How to chose the best Digital Marketing course?

How to chose the best Digital Marketing course?


There would be no saying no if we say that the marketing strategies in the digital platform are growing like anything from the past 10-15 years there has been a huge increase in the online marketing platform. The businesses are more opting for the online platform than following the traditional marketing format. Traditional marketing platform is usually very expensive and costly which was not easy for every company to afford. Moreover, the digital marketing platform is cost-effective and open to all irrespective of what and how big their company is.

It has opened a lot of channels and routes for marketing so that the customers get spoilt by the different choices provided to them. These services have brought a lot scope for the people in professional aspects creating a lot of job opportunities for experienced and as well as for freshers. The posts like the digital marketing executives/managers/ associates, social media marketers/executives/ associates etc.

As everyone is turning towards the digital marketing side the requirement of the employees in digital marketing is very high. And learning the digital marketing course is very useful for anyone who wants to explore in digital media and it is the most trending and booming jobs nowadays. For any individual who wants a career in this digital background will surely have a bright future.


Usually, people watch other people on the social media and think that its very easy to go trending and viral on the digital platform. Then you are mistaken it is one of the difficult tasks for completing these task people come to the digital marketing service providing agencies which eases their work and helps in building a trending content for them in the digital platform.

Sometimes people do research about “Digital marketing” and its Tool in the Google like the Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Webmaster etc and do a thorough research on the digital marketing tactics by readings some blogs, articles, watching youtube videos etc. and they feel like now they became experts in digital marketing field which is the biggest misconception of anybody if he/she thinks like that.

Even there are agencies who sway people by giving false hopes and fraudulent promises to make people experts in digital marketing and portray themselves as the best digital marketing service or course provider instead they are the digital marketing impostors they show the access to the tools, templates, website etc. which is all useless because there are a lot of free tools available in the internet and are very simple and easy to use. That is when you should understand that it is a trap and you should not fall for it.

Communicating is one of the important factors of the digital marketing service because whatever you may be knowing and working in Google analytics until you communicate you can’t get the audience’s and all your services would be crushing. And be updated with the present trends, patterns, and insights no matter whatever data or companies you are working with which helps you to enhance the leads in business.

And a best digital marketing course providing tutorials will make sure and keep in mind to avoid all these kind of mistakes instead will give right guidelines, do time to time reality check, most importantly keeping grounded.

How to achieve it? Only by having a strong foundation in digital marketing fundamentals.

In any digital marketing course which provides the best coaching will always start from the basics, concepts explain them nicely and then goes to expand those concepts in the vast arena of the digital marketing. By this exposure, you get to basics of digital marketing easily not only that but you will get to learn all the shades involved in digital marketing which will help you in applying these techniques in the longer run and larger framework. And all this can be achieved in the longer run when trained by an expert trainer in digital marketing field, who would be able to incorporate the best course material and lacing a lot of real-life examples and should access a lot of practice examples and real-life live works undertaken because from real-life examples only people get to know what is deep inside the campaign and can know how the actual digital marketing strategies works.

When you will get to know the correct strategy to accompany the digital marketing campaign you will be the king of your specialized sector. And moreover will maintain the conceptualized and glory of your digital marketing campaigns.


The most important thing to remember there is no secret formula to learn digital marketing or there is no 2-3 days digital marketing course. If you think that you will land you somewhere, where they will provide you with some digital marketing secret tricks then you are in a big misconception.

There are always certain steps which are required to be followed to achieve something. And below are some of the major things so should check on while choosing a digital marketing course providing institution:

  • REPUTATION OF THE INSTITUTION: this is where everything starts from the reputation of the institution you are willing to go for because a reputed institute will always focus on the course provides, want you to gain knowledge and would also want you to perceive candidature in the market.
    Below is some question which should pop-up while choosing an institution:

    • How old is the institution? What are achievements of the institution? What is its journey?
    • How wonderfully has it been grown?
    • What is the profile of the institution? What the alumni have to say about the institution?
    • Does this institution have license and accreditation to run the coaching class?
  • REVIEWS: ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE JOINING: digital marketing it self-means going online on the internet platform. In digital platform people always have to maintain their business reputation and online platforms allows the users to give reviews, comments, suggestions and the ad makers always have to maintain their reputation. Because they can the bad reviews and negative comments on the online platform which may lead to bouncing back of the customers. Because people nowadays rely more on reviews and comments then what they see.
  • FACULTY OF THE COURSE: the most important thing for any type of course not only the digital marketing, whatever course you may go for always check how good are the faculties because they are the only medium from which the students gain the knowledge. Everything falls apart when the time comes to chose the faculty the institute may be the top class, with well-crafted courses provide, and nicely templated syllabus provided everything tears apart if you don’t get those best trainers who can make everything easy for you. Doing a background verification with the alumni is the best thing to resolve it. Because good indicators can show you a clear path to achieve what you want.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING CURRICULUM OR SYLLABUS: what is the syllabus and curriculum the institution is providing is very important because of know because everything should be well versed and crafted and very closely be being examined. Everything should be in an order like the basics first then expanding the whole topic of the digital marketing. And should always know how important are the topics? And are all the topics being covered nicely in stipulated time? And are real-life examples being linked with the topics or not?
  • CERTIFICATION PROVIDED: certification is very important if you go for the job in any digital marketing firm certification is the important thing what the companies ask for. You always have to check on are the certifications provided are relevant or not? Because of there a lot of certification available out there. Should always check how the certification is going to help you? What is the important certification you need? And are these certification provided by the institution?
  • PLACEMENTS: placements are very important for everyone who completes their education. Basically, you should know does the institution provides placement facilities or placement support? What are the companies it has tied up to? How many people are getting placed? What is the average package being given to the students? What are the job profiles the companies hire for?
  • PAYMENT PROCESS: you will be able to start a course only when you pay the fee. Knowing the fee structure is always an important thing to keep in mind. You should always check what is the fee structure? And are they providing courses and facilities according to the money they are charging? And are the multiple stage payment procedure available? And are the installments procedure easily available? What is the ROI you expect or get from the fee paid?

These are all just the guidelines to select a good institute for the digital marketing course. Rest it all depends on you how much you are keen to take in the knowledge given to you. This is just to keep you on track and help you in decision making. But at last, the decision has to be taken by you.


How to make your presence felt in Social Media and increase the engagements?

How to make your presence felt in Social Media and increase the engagements?

Social media and SEO work hand in hand and are becoming more interdependent on each other. Basically, these two things are the main reasons because of your which your business will be getting success. The strategies of the Search Engine Optimization and the capability of reaching people through social media gives a lot of boosts your business campaign. Social media is a very powerful tool, if an online business doesn’t get optimized on social media then the business is losing a lot of their effective customers. Whereas social media doesn’t directly hamper the rankings of a business page but instead acts as an important aspect of the ranking of the page.
High Rankings in the search engine is what every online business is dependent upon or every business wants to gain from the Social Media Campaign. And there are various ways to improve the rankings and engagements for your business campaign in the Social Media. And having the positive social media influence on the business is very important. It is possible to improve your rankings and engagement of people to your social media site.


There is always a strong interrelation between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media as your activities in social media decides your rankings in the search engine.

Have you ever wondered how you get the desired answer when you search something on the internet? It’s all because the Google and other search engines check the contents and post the best content only.

When your post or the content get shared a lot of time it is one type of indication that you have a great blog or content which attracts the people. The search engines always think that the content or blog which are shared or viewed a lot will have a very good content as people will share those blogs or contents only which will have the great contents. It’s ultimately like people are the decision makers what they love the most will get served as the best.

As in an organic search what is the most influencing factor is your content is able to reach to people? And how much is your post is being searched? Not the social signal you get. Social signals include the number of likes you get, the re-tweets, the comments etc. it entirely depends upon the number of shares you get. And sometimes people think that they have great followings on social media so they will rank high in the search engines then you are mistaken the rankings doesn’t depend on it.

Below are some of the ways which help you in gaining the engagement on the social media platform:

  • CUTTING DOWN THE WORDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: the contents you write on social media should not contain a lot of words. As social media is a platform of entertainment for people so they don’t want a lot of words. As less the content is with more information and keyword, the more the people get attracted to it. The surveys conducted says that in facebook the click-through rates on the long paragraphs are 2-4% slower than on the contents having fewer word likes 40-50 character long sentence. But you should use all the words or keywords that are important and keep the content short.
  • ENGAGE PEOPLE IN WHAT YOU WANT FROM THEM: Requests always works out, audience sometimes requires requesting them which helps in connecting more with the content. The keywords like “comment”, “like”, “share”, “retweet”, “checkout” etc are the commonly searched words or the most clickable words by the audience in the social media. When you want your audience’s to do something for you always be requesting and concise. Never and ever give a chance to people to leave your page without commenting, liking, sharing, retweeting etc on your post.
  • ATTRACT PEOPLE TO YOUR CONTENT: The most important thing to remember is never sell something to your audience instead check what they require and help them with that. Always remember to answer each and every question which may be some of their queries, important points, doubts, problems that pop up in the mind of the audiences. And add all the links to these question answer to your main blog in the social media, which the people can find easily.
  • MAKE YOUR PRESENCE FELT AND INCREASE VISIBILITY: Creating your presence felt in the social media platform is very important for any business. Because the ranking given by the search engines is always done by the checking your social media presence, keywords used, and how effectively you are reaching to the people these all can be done by a well crafted SEO service. Whereas the links which you provide on your content doesn’t add up directly to your rankings in the search engine. These are considered only when the posts receive a “no follow tag” which means the origins of the post are being ignored by the search engine.
  • PAY ATTENTION ON THE KEYWORD: the keywords which are very relevant to your topic are to be chosen and these important SEO keywords are to be incorporated into everything like the headlines, taglines, links, summaries etc. even it can be incorporated in the social media bio’s and can include the keywords as the caption and include the pictures on the blog. People who are searching for these keywords will always come across your blog and you have relevant content then you can make them to your customers. As they can know about your strategies, business plans, ideology etc. which will at the end of the day help you gather a lot of leads to your blog.
  • OPTIMIZING YOUR KEYWORDS: the keywords which you post are to be chosen carefully and then to be posted on your blog as similar to the links, and hashtags you chose which helps you to amplify your search ranking in the social media result and increase your discoverability in the social media platform.
    To know whether the content is effective is not by the ability it is reaching to the people and the ability in which it is gathering the following of the people and established it is to gather more and more new audience to its blog. The social media has a great contribution to the SEO also as the content not only gets attention in the social media but also gets the high rankings in the search engine results.
  • USE KEYWORDS TO IMPROVE VISIBILITY: To increase the visibility of your content or blog in the social media platform it is very important to come up with new and creative thoughts each and every time you write a blog or a content. And should apply the best SEO strategies and with the relevant keywords involved. The searches should be so efficient that whenever people search for something your business should pop-up in the first.


Local SEO: How it will help your company grow?

Local SEO: How it will help your company grow?

Local SEO basically means targeting the audience in the local platform. It is one of the most trending things nowadays and the most effective way to promote your business on the local platform. 46% searches done on the internet are the local searches and the percentages are increasing every year. And an online business should always have a local SEO or else it would miss a great amount of traffic on the local platform. It is the optimization of the businesses in the local online platform you that you can be found easily on the local platform. Having your audience nearby you is a big plus point for your business.

Websites not only give attention to local audiences even as it connects to the audiences internationally. It would be an undeniable journey for anyone or business to begin their local SEO journey with an optimized on-page and off-page strategies for SEO.


Normal SEO and local SEO both are the same only difference is the geographical region it is targeting. If you want to go to the top then going step by step is very good, first aiming locally then being global will benefit a lot to your business and help it grow in the SERPs or search engine result pages.

If suppose you are having a restaurant locally in Visakhapatnam if your it ranks high in Hyderabad there is no point in having such type of SEO services. People should find it in locally and it should be effective for people living in the same place not far away, increase in organic traffic is very much important for any local business.

The address, city, and region should be very much proper to optimize the local SEO in the easiest way. Content also plays a very vital role in local SEO campaigns the things like including the details, its speciality, about your business, how it is reaching to the local people, even including the nearby towns etc. if you include all these things people moreover get attracted to it and people from the towns nearby will also want to know about your business. Which gradually helps in growing your business. And all these things can only be accomplished by a proper optimization of the best SEO strategies.


  • CREATE AND OPTIMIZE YOUR WEB PAGE: creating a web page or website is very important for any online business. Creating web pages in Google My Business and Facebook page if you are targeting the global audience helps a lot.
  • For the local promotion of the business creating web pages in Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr will help you gain a lot of leads. Not only this the optimization of the web pages is also very important that too by following the right SEO strategies. Because the right strategies only help you let go to the top in the Search Engine Result Page or SERP. Detailed information is what people require nowadays, and providing them this is your work the details should include:NAP: the name of your company, correct address, and the right phone number.
  • Don’t forget to mention the right opening and closing time of your company, because if it is wrong then the people may come and return if your company is closed and you will be losing your valuable customers.
  • If suppose you have 4-5 branches of your company it is always recommended to give the full details like the address of every branch, the contact numbers of every branch with including the names.
  • The phone numbers which you provide should be in working condition because if a client calls you and your number is not in working condition then it will lead to losing the potential customer. If you provide the number as the clickable one than it is the best service you can offer to your clients. Searches say that 76% of people prefer calls in the local searches whereas 30% result in location-related local search.
  • Not only adding address but adding location or map has also become very important nowadays. Because people want themselves to be navigated straight to the spot without including the in-between search works involved. And more than 80% of people look for Google maps location which can navigate them easily to their destination.
  • Adding reviews is also very important because people nowadays believe more the reviews and comments given by the users who already experienced it. They are the trust building signals for the users.
  • Including schema which means creating the common language or the most understandable language and targeting it every search engine like the Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, Bing etc. which makes your website to be easily get noticed and understood by the search engines. This helps a lot in increasing the rankings of your website and most important tells the search engine that you are a local business, not the big brands. Which initially increases the leads and attract a lot of people which also improves your rankings.
  • CREATE ONLINE PROFILES: having your business website is not enough for your business, if you want your business to be known by a lot of local audience’s then you must have a page in the local search websites like Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr. And also create a page in the social media platform like the Facebook, Instagram etc and most importantly having an account in the Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow pages, Bing increases the visibility of your business page a lot.
  • But when it comes to the search in local areas people moreover rely on the reviews and websites that gives true reviews. The local websites here includes Sulekha, Justdial, Quikr etc. for any business those are targeting local people having a page in these sites is very important. Even Google also follows and posts the reviews about the local searches that are given by the local search websites.
  • Google my business is very important for any business whether it is small or big, it helps you manage your business page and lead it to the top ranks and makes the presence of your business be known to people. And ranking high in google page is very important because the ratings only ensure were your business and how much visible and reliable your business is on the online platform. As we know that 86% of the people rely on Google maps for the navigation to the right place of the company.
  • Ranking high in the local listing is also important as there is always a competition between every similar type of business, the local reviews by Sulekha, Quikr, Justdial helps a lot to make your business stand out in the competition.
  • Reaching out to people using social media is always been a great idea because social media has now become very huge and almost 70% of the population is active on social media. Which brings you a great platform to promote your business and attracting leads to it.
  • Whatever platform you may be using but the information given should be the same and correct one. And should always check who is your relevant customers or the target demographic so that you can target those group of people easily. Maintaining the same consistency in the business will surely help you to excel.
  • CREATING BLOGS OR CONTENTS: Every online business having the websites or web pages should have their blogs for sure. Because it lets the people know what is your business about? What are the things you are providing them? How are they working? And how these services are important to them? Which attracts a lot of leads to your website.
  • Having the links which draw more links to your website is the relevant one. Because links only help your business website to rank high and the links are the furthermost factor for any page to rank high. And a simpler link will always help improve the rankings of your blog and web page also. The blog should always contain information about the locality, local things, neighborhood, the neighboring cities and towns, the terms that localities usually search for. Always try to sponsor local events, functions, organization which makes your presence in the local. And all the blogs posted by you should always help the audience and be informative to them.
  • Link building is very much important to build the strong bond with the audience’s it can be done by joining with the local business blogs and can participate in the conversation going on the blog. Which firstly enhances the local presence of your business in the people. By this, even you can know who are your competitors and can avoid direct competition with them. And always gives some comments and mention their links to your blog which help people to get to your blog easily. And building links and increasing the links helps in building a very good base for the business.
  • For any business, it is important to know which demographic you are targeting for or which group you are targeting for as you are writing for that group of people only. You should always know what your audience want not you want because people least bother what you want they only care what they will get from you.
  • Mistakes made while writing a content is very common it should be taken a lot of care while crafting the contents. There are a lot of tools available online which will help to omit these type of errors or mistakes. And never directly copy the content from different websites and paste it in your blog because people can easily know about it and doubt on your business and its uniqueness which will decrease your business rankings and business also.


Why is Cloud Computing chosen by every IT company for its software services?

Why is Cloud Computing chosen by every IT company for its software services?

Nowadays we can see that all the companies are moving more and more towards the Cloud. And are moving from traditional software services to the modern trending internet services which have been advancing since last 10 years. In the coming future, we can expect it to be advancing more and be being collaborative everywhere, that too through the mobile phones.

Before the cloud, the services were very expensive and costly and moreover, the traditional services were very difficult and complicated. It consumes a lot of time and requires a full group of experts working for hours to get the result, as well as this process of installing, configuring, running and updating it from time to time, is very much daunting and difficult.

And if this happens for every app the companies designs with the very good and experienced group of people then and doesn’t get the desired goals in the first click that too in the big companies then there the small companies or the startups can’t even stand in front of them.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an exemplar of Information Technology (IT) through which gives easy access to configurable system resources which are shared pools and the most difficult services which can be done and furnished rapidly and easily, on the internet. It basically means providing services through web-based tools and applications, that are retrieved from the internet. This a very safe and secure process to keep your files safe in the remote database rather than storing in hardware or local storage device. The software program and data will run until there is the connection to the web in the electronic device.

The name is given so because the accessed data and information are found in a CLOUD and the user should not necessarily be present in the certain place to access it. The makes the job of every employee very easy because employees can work remotely. Cloud services are nowadays used by every company which helps in creating the flexible platform for their employees to work as they can work from anywhere and can store their files and application remotely and accesses it whenever they require using the internet.

How is it Cloud Computing a better option?

  • Cloud computing is the best option as it is very much use because you will get rid of all those headaches of storing the files, and managing the hardware and software part because it will be initially handled by the Cloud Computing service providing companies.
  • It is a very cost-effective you can save a ton of bucks from this service. Because you have to pay for those which resources you use the inefficiencies and unused capacities expenses can be avoided. The regular updates would be done automatically and be scaling up and down is easy.
  • Cloud-based apps and software are very easy to use and deal with. As it starts working in days or weeks after you develop an app. You have to just open it in the browser, log in, and then customize or personalize it and start using it as your own.
  • Using the Cloud you can create any type of app for any type of businesses like the services for CRM or customer relationship manager, HR, accounting and a lot more. Most of the companies nowadays have moved towards Cloud computing than following the old traditional methods as the cloud computing services are more stable, reliable and secure in every aspect.
  • The cloud computing services are very much scalable. Because it uses as many resources as required it automatically checks when there is a requirement of higher resources and when fewer resources are required it always matches the demand.
  • It is very important to check which is cloud product and which is not. Because as every company out there is turning up to cloud computing the left out products which are not of cloud computing. Companies are there who sell these by saying these as the cloud products. So you should be careful with these kinds of companies.

What are the different types of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is comprising three different types of services in it. It comprises a lot of things in it, it’s not a single piece of work like a microchip or cell phone.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): infrastructure is basically a method while having an access to the IP address based connectivity everything can be delivered easily from the operating systems to the server and storage as being a part of on-demand service. Clients can easily access it and can ignore those buying of costly software and servers, instead, you can get these resources on-demand in an outsourced.
  • Software as a service (SaaS): SaaS provides the software application to customers that are licensed. The license can be provided on demand or through pay-as-you-go. And according to the surveys we can say in the near future there would an increase of 59% in SaaS type of the cloud services and this is the best time to invest in it.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS): The PaaS services are increasing a lot year by year. It is the most complicated one from all the three cloud computing types but these services are similar to that of SaaS. The only one important difference between them is that SaaS provides the software application to customers online whereas PaaS is the platform where the software is made.

Benefits of cloud computing

  • ADAPTABLE: it allows customized and adaptable programs and applications which allows the customers to have all the control in their hands.
  • SECURE: as the security and centralization of data are increased, cloud computing can give a more secure environment.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: the traditional methods are always time-consuming, like the hardware setup, software patching and other management things which takes a lot of racking and stacking at the datacenters. While using cloud computing it eliminates all those difficult stuff to do and decreases the time-consumption.
  • PERFORMANCE: for any company providing cloud computing services should always try to maintain their performance high and should always upgrade themselves with new latest and fastest version of hardware and which should be highly efficient.
  • RELIABLE: backup data, disaster recovery, business continuity becomes very easy and cost effective with cloud computing services and be seen in multiple sites of the cloud computing service provider.

Why are the cloud computing services increasing?

Internet bandwidth is one of the biggest obstruction to cloud computing. Everyone needs a type of internet which is wireless but is very fast and rushing like the wired one in the home or office. And we finally reached there where there 3g and 4g technologies with high-speed internet that too wireless. With these services, people can easily export their valuable documents or files to someone else in a very safe and secure way. For any tech service saving potential and outsourcing ability of hardware and software are associated with each other both are necessary so the internet base should be quickened and fastened.

The best cloud computing service providers are:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Aliyun