to you. All email service providers charge their consumers for every single email that they send.

This means that sending emails to the people who don’t want to see your emails or don’t want to respond to them or aren’t even going to receive those might be costing you $$ unnecessarily.

The solution is easy. Just take out an hour and refine your mailing lists.

Every time you shoot emails, make sure they are going to the right audience. Failing at that will cause you throwing money for nothing.

3. Create outstanding mail copies

Not to pressurize you or anything, but your mail copy can make or break your email campaign.

It’s like while we all try to persuade users with our content, there is a whole bunch of competitors trying to do the same.

A myriad of emails is sent every day, every week and every month. What magical do you think your email copy has to beat them all and be clicked on?

Well, in all cases we can still be better. Aiding to that, let us look at the four ‘U’s of email copywriting.


While the world is moving at the speed of light and everybody is super busy, getting users to click through your emails in the first go is a challenge.

But is there a way to win? Well, do we say no to any urgent calls? Highly rarely, right? That’s the key. If you can create urgency in the readers’ minds, you can win their attention that can lead to more clicks.

Still, don’t get it? This example might help.

Let us say; you want to buy an electric guitar. You visit a website reviewing the model that you want to buy. You read the reviews. I liked the product. And chose to sign-up for updates, so you don’t miss out on the latest offers or updates.

The next noon you receive an email offering a limited time discount on your favorite guitar. Wouldn’t you consider it? Well, even if you won’t, somebody else will.

Email conversion

What it does is boost the chances of the user opening up your email. The rest of the best (i.e., conversion) still depends on other factors like CTA, landing page, etc.


The next thing your email copies need to be is unique.

Just as discussed in the sections above, we receive a large number of marketing emails every day. How many do we click?

Well, if we notice carefully, it’s easy to conclude that emails that are unique and interesting make us want to know more. And for that, we generally click through.

For example, a while ago, I received this email from NeilPatel.com’s email list that I once subscribed to. First, I saw it on my phone and couldn’t just archive or delete or even ignore it (which I or maybe most of us generally do).

This is what the email’s snippet said.


Starting with the title, it’s simple and spots on. Something that every internet marketer/website owner would love to know. And then the first text in the email. As relevant and essential as it could be.

He starts with his success story. He is implying that this hack really worked for his website and so it can work for mine.

Now, here, he might have lost me if I had just read the title. But then the right next line goes like ‘Over the last 30 days, I generated 53878 visits from …’.

Who wouldn’t want to know more?

This is one excellent example, and there can be many others like this.

So, think of creating unique subject lines and useful opening texts like these. Chances are, your conversion rates will be boosted.


Just as mentioned in the very first tip, you need to make use of the data that’s available to you. The aim is to know your consumers better. Understand their needs and then craft emails with that intel.

You need to know their problems the best and then address those in your emails. If you can do that, more of your emails will be read.


Why waste a sentence saying nothing? – Seth Godin.

Brownie points if you feel that the above quote makes sense.

The thing with the content that you create is that it has to be useful at all costs. Because, what’s the point of creating any content at all if it doesn’t help its audience?

Also, if you aren’t helpful to the audience, why will they subscribe to you? Or buy your product? Or even listen to your words at all?

So, keep this in mind and try to create useful content for your audience.

While writing great email copies will require brainstorming and more time, it’s highly crucial. Coming up with perfect email copies is how you can compete with other businesses sending emails to your prospects.

Also, you can use a good video to charm up your emails. Emails with visual content get higher CTR.

4. Work on your CTAs and Landing Pages

You might have spent hours and hours brainstorming the right design, layout, text copy and everything else for your entire email, but right before you send it out, two things matter.

CTA and landing page.

Getting users to click through and read your email is a tough bet; we all agree. But what’s more robust is to convert them. And basically, that’s what every other step in the process comes down to.

So, how to do it right? How to optimally pick and design your CTAs and landing pages?

Well, let’s start with the CTAs first.

One common mistake that marketers generally make is generic with their CTA copies.

While writing a CTA saying ‘Read more’ or ‘Fill form’ might seem like a good idea to some, turns out it isn’t!

CTAs that are too generic can bore the reader. And CTA copies that impose work turn them off. I mean, who likes extra work on their desk?

CTA image

In cases like these, saying ‘Read more’ will make the user imagine huge blocks of text which he/she’ll have to go through.

Solution? Come up with better CTAs. Better here means actionable. Something that makes the user go through your CTAs smooth. A CTA that offers the users something of their interest.

For example, instead of using “Read More” as a CTA, try out options like “Find out more.”

We might like finding new useful stuff, but we aren’t always in a mood to read, are we? Just take it like that. And save yourself from repelling readers.

Once you have created the right CTA copy, you should start getting more clicks, leading the users to your landing page. Just what we need to focus now.

While you are trying to craft your perfect landing page, the following tips will help you.

Create great headlines

The first thing that an average internet user will see in your landing page is your headline.

If you fail to make an impression with that, chances are, you’ve lost the user.

What you need to do is create headlines that grab the reader’s attention — telling them about your product or service. And not exceeding 20 words at max (preferable limit is 10).

And once that’s done, move on to optimizing your landing page further.

Be persuasive with subheadings

Another characteristic of actionable content is persuasiveness.

And right after you’ve crafted a good headline, you need to work up your subheadings similarly. But how can you make it happen? Well, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Give details in your subtitles. A subheading is supposed to be more informative/in-depth than the main heading.
  • Make it have information gaps. How does it work? Make a point that you’ll discuss later in your content. Maybe at the end of your content.

This will keep the user intrigued till the end of the piece.

Use visuals

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the right use of visuals.

No matter how great your textual content reads, without the right visuals, it’d still not be thoroughly optimized. While picking the right one for your landing page, keep the following points in mind.

  • Everything your landing page pictures need to be.
  • Large in size.
  • Highly relevant to your product/service.
  • High quality.
  • Highly intriguing and attention-grabbing.

Your best bet would be to use fresh, converting and actionable infographics for your landing pages.

The right images on landing pages can boost overall conversion rates by up to 89%.

5. Fine tune your offer

While you might have tried anything and everything possible to acquire conversions with email marketing, it might not still work for you. Reason can be your offer.

It’s like even the copywriting experts like David Garfinkel say that a fair copy with a reasonable offer can work wonders for all marketing campaigns. Like, also if your grammar isn’t correct or you’ve made spelling mistakes, your drive can still sail with a reasonable offer.

Do you see how it works?

It’s like we need to get into our prospects’ shoes. When planning on making a purchase, would you go for a great offer or good grammar?

It’s all simple. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

email conversion rate

Final words

Email marketing is an excellent way of driving in bundles of conversions for your business. The problem which catches marketers cold is the right optimization.

In this post, I tried to share some useful tips for boosting email conversion rates. Hopefully, this helped you.

Still, have doubts? Share and discuss this piece with your marketing friends. It will help.

Alert! New report: Indian TV Advertising Market Analysis Forecast

Indian TV Advertising Market Analysis forecast download

Advertising and TV in India have become huge even if the digital media is slowly trying to take the attention of the citizens. However, the Indian Market Analysis says that India is the second fastest growing Ad industry in the world after China. Not just the TV Advertising industry even the Television industry is expected to increase a lot in the upcoming years. India is on the verge of making a lot, in Television history. While the TV forecast or future TV has a lot of new things in the bag.

To make the TV industry and the Advertising Industry easy for all. We made a report that explains in details about the Television and Advertising industry and the market analysis in India. It also includes the forecast for the future, about how TV companies should adopt new technologies to be in a race.

However, to make this report, we did a lot of background research. We had a team of researchers who did background digging, gathered the required statistic, collected even the very minute information that helped in making this report.

TV advertising market analysis


This report covers all the main aspects that will help a TV organization and an Advertising agency to know the latest trends in India. It includes all the substantial information such as:
TV Industry:

  • How is the TV industry growing in India?
  • What type of TV’s are penetrating in Indian Households?
  • Usage of CRT and LED days in Indian Household.
  • How is digital media giving fierce competition to the TV industry?

Advertising Industry:

  • It has increased Advertising agencies in India.
  • How is the industry saw growth in India?
  • What is the Penetration of Ad agencies in Indian Households?
  • What are the TV viewing habits of Indians?

TV and Advertising trends:

  • How the advertising agency and TV industries can find the trends and target the audience?
  • How the TV industry in India looks?
  • What are the factors that are affecting the TV industry?
  • Which type of content is king on TV?
  • In India which is the best time for showcasing the Ads or what is Prime Time?
  • It contains a brief explanation of Drama Marketing, a favorite genre for Indians.

Major Events in 2019:

  • We are concentrating on some significant events in India 2019.
  • How to do advertisements and TV sales increased during the Cricket World Cup?
  • What are the main ingredients that will make people stick to TV in IPL?
  • How the TV buying rate increases during the cricket season?

Future of TV

  • What is the Forecast of the TV industry in India?
  • What all new technologies the TV industry should adopt to be in a race with digital media?

These are some of the essential things that everyone in the TV industry and Ad agencies wonder for, to make your work accessible to read this complete report. It involves all the in-depth market analysis for TV and advertising industry.


This year there are a lot of major events going on in India which include Indian Premier League (IPL), Cricket World Cup, and General election. All this gives a fantastic opportunity for the advertiser to grab the market and make the people stick the TV.

TV viewing in India

However, it is even expected that advertising expenditure this year is expected to rise by 15.8% which will sum up to become Rs 72,662 Crore. This clearly, indicates that advertising platform this year will financially rip off all the records. While this year is a big one and will bring a lot of new milestones to India.

Not, just the major events such as General Election, IPL and Cricket World Cup even the advertisers should concentrate on various other important things that will stick the audience to the TV. This reports will give you complete insight into the trends that the advertising industry should always check on.

The trends include things such as when to concentrate which region people. For example, in the morning time, the people of South India watch a lot of TV which becomes a prime time for them. While for the Hindi speaking people the Prime Time is evening time. This is something which helps a lot to the advertisers and concentrates only on the specific region at that particular time.


We didn’t just end here; the report even contains Forecast for the TV industry. The future of the TV industry is nothing but the Programmatic Tv that will show the Programmatic Ads. Soon, if the TV industry will start having the Programmatic Ads, it will begin giving a fierce competition to Digital Media. Programmatic Ads is a step ahead of the standard Linear TV that we watch daily.

Programmatic Tv will have the Over The Top (OTT) and Video On Demand (VOD) option that will make people fall in love with TV all over again. A programmatic TV will also have the Programmatic Ads, which comes on the screen in a similar way how we can see in the internet platform or any social media. We can see the ads on the bottom or top of the screen and in the left or right side.

If you want to check the advertisements, you can click on the ads on the screen, or if you don’t want to watch it, you have to leave it like that the announcement will go away. Soon the TV’s are going to change, and we will be adopting smart TVs with excellent features.

Programmatic TV

As an end note we can say that if you read this report, it will surely give you a deeper insight into the Indian TV market and Advertising industry. However, we will also get to know what we need to follow and what we were following until now. It is handy with all the statistics and numbers being correct to our knowledge.

Below we attached you the PDF of our report TV and Advertising Market Analysis Indian Forecast 2019. After reading it, if you find out any glitches, please do revert to us we will glad to fix it. If you have any query regarding this Tv and Advertising related thing and need our help, we will provide you the best solution.

Please do leave your valuable feedback about the report in the comment section below!

We hope you love it!

Indian TV Advertising Market Analysis forecast download

5 Tips for Finding Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

5 Tips for Finding Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Many businesses now have seen the value of keeping up with the times, that is, having a visible digital marketing agency and maintaining that presence to gain more audience. It is almost rare nowadays to see businesses with very little online activity. At most, they have beautiful websites with complex graphics with multiple pages. At the least, they have a social media page like Facebook or Instagram.

There are many factors how this came to be. One, and quite obvious, is the immense boom of the internet in recent decades and the subsequent transformation in human lives that resulted after. Global telecommunication network made improvements at an exponential level. This, in turn, made accessing online all the more available to a larger population.

Effects in Business

A significant sector of our society that greatly benefitted from the astronomical rise of the internet is the business sector. It paved the way to so much more possibilities never achieved before like online banking, faster money transfers, and greater support for electronic money. For this reason, many companies have been able to expand their reach and services in a number of the way through the internet. But this also requires that they jump in the bandwagon and increase their visibility online.

The Rise of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing became even more critical when the internet gained more traction. Now, most businesses have partnered with an excellent firm to help them grow their company. If you want to start building your online presence and achieve success for your business but don’t know how to do it, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Determine Your Goals

Before you consider hiring a marketing agency, you first have to determine what you want to achieve. This means setting your goals such as:

  • Do you want to increase traffic?
  • Do you want to increase revenue?
  • Do you want more engagement with your customers?
  • Are you offering a new product or service that you want people to know?

Setting your goals could benefit you and the potential marketing firm you will hire. For one thing, it will make it easier for them to plan something if the goal you have given is clear. It can also make lots easier to implement the plan and to track the progress. For the business owners, it could save them money having already known what they want.

2. Do Your Research

I can’t strain the excellence of research enough. With how much the internet has permeated daily human activity; there is no excuse not to be informed. And like all research, you begin with Google. Some keywords you can use include “digital marketing,” “search engine optimization,” “organic traffic,” “increasing conversions,” and many more.

The industry is saturated digital marketing agencies all claiming that they offer solutions to your problems. These claims might be right, or they could be unfounded. The only way to find out is to know more about these agencies. Things to consider while deciding on an agency include:

  • Services offered
  • Past projects and clients
  • Online review and referrals
  • Years in operation

Note down your list of potential agencies to three or four. This way you can align your goal with the services they offer before getting in contact with them.

3. What Are Their Strengths

Many agencies specialize in the type of digital marketing service they provide. Some might be good at paid advertising while others are good at search engine optimization. Make sure that the agency is well-versed when it comes to what you want to achieve with your business. It’s often very common for agencies to over promise on some of their services yet unable to deliver results. This is something you want to avoid. It is not only a waste of time but a waste of money as well.

A real experienced and professional firm will do things different more than agree and promise you. They should be creative and offer their expert opinion when you present them your plan. They should also do their research about your product or field. Some clients prefer not to partner with a firm that has been marketing in a specific area for too long.

4. Let’s Talk about Price

Now we are at the point where most people would consider a sensitive topic, money. This is, however, one crucial aspect when looking for outside help or third-party contractor for the business to grow. It is always essential that you as a client set a budget for digital marketing and that the firm you decide on can work with your budget. There wouldn’t be any point in pursuing the services of an agency if it is above your set budget.

In most cases, the final price will be determined through negotiation before any contract will be signed. What is important to remember is to give yourself some flexibility. It’s very rare for any agency to meet your exact budget, but with some smart negotiation practices, you can even come out of the deal paying less than what you expect.

5. Ask Questions

The last phase on deciding on a marketing firm usually involves a face to face meeting to flesh out the small details of the plan. Take this opportunity to voice out any remaining questions that were left unsaid. While doing your initial research of the company and you saw some points of interest about them, this is the time to clarify and for them to supply you with the answer.

Some past practices that you’ve discovered could be clarified at this point. You can ask them about the number of employees that will be assigned to your project. You can even ask them to give you more details on other projects similar to yours that they have done in the past. This could include:

  • Negative reviews in their history
  • Feedback from previous clients
  • Certificates and awards
  • Seminars and conventions attended
  • Years of experience in handling a similar product or field

Think of it as a job interview with the firm as a potential employee and you the employer. You will be spending some time and resources with them so it is only right that all your unease should be put to rest.

Selecting the best digital marketing agency to help your business improve is not easy. It is a huge endeavor, one that requires a lot of planning and decision-making. But what would greatly help you is if you come in prepared with as much information as you can get your hands on? Remember that at the end of the day it is your business on the line. Any mistakes, whether on your part or their part will inevitably affect what you have built up.


Nowadays, running a business is never easy. There are more tools available at our disposal than ever before, more methods and theories and style to help us make it successful. While many may consider this a good thing, there are some drawbacks associated with it. They can’t all be used and expect to get good results. What is important is to learn how to use these tools, methods, theories to our and our business’ advantage.

Why do we require Empathy Mapping in Digital Marketing?

Why do we require Empathy Mapping in Digital Marketing?

People usually think the marketing professionals can’t work naturally are very mechanical. This is not the case because marketers also get connected to people and deliver the results basing on it. Connecting with the audience and the clients is the primary job of marketers. The first step that every marketer takes is to make or design an empathy map. This empathy map is a crucial thing for digital marketers because empathy map is something that makes the clients know that businesses are connected.

Empathy Map is something that articulates all the information about the client or the person’s needs collectively. It categorizes the person’s requirement so that it helps in driving the desired results. This article is like a step by step guide what exactly Empathy diagram or Empathy map is and used.

Empathy Map shows but doesn’t sell

Below you can see the basic structure of empathy map.

Empathy mapping

Empathy usually is something that the customers need, and which we should as marketers fulfill it. It is a type of marketing which shows it doesn’t sell while just fulfilling the requirements.

But for a marketer, it is imperative to know that facts and figures are a significant part of the marketing but should never forget how these facts and demographics are coming and who is behind it. All the events and surveys are the most important and valuable market search that can be imagined as the outcomes here are genuine and real.

Whenever we talk to a client and know about their requirements at the same time, we should always keep in mind the needs of the audience or the customers. It always motivates you to get the same emotion and express every single detail in your advertising work. Empathy mapping should be there for every work it is like a foundation or bedrock for any advertising.

Empathy mapping in Digital Marketing

There is always arguments and counter-arguments while coming to empathy mapping because social media sites use this empathy mapping more often in their work. Social media immediately connect to people or the users, this is why the argument comes up.

Different mappings

People use to think it is ages old method, on the other hand, it is not instead it is most important. In one line we can say “Empathy is not reducing it just became digital.”

Usually, reaching out to people becomes very important. The only way through which you can reach the millennials is through social media. A huge amount of people that is more than 70% people rely more on social media mostly on YouTube and videos in it. While almost half of the millennials in the online platform for different issues and goals to solve and achieve.

The surveys say that:

40% of the Millennials in the modern and divisive world started looking the world around them as the new light after getting insipired from social media and mainly YouTube Videos.

This what the marketers have to do to gain the trust of the people by acquiring the confidence of the users. The millennials always empathize with every single click, video, share, and comment. Here the principal task of the marketer is to capture the intensity of the people and present them something that pleases them.

What are Do’s and Don’ts in Empathy Mapping?

While you are working on an Empathy mapping always remember these below do’s and don’ts:


  • Still understand what your user needs, and try to fulfill it one way or the other. Make them feel that you are concerned and that’s why this is the result.
  • Teach the audience, make them realize that they should use a specified product.
  • Inspire the audience, or show them that you got inspired and inspiring others too.
  • Connect to the users emotionally. Use all the emotional tactics such as Nostalgia, Group hooking, Relationships, anger, fear, love, happiness, and triumph.
  • In the end, do have a goal and try to achieve it.


  • Never let your ads speak as if it is addressing a gathering.
  • Don’t make a mistake of using the standard call to action. Always let the crowd or the users decide it and make conclusion according to it. While the most important thing is to allow the product to speak on behave of itself.
  • As a people say ” actions speak more than words” so let your product and the advertising speak more than you do.
  • Never focus on the competitors’ shortcomings instead focus on the positive aspects of your brand.
  • Set, one goal and achieve, but if you simultaneously set up more than one goal, it will for sure ruin the whole work.

Marketing these days is not just the advertisements, it has become much more than that, Advertisements have to reach the internet and maintain the standards of the users here also. However, these days marketing of a product provides much more value even before the product is being launched.

How can we build Empathy Mapping?

Empathy Map is very important for any Digital marketing agency, in similar while building an Empathy Map people usually, get confused regarding how to construct an Empathy Map and what should be included and so on. Below we mention everything that will solve your problem.

Explain your Goals

Which user map you are going to sketch?

First, you have decided will you map for a single user or persona. While starting always remember the empathy map should be of 1:1 mapping which means one user per empathy map. Only it says there is more than one user than the empathy map for each one would be different.

Describe your purpose for empathy mapping.

This directly means describe your goal. If you have a team of marketers, then align everyone on each user and make sure everyone is present in the empathy mapping planning. Even set a clear scope and transcript with a deadline and the targets to achieve.

Discuss with the team

Your goal should indicate the medium you use to fulfill the aspect of empathy mapping. It is always better to interact with everyone in your group and gather all the pieces of information everyone has, or everyone gathered. The empathy mapping and the discussion alone makes the system creative which will work for you.

empathy map

Collect information

Gather all the information that will be used effectively to fuel up your empathy map. As empathy map is a very qualitative method so you should always pay attention to all the quality requirements such as Case studies, interviews, User discussion, field works, surveys, and facts.

Know everyone’s perspective on each block

Once you and your team have all the search inputs, it is the right time to proceed to Empathy mapping. If you have a whole group of more than two people, then it is better to have a big board and let everyone write down according to them what is essential. And make sure everyone fill in the four quadrants with the data that is efficient for the work.

Combine all the efficient data

After each member of your team write their version of the empathy map. Then pick the most efficient data and combine everything that is relevant and bring out the desired plan. While in this process it may be difficult for you to chose, but it is always advised to differentiate by the names and then at the end make it as a single component.

In between this clustering, you may face a lot of confusion and discussion on why to chose this, not that. It is always better to discuss as it will give a perfect reason to include one and exclude the other. In the discussion may be new ideas can strike.

Polish the whole plan

If you still feel that something is missing and need to adapt it to get more results, it is always advised to have a new quadrant to add extra things in it. Or you can even exceed the specificity of the existing quadrant. Depending upon your target plan accordingly and polish it whenever it is required.

Make sure that you add the user in the middle of the map with some of the withstanding questions, the date, and version. And always remember to get back to empathy mapping whenever you get new User-inspired information.


The empathy maps help to build empathy in the users basing on the real data and combining the mapping methods. While corporate companies teach to give more importance to the brands and keep them in mind and later align the customer’s needs.

But, according to me, the marketing goal must be to break down all the barriers and reach the audience in the most diverse and impossible way that is possible. Empathy is just a grammatical and English term in the marketing field. If people start empathizing with one another, then they can combine to deliver the main message and shared a set of strength.

If you and your marketing team is facing any difficulties while making an empathy map, then do contact us at any time.

Top Digital Marketing Conferences 2019 to Attend

Top Digital Marketing Conferences 2019 to Attend

Global Digital Marketing Summits and conferences in 2019

digital marketing conference 2018


List of the important conference related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of February.

Digital Summit Phoenix- Phoenix

Date: February 11-12

Field:  Digital Marketing

Location: Pheonix, Arizona

Price of Pass: US $355 – $995

About: It is a definitive digital marketing gathering. Here the top digital marketers and businessperson’s will be talking about digital marketing. The conference will have the speakers from top companies such as Nike, Microsoft, Airbnb, Cisco, Zapier and so on.

Source: Click Here

Mobile Growth Summit- San Francisco

Date: February 13- 14

Field: Mobile growth and optimization

Location: San Francisco, California

Price of Pass: It starts from the US $595 and extends till $1995, while you can even get group entries with $4,910 for 4 people and $5,595 for 5 people.

About: It is a 2-day Mobile growth and optimization program in San Francisco that will help mobile growth and brand marketing in different areas such as acquisition, engagement, monetization, and so on. All those things which will help you be a digital marketer using mobile.

Source: Click Here

Traffic and Conversion- San Diego

Date: February 25-27

Field: Generating traffic to a website.

Location: San Diego, California

Price of Pass: US $1,295 – $2,595

About: As it is a fact that digital marketing changes every month. Therefore, this conference is very important you can find 80+ speakers at this conference talking about new techniques and hack to get more traffic to the website.

Source: Click Here

Digital Summit Seattle

Date: February 26-27

Field:  Digital Marketing

Location: Seattle, Washington

Price of Pass: US $295- $995

About: Yet, another digital marketing summit this time in Seattle. You can find some amazing speakers from Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, Snapchat and will get to know a lot more.

Source: Click Here


Below you can find the list of the important digital marketing conferences going to be held in the month of March.

Engage Conference- Portland

Date: March 2-8

Field: How to engage people to a website?

Location: Portland, Orlando

Price of Pass: US $579- $699

About: You can find some of the passionate search marketers in this conference in the country and will be sharing their ideas, techniques in this event.

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LeadsCon- Las Vegas

Date: March 4-6

Field: Generating Leads

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price of Pass: You first have to register then will get to know about the price details.

About: This is the world’s and biggest performance marketing conference. More than 2700 tickets have been booked till now you can gain the latest information and techniques from the top people of digital marketing.

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Pubcon Florida

Date: May 5-7

Field: Full digital marketing

Location: Lauderdale, Florida

Price of Pass: US $299 – $1149

About: Here the audience will get to know a lot of new techniques in SEO, PPC, social media, Content development, local search, mobile, and video, from the top people of the sector.

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SoundBoard- Athens

Date: March 21-22

Field: Online marketing

Location:  Athens, Greece

Price of Pass: US $225

About: Every year all the experts from companies like Google, Moz, Apple, Hubspot, Mailchimp collaborate at a place and give information about the new digital field.

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Conversion CXL Live

Date: March 27-29

Field: Conversion Rate Optimization

Location: Austin, Texas

Price of Pass: US $1899

About: It is a 3-day optimization and experimentation program. You will get to know about more business challenges and the ideas that will help them to tackle it.

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The complete list of the conferences related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of April.

eTail Connect- Miami

Date: April 1-3

Field: eCommerce

Location:  Miami, Florida

Price of Pass: You first have to register then will get to know about the price details.

About: The only invited to this summit are the B2B marketing executives to share their bonds and expertise. Will tell you more about e-commerce and can meet the senior business person.

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Content Tech Summit- San Diego

Date: April 8-10

Field: Content Marketing

Location: San Diego, Calfornia

Price of Pass: US $1,099- $2,399

About: Content marketing experts, will give you deep insights into the technology, strategy to increase the marketing of the company. It’s is one of the biggest evolution in content marketing.

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Search Con- Breckenridge

Date: April 11-12

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Price of Pass: US $349 – $739

About: In order to face the challenges against the different scenarios in digital marketing, experts would address all their information and expertise.

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Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

Date: April 29- May 1

Field: Digital marketing

Location: San Diego

Price of Pass: US $3,275- $3,950

About: This being different from other summits, doesn’t charge for the entrance. There are different people around you get on the stage and share their own personal experiences with the crowd.

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List of the famous digital marketing conference to be held in the month of May.

Next10x- Boston

Date: May 2

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Boston, Massachuttes

Price of Pass: US $450- $695

About: This is a one-day event that would include founders who can share their own expertise. You can know more about digital marketing and new techniques.

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Digimarcon East- New York

Date: May 9-10

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: New York

Price of Pass: US $197- $1297

About: A must visit, marketing conference for technologies. Not just a conference it is the biggest exhibition and hub for the top digital marketers.

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Marketing Analytic Conference- Atlanta

Date: May 15-17

Field: Market Analytics

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Price of Pass: You first have to register then will get to know about the price details.

About: A large conference for the well-established retailers for sharing their expertise. You will learn more about marketing analytics and improve your business.

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Incite Brand Marketing Summit- San Francisco

Date: May 30-31

Field: Brand Marketing

Location: San Francisco, Calfornia

Price of Pass: US $1,545- $2,845

About: A digital marketing summit for all the senior leaders in the field of marketing. You can implement this in company marketing and can drive engagements.

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Record of the major conference related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of June.

SMX Advanced- Seattle

Date: June 3-5

Field: SEO and SEM

Location: Seattle, Washington

Price of Pass: US $149- $3,495

About: An annually held conference that includes more than 100 professional speakers sharing their best practices related to SEO or search engine optimization, and SEM or search engine marketing.

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Email Innovation Summit- Las Vegas

Date: June 18-19

Field: Email marketing

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price of Pass:  US $697- $1,347

About: Personalization and customization updates for all the email marketing techniques and increase the branding and sales of the organization.

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The definitive Digital Marketing gathering- Denver

Date: June 25-26

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Denver, Colorado

Price of Pass:  US $195- $245 and $25 off for 3 group passes.

About: Another retail experience summit for all the retailers out there. This will provide you a full insight about the digital marketing and how to implement in the marketing.

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List of the important conference related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of July.

Moz Con- Seattle

Date: July 15-17

Field: SEO, growth marketing

Location: Seattle, Washington

Price of Pass:  US $200

About: A summit which would deal with all the digital marketing tactics including SEO, growth hacking, mobile marketing, content marketing. In Moz con, you get an amazing opportunity to connect with an industry specialist.

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Digital Summit Philadelphia

Date: July 24-25

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Price of Pass: US $245- $995

About: Similar to the one conducted in Washington, this also deals with the best practices in Digital marketing.

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A complete record of the big digital marketing conferences going to be held in the month of August.

IMPACT Live- Hartford

Date: August 6-7

Field: Inbound Marketing

Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Price of Pass: US $450- $700

About: It is best for the inbound marketers and brand marketers to build the business.

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eTail East- Boston

Date: October 17 – 18

Field: e-commerce

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Price of Pass: US $999- $4,499

About: An expert summit on how to convert online traffic into sales and conversions.

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Below you can see the digital marketing conference that is going to be held in the month of September

GlueX- Phoenix

Date: September 15-17

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Price of Pass: You have to register to know the price of passes.

About: Another personalization and customization in digital marketing going to be live in Phoenix.

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Insight Marketing conference

Date: September 26

Field: Digital marketing

Location: Lancaster, PA

Price of Pass: US $95

Estimated Attendees: The best in the industry delivering speeches on digital marketing, with a lot of digital marketing experts speaking in the conference.

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List of the important conference related to digital marketing going to be held in the month of October.

Digital Summit Charolette

Date: October 2-3

Field: Digital Marketing

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Price of Pass: US $245- $995

About: This summit will help you prepare for the future customer-facing business.Estimated Attendees: 3000

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The transformation of Search Summit

Date: October 25

Field: digital marketing

Location: New York

Price of Pass: US $449- $1,195

About:  A great summit held in anticipation to support the e-commerce sector professionals. Estimated Attendees: 250 Estimated

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Below you can find the list of the important digital marketing conferences going to be held in the month of November.

State of Search

Date: November 5-6

Field: digital marketing and SEM association

Location: Dallas, Texas

Price of Pass: US $400- $700

About:  This is the biggest summit to be held in anticipation to support the digital marketing sector professionals. You can learn a lot from the actual practitioner and experts in the digital field.

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Internet Summit Raleigh

Date: November 13-14

Field: digital marketing

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Price of Pass: You have register first to go through the pass price.

About: This summit is like a full combo you will get to know about digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, UX designs, content strategies and so on. So, don’t risk to miss it.

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The end of the year December is also having a list of the important digital marketing conferences. So, buckle up your seat belts and start preparing to gain a lot of knowledge.

Digital Summit Dallas

Date: December 3-4

Field: digital marketing

Location: Dallas, Texas

Price of Pass: You have register first to go through the pass price.

About: This is an important summit in Dallas, where you can get to know about digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, UX designs, content strategies and so on. So, don’t risk to miss it.

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Growth Marketing Conference

Date: December 10-11

Field: Growth marketing

Location: San Francisco, California

Price of Pass: US $807- $3007

About: Growth is important for any company that is online, and make it happen to know the right tricks and tips is much more important. This conference has all the big people from Growth marketing. So, book your tickets as soon as possible.

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