Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore | Delhi | Mumbai | India

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore | Delhi | Mumbai | India

As a result, of increased use of online web media, the marketing strategies have changed a lot. This article will provide will, therefore, provide all the related information about Digital Marketing Courses. So, you will also get an idea on how to go ahead with digital marketing as your career.

What is digital marketing?

Nowadays, we all know that Digital marketing contains all of the marketing techniques that use digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with customers, marketing is nothing but comparing the audience at the right time and improvise the sites.

digital marketing

Why is digital marketing important?

Like any other form of marketing, the primary purpose of digital marketing is essential to advertise and sell your business online.

What is the advantage of digital marketing?

However, the first and foremost advantage of digital marketing is it is cost-effective. It will cost you less when compared to traditional marketing like on televisions. Hence, you will be able to pay attention to the targeted audience.

What skills do you need to digital marketing?

Furthermore, one must have an expert skill in digital marketing. Always, have a proper idea on its fundamental topics and subjects.

  • Hence a preferably a course on essential topics.
  • Paid social media advertising expertise.
  • Professionals who are experts in every marketing sector.
  •  The ability to think objectively.
  • Creativity and analytical abilities.
  • Consequent visualization
  • Above all ability to think objectively.

How does digital marketing strategy work?

  • Think about the present marketing system.
  • Decide the best customer and plan accordingly to target them.
  • Likewise, you should reach the audience quickly.
  • Use apt technology.
  • Probably set growth goals.

Why you need a digital marketing course?

However, you can become a digital marketing expert by learning through internet but taking proper classes, and a certification course gives an appropriate structure, how to plan the strategies and work for the websites to draw more business.

digital marketing course

What are the courses for Digital marketing?

While, there are numerous courses offered in digital marketing. Major topics mentioned below, therefore, selecting a specialization is easy.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing.
  • Inbound Marketing.
  • Growth Hacking.
  • Web Analytics.
  • Mobile Marketing.

Check out the five top free online courses to build your digital marketing skills. Refer here for more information.

Google Online Marketing Challenge

Over the last eight years, digital marketing has come a long way. This online course covers first digital marketing, search engine marketing, search advertising. It also includes mobile marketing, social analytics and video making a course for beginners.

WordStream’s PPC University

PPC University is free online learning for WordStream and digital marketing skills. You can access Webinar classes to enhance the digital marketing knowledge and can access through mobiles also so that you cannot miss any classes and updates.

Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course

The constant need to update with the latest changing trends like email marketing, social media marketing. Excellent training on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and blogging.

Inbound Digital Marketing Course and Official Certification

HubSpot Academy offers a digital marketing course, having more than 3,000 students participating at Udemy. Here students will learn the basics of inbound marketing, SEO, landing pages, blogging, conversion optimization, and email marketing.

There is an exciting offer which they offer is, after the certification exam, graduate students will receive a badge for their resume or LinkedIn profile that they have taken a course with HubSpot Academy.

Alison Free Diploma in E-Business

Hence, Alison Free diploma provides a free digital marketing diploma course. It is an excellent opportunity to build skills in Google ADs, Search Engine Optimization, campaign tracking, revenue metrics analysis, digital measurement so on. Alison is an online learning community to improve your digital marketing skills.

How to do a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi?

Besides online courses, we have mentioned all the top digital marketing courses along with the modules structure and the contact details of the institution.

Delhi Courses

Modules                 60 Modules (Combination of 5 Courses)
Institute’s Age        Established in Early 2008
Contact Info           9990716846, 9990128280
Mail Id                    [email protected]
Centers                      East Delhi, South Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad.


Modules                       12
Institute’s Age              Established in 1981
Contact Info                  1-800-208-105
Mail Id                           [email protected]
Centres               East Delhi, South Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad


Modules                              5
Institute’s Age                    Established in 2010
Contact Info                      1-800-102-9602
Mail Id                               [email protected]
center                                 South Delhi


Modules                        11
Institute’s Age              Founded in 2001
Contact Info                 1800–103–5941
Mail Id                           [email protected]
center South Delhi      Okhla Phase III


Modules                       7
Institute’s Age            Established in 1957
contact Info               9250127573, 011 24645100
Mail Id                         [email protected]
Center                        South Delhi (64 Centers in India)

What are the digital marketing courses in Mumbai?

Most importantly, listed out the top 3 digital marketing courses in Mumbai.

IIDE-Indian Institution Of Digital Education

IIDE provides a complete professional certification with a 6-month course.
You can also contact them at [email protected] or reach out to them on the contact numbers Andheri Campus: +91 9619958615.
Churchgate Campus +91 7710002589.

MCTA-Marketing Courses Training Academy

Modules            25
Telephone             9821899890
email                  [email protected]
centres         Ghatkopar, Mumbai & Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Learning catalyst

Modules on the weekend sessions for two months.
Phone          91 89761 05325
email           [email protected]

What are the top digital marketing courses in Pune?

Hence, listed are digital marketing courses in Pune.

School Of Digital Marketing

Office No.102, 1st Floor
Eiffel Square Building
Opp Tilak Smarak Mandir
Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak road
contact: 086986 06666

School Of Internet Marketing-Digital Marketing Courses in Pune(PCMC)

1st Floor, Hrishikesh Chambers
Opposite to Atos SAP Training, Above Raj Restaurant, Karve Road
erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra 411004
Phone: 080875 30193

Digital Skills – Best Digital Marketing Course in Pune

Office No. 303, Third Floor
Kolte Patil City Space Next to CTR
Above Mahindra.
Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014
Phone: 094220 03946.

Best Digital Marketing Courses In Bangalore

Digital Kora:
Address: Beside Ezone shopping mall,
Above Ramdev medicals,
3rd floor, Maratha Halli,
Opposite to park plaza
Karnataka 560037
Contact:088678 96632.

Digital Academy360:
30 Modules will be covered along with the certification,
Batches are available on weekdays and weekends as well.
Log onto for further information.

Digital marketing course in Hyderabad

However, are few digital marketing course details mentioned.

Digominds – Digital Marketing Training Institute

Triguna mansion, Doctor’s Colony Road Phase 2
Kavuri Hills, Madhapur,
Telangana 500033.
Phone: 091217 72848.

Digital Marketing Training Institute

402, S.K. Enclave,
Mythrivanam, Ameerpet,
Telangana 500016
Phone: 097040 70384.

Digital marketing course in Chennai

SKARTEC Digital Marketing Training Academy Chennai

238, Rohini Flats,
Jawaharlal Nehru Salai
Anna Nagar West
Tamil Nadu 600101
Phone: 097414 27564.

FITA -Java Selenium Hadoop Digital Marketing SEO PHP Angular Web Designing Training.

Challa Mall 5th Floor 505
Sir Thyagaraya Road, Pondy Bazaar.
Parthasarathy Puram, T Nagar
Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 098404 11333

How to develop a digital marketing career?

Besides learning a course in digital marketing, having a career in digital media is best. However, there are excellent option available you can take a look below.

  • Create your profile.
  • Take a digital marketing course.
  • Update yourself with the latest trends.
  • Use your creative angle along with market strategies.
  • Go and form a group who are interested in the same subject.
  • Practice the digital marketing trends on a demo project for a real-time experience.
  • Learn every day and put these things in practice.

What is Digital Marketing M.B.A?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in digital marketing provide the students with the necessary technical education and digital education to learn, plan and execute digital media strategies.

Here are the course agenda for Digital Marketing M.B.A:

  • General marketing strategies.
  • Business-to-business marketing (B2B).
  • Financial analysis.
  • Market researching.
  • Proper Business planning
  • Good Interactive marketing.
  • Digital advertising goals.
  • E-business technology.
  • Social media marketing strategies.
  • Internet marketing.
  • Marketing Management System.
  • Web analytics.

What is digital marketing career?

Depending on the specialization, you may be able to take up one of the following digital marketing careers after course completion.

  • Become an Interactive advertising manager.
  • Marketing manager.
  • Supply chain manager.
  • Digital business analyst.
  • B2B marketing analyst.
  • Business Consultant


Therefore, we can say that there is a huge demand for digital marketing in the market.

Eventually, new marketing strategies emerging every day, there is a lot of scope for new job profiles with decent pay.

Gradually, the digital platform gives many opportunities, the future of digital is bright with a lot more to come up!

Further mentioned if you have any confusions and issues about Digital Marketing, we are ready to help you 24/7!

Simple SEO Techniques 2019: Grow your Organic traffic Quickly

The world’s most loved and used browser is Google, it keeps on changing every year, and the technique keeps on improving. The search engines in this way become more intelligent and user-friendly. The latest SEO techniques 2019 in the path in which the webmasters keep their traffic intact to their work.

These new methods will help the companies to beat their competitors. It is already December which means we are approaching towards the end of 2018. All the top SEO techniques 2019, have already come up.

So, we have listed out the top SEO techniques 2019 below that will make the companies competitive and stand in this throat cut competition.

What are Featured Snippets?

Whenever a user asks some question and searches something in the Google. The search result shows the results with a featured snippet block in the search engine result page. This block contains the summary of the content or the website that is present in the link.

The content we can extract from the webpage with the page title and the URL. Below is the image of the featured image:

featured snippet

The description above the headline is the featured snippet or question below that there is the gist about the topic with a link.

How is rich snippet important for SEO?

An excellent way to stand out in the crowd is by using the rich snippets. The rich snippets decrease your competition in the Search Engine Ranking Page.

To display all these rich snippets in the search ranking page, you need to add the microformats known to be structured data. These structured data usually increases the organic visibility of your site and increase the visibility.

There are a lot of myths about the featured and rich snippets that we should consider:

  • A schema is not at all mandatory for Rich and featured snippets.
  • Google lists out all the contents that have bullet points, while others prefer paragraphs.
  • Google even considers the contents in tables.
  • On, an average, a content with bullet points is likely to be ranked by Google 27.8% which is better than paragraphs.
  • The suggested words for a paragraph is 100 words more than that decrease the people interests.
  • A sentence containing not more than 20 words is evident.

What is SERP? And What does SERP stand in SEO?

SERP means Search Engine Result Page whenever a viewer searches something in the Google with a particular keyword. Then the viewer lands up in a page that is known as the SERP or the Search Engine Result Page.

It is essential for every search, and the companies always fight to rank their website on the first page. You take a quick look at the SERPs search page below:

Search Engine ranking page

The image above is the search page when we enter any keyword or start to search the topic “Softscript Solutions”. Then Google will take you to the webpage, and you can find a lot of results. First, you will see all the paid search results after which you will find the organic results. Here you have to make your website to rank higher by including all the critical SEO techniques 2019. While in this the most crucial is the keywords.

SERP is essential for the companies so as the SEO techniques. Both are linked with each other if you have an excellent SEO service for your website then you will rank high in the search engine ranking page.

What are the top SEO techniques you should watch in 2019?

SEO techniques are fundamental and keep on changing for the year 2019 we listed out some of the essential SEO techniques 2019 in 2019. Have a look at it below:

  1. Linguistic SEO.
  2. Knowledge Panel.
  3. Rankbrain SEO.
  4. Voice Search.
  5. Speakable Schema.
  6. Blockchain.
  7. Content Curation.
  8. Optimizing User Experience.
  9. Mobile Optimization.
  10. Google Lighthouse.


Customizing every AD has become the new digital marketing and SEO techniques. A lot of people receives linguistic AD. According to the surveys, 95% of the Indians look out for the AD or shows based on native language.

In India, a lot of e-commerce companies are paying attention to regional languages such as SEO in Hindi or SEO Telugu.

This is an excellent move by the companies because targeting people from every region will give an immense result. For any ADs, website, content SEO techniques 2019 is essential. Not just that in India companies have started targeting other major languages talked all over the world.

The usage of the regional language for brand promotion in digital platform willing will increase to 70% within the coming four years. According to this the SEO management for language AD and post are rapidly growing. Below you can check an image of the linguistic AD. This is the Ad of Amazon in Espanol.

Linguistic ADs


We can expect that the use of linguistic ADs will be increasing every year with the increasing demand of the user towards the native language.


Knowledge panel is critical for all the companies to show what they are up to in business in Google. So when people search for a particular activity on Google. All the information about the company is on the right side of the search results.

The whole details on the right-hand side of the Google search page are known as the Knowledge Panel. Below you can see the knowledge panel of the digital marketing agency Softscript Solutions.

knowledge panel

knowledge panel

Knowledge Panels are essential because you can see above all the type of information that it gives- the opening time, ratings, reviews. Whenever a viewer sees this, they get a brief idea about the shop. If they get all the information, then there is 100% chance that people will visit the website and even the place. It is one of the essential SEO techniques 2019 that people are using a lot of time.


In the year 2015, Google has introduced a new algorithm which encourages self-learning known as Rankbrain SEO techniques 2019. Since then AI or artificial intelligence has come to action in digital marketing.

Majorly involved in answering the unexpected search query that has never asked.


Source: Gray Cell Tech

Two thousand nineteen is the year where new advancement will take place. We can get more development in the Rankbrain SEO or the artificial intelligence in digital media or SEO. This is very crucial as the Rankbrain SEO techniques 2019 constitutes 15% of the search results.

The Rankbrain SEO is developing a lot by every passing year and the search results that are also improving. Google these days has become very much flexible to answer the much-complicated questions. So, we expect that the in the year 2019 the artificial intelligence in Rankbrain SEO techniques 2019 grow more flexible and understand the human being much better.


We start our latest SEO techniques 2019 with Voice Search, it is gaining hype, and a lot of people are using the Voice Search.

alexa voice search

The surveys were done by Google earlier in the year 2014; it revealed that 40% of internet users use the voice-controlled web search.

However, this statistics for the teenagers is 50% which is 10% more than the rest of the people. Most of the people in Google make the search using Voice Search every two people out of 5 are searching using Voice Search.

The most famous voice search devices are Amazon Alexa, Siri for iOS, Ok Google! For Android.  You can these days find most of the people are having the Amazon Alexa and Google home in their offices or home. People are doing searches using these voice search devices, and it will increase gradually.

voice search

Future of Voice search is very bright. Making the computers able to answer every question asked by the user is the future of SEO techniques and digital marketing. Due to the massive usage of the smart home devices and all the digital answering devices, the future of voice search is enormous. The usage of the voice search will increase a lot in the year 2019, and people will more frequently use this device.


The Speakable schema markup when are included in the blog content it will help the Google to identify the suitable content which is best in case of audit playback using the TTS or the text- to- speech.

Whenever a user asks for a particular article to the voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, then it lists out the top three contents based on the keywords used and optimization done.

After this, it sends the source of the article or the full article with URL to the user. Therefore, all the website page who want to rank high are recommended to have structured data and proper SEO management. With the help of which Google can easily spot them on the top.

The technology is only going to advance, and more precise form of the speakable schema is expected to launch which will give more accurate and relevant results according to what users want.


The most challenging SEO techniques 2019 that take time for the people to grasp is Blockchain. Instead, it is expected to be a massive hype and revolutionary in the coming few years.

The incorruptible unit of currency like the bitcoins and the other cryptocurrencies: Blockchain is the only pathway which allows these kinds of transactions to take place smoothly.

blockchain seo

In a few industries, people usually get frightened of the word Blockchain, because blockchain is very transparent this may hurt the middleman or the salesperson. Here, both the customers and the corporation or the company are on the same level.

Once, the internet gets decentralized it allows the transaction and the information to the public. However, all this information is secure, flexible on behave of all the parties.

Google is the middleman for these type of transactions however even Google doesn’t have all the power and authority as they usually have, and Google cannot interfere much. Instead, Google has taken a considerable revenue to not interfere much and for all these transactions.

blockchain seo technique

In Blockchain the identity and the security of the customers are kept secure. That’s why we hope to see the people and the companies using the Blockchain as it will reduce the click fraud. As more than half of the traffic to the website or the companies are using the clicks.

The exact effect of the Blockchain in SEO trends 2019 is not yet precisely known, but all the enthusiastic webmasters are already doing a lot of research upon it. We hope to get more news about it in 2019 and get the best results.


For every website or a digital marketer, content is crucial that is why “Content is the King.” The reason why content is the significant aspect in digital marketing or for a website because whenever people come to your site the first glance, they watch in the site is the content.

However, people always want to know more about your services. So, here the content becomes very crucial as you have to convince the reader and make them stay at your site for a much longer time.

content curation

Whenever a user does a Google search, they usually want to find something that will satisfy their need and should accomplish their task. Further, when you start considering the user’s search result into account.

That is when you will eventually land up preparing the best content concentrating according to the audience requirement. It is essential because the internet is already flooded with the contents, customizing the content according to the user’s need will bring you more audiences.


A User intent website is an essential thing to keep in mind because it can make or break the business. So, it is about including all the vital keywords as relevant content can drag the attention of the users to your website.

It is essential to optimize user experience because this thing will make the users stay at your site.

These all things will bring you the desired searches results from some audiences. All those companies who are want to make it big in the market will make their website a smooth and customer-centric site.

user experience

This means that a website which is: smooth to access, designs are intuitive, personalized content, very less page loading time, with no technical glitches will bring you the best result. Whenever a user is searching for a keyword related to your business, it becomes essential to rank higher, and Google should find you easily.

To accomplish this Search Engine Optimization is very important. People and the companies these days know more about the SEO and optimization. Hence, the competition is gradually increasing a lot. So, it becomes crucial to have an optimized user experience.


Search results in mobile phones are increasing a lot since the smartphones are taking down the market. The number of searches is done using Mobile phones only.

mobile optimization

This makes sense because mobiles are small, and are portable can be taken everywhere, and it even has internet so people where ever they may be can check the internet using these devices.

However, 2019 is the Google mobile first index year. Therefore, everyone should prepare themselves well, or else you are not you will be wiped out by all other websites and companies. With the first ever mobile indexing by Google. It will start checking all the content in the mobile version and place your content and the website eventually in the SERPs.

Google plays very practically here, by eliminating all the weak links and the traditional ones just keeping the fresh and the trending links.

Initially, Google used to include the desktop contents previously and kept that thing in priority. While these may contain some weak links which usually drag you down in the mobile search results. Once the mobile indexing starts as the priority the problem of the weak links and the traditional content to aspected to be solved permanently.

mobile optimization

Not just that even the poor loading version in the desktop and the laptop is thought to resolve completely. We have this new mobile optimization for the Search Engine Result Page will get best and tremendous results.

Mobile optimization is not just the work of one man; it involves the other important aspect known to be Google Lighthouse. Usually, it provides the breakdown of a particular webpage about how fastly a page loads or to understand what is the page speed. By using this tool, you can get a whole performance report of the webpage.


You can download the tool for Google Lighthouse from here. Not just from here, there are various other sites from where you can download like for Github lighthouse you can download it from here. Then for Google Chrome user, you can download it from here.

Below you can see the performance of a webpage; it gives a complete report of the webpage.

Google lighthouse

It includes everything like performance, SEO, following applications, Accessibility, best practices all these are the main points considered.

Google lighthouse


Google lighthouse

You just to have to download the extension from any of the above-mentioned sites, then you have to add it to the browser. That’s it you are good to go, click on the icon present on your browser. Each time you want to check the page speed of any website.

Google lighthouse


What are the SEO techniques for different sectors?


Every passing year the real estate business is going a lot. The people all over the world are getting more digitized and depending upon the digital platform for most of the thing. If they want to buy something first, they take reference of the digital platform to check the place or the company.

As real estate is growing, there are a lot of companies that are coming up. So, it becomes vital to have an excellent website with all the services included. It should most importantly it should be SEO optimized website so that it ranks high in the search results.

real estate seo

Your Website should be Mobile optimized as Google give priority to mobile view than the desktop view due to the increased mobile users. The mobile usage in the year 2019 will increase 20 times more so it is crucial that your website should be mobile optimized. Moreover, Google is giving a free trial for the real estate businesspersons to check whether their site is mobile friendly or not.

Not just mobile optimization use social media to attract customers and increase your engagement. Social media is a digital site where people usually spend a lot of time. Having an active social media site adds more viewers and customers to your list.

To make more customers use more SEO keywords like the long tail keywords and the relevant keywords which people are using a lot. All these things are fundamental. So this is the time when you have to get concerned about the market scenario and start adopting the new techniques.


We know that the SEO techniques and digital marketing are becoming a vast ocean to dive in. However, if your business whether it is online or offline we should be ready to adopt all the new techniques that are coming up.

While coming to e-commerce SEO techniques 2019 that is essential is the user experience that should be taken care a lot. User experience is influencing a lot on the SEO techniques of e-commerce.

e-commerce seo


When we come to SEO techniques and E-commerce services, the website security is an essential thing to be taken care of that depends on the Website and the hosting providers. Most of the sites these days have HTTPs which means that the website is secure and you can share any sensitive information in here.

Another important factor is building your brand and improving the conversions is the best part of the SEO. Conversions are the those who put money in your bank account. You can get these conversions only through different channels such as social media, Google searches which gives you the viewers whom you have to convert them to customers. These involve the new SEO techniques 2019.


Social Media has become a main stop for all the type of business promotion. If a company is there, then it has become necessary that it should be in the social media sites.

With the help of Facebook and LinkedIn, we can say that the Healthcare industry is climbing up the SEO rankings. To stand out and rank much higher in the Search Engine Ranking Pages or SERPs a healthcare service must be present in the social media. You can upload video, give tips, offers, etc. in the Social media sites.

healthcare seo

Source: dignity hospital

However, a website is essential for any business it may be. Maintain a blog page and always maintain the blog page, keep on writing contents that will help the people and answer the questions that they have in their mind.

This will bring a direct conversation between you and the followers. If you maintain a good rapport with the viewers then if they have any health issue they will eventually turn up to you.


So, all these are some of the critical things that people and companies should incorporate in the business. All these top SEO techniques will come to action very soon in the year 2019.

We hope you liked the article, SEO is a vast concept with a lot to understand. Eventually, at the end of 24 hours, any company aims to rank higher in the Google SERP and gain a lot of audiences.

If you have any doubt or trouble in understanding all these techniques in your business. You can freely contact us whenever you want we will be pleased to help you. You can easily make us know about your issue through comments or emails.

Hope you enjoyed reading it!

How Digital Marketing Strategies Develop a Strong Marketing Plan?

How Digital Marketing Strategies Develop a Strong Marketing Plan?

The scope of Digital Marketing has improved a lot, and some people are choosing this platform to contact. People are turning towards digital marketing for making a career in it, but having a top Digital Marketing Strategy and having a healthy marketing plan to raise your business is essential. This article will help you getting you better know about digital marketing if you want to have a career in it.

How do I start a career in digital marketing?

First and the foremost thing is to make your self mentally strong enough that you are going into a trade all by yourself and have not taken any decision forcefully. This thing is not just for digital marketing it everyone should implement it in every sector that you are opting.

If you have made up your mind to start a career in digital marketing, then I would suggest you to first go for a course in Digital Marketing. The curriculum for digital marketing is available these days in a lot of places, on the other hand, you can even opt for an Online digital marketing course.

Some of the best online digital marketing courses which are available in the whole world, and which you can opt from anywhere are Simplilearn, Udemy, Coursera. These are some of the renowned and the best website which will help you in getting the best digital marketing training.

Coursera digital marketing strategy

Source: Coursera


Source: simplilearn


Source: Udemy

All the online sites even provide you the certification that is necessary. However, with the help of this website you can also clear the Google AdWords or Google Ads certification.

As these days the Google Ads certification is significant if you go for an interview for the digital marketer job. After completing the digital marketing course and before going for the job-interview try to do some practical work or its always better to go for an internship. This will give you in-depth knowledge about the things that you learned in course. When you for the job after this you can see the application and get a more comprehensive overview.

Google AdWords certificate

Source: Google

What are the types of digital marketing?


Social media marketing or SMM concentrates only on the social media sites. SMM means using the social media platform to promote the products and the services. This includes sharing the information, engaging a lot of people who are also known as followers. Sharing all these information in front of all the followers, partners is a way of promoting the brand it is one of the top digital marketing strategies.

It is a place where the brand can concentrate only on the targeted audience and increase brand awareness among the people. While you have to be very careful when you are using a social media site, we should all the pros and cons of it and abide by all the rules and regulations of the social media site. At a time concentrate only on one social media platform unless you become an expert in it.


Search engine optimization or SEO it is responsible for getting traffic to your website or webpage. It is a process in which it optimizes the content in the site and makes the website visible in the Google Search Result Page. The search engine decides which website to show first when we search for a particular keyword or term; it shows all the site with the same keyword. Eventually, SEO has a lot of stuff to do from selecting the top keywords to inserting it correctly in the content, so when Google Searches for the keyword, the page gets displayed.

There is always a strong and deep connection between the content marketer, SEO, and SMM all these three have to work hand in hand.


SEO is the unpaid traffic that he gathers from the posts and website searches. SEM which means Search Engine Marketing it is for paid traffic who collects all the traffic from the Search Engine. The most common form of Search Engine Marketing that we all use if the Google AdWords which is way is said to be the most used and searched search engine.

In SEM, the marketer has to pay a certain amount to the search engine so that the search engine will show the particular ad in different places. You can even say that SEM is a form of Pay-per-click.


When coming to Content marketing, it is an art it is the most important thing that a brand should contain. Just by using the content marketing methods you can influence the customers to buy the products or take your services it is the storytelling method which will bring you many audiences. This step will always give you a lot of profits only; it helps in building relations with the customers and assists in developing a bond with them rather than remaining as an advertiser.

To have in-depth knowledge about Content Marketing and its strategies you can check about it from here.


As we mentioned above that PPC or pay-per-click is a type of SEM marketing. Here the marketer spends a certain amount to the search engine whenever someone clicked in the AD and redirected to the website. Not just the search engine almost all the social media sites even offer the paid advertisement option. If you opt for this option in the social media site, then all the target customers will get the notification of this AD


If you are wondering for one of the most used channels for digital marketing, then it is non-other than Email marketing. It sends regular updates to the subscribers about the latest things, discounts, exclusive offers, etc. If you post the regular updates to the users, this will gradually increase the bond between the users and the users will slowly convert to the permanent users.

It works the best when you have a bunch of subscribers whom you have raised and nurtured, sending personalized emails will make them feel special.


Then comes Affiliate marketing, it is a type of digital marketing which is based on performance. It is opposite to PPC marketing because in affiliate marketing we don’t have to pay for each click done by the users instead it pays for the conversion. We have to spend a certain amount only when a viewer transforms into a customer or buyer. Here, the rates are usually high but the returns are assured and good in number, as well as the risks here, is very low because the marketer has only to pay when he gets the conversion.

What skills do you need for digital marketing?

If you have a question in your mind about “How can I be the best digital marketer?” then the solution is below we mention you the crucial traits that you should possess to be the best digital marketer.


The crucial thing that every person who wants to be in digital marketing, should be to have that is being in touch with all the trending activities. A digital marketer should always keep himself well versed with the new things and technologies that are in the marketing. The person should know everything about the latest things that are going on and plan the strategies according to that. When you go for an interview, and you don’t have knowledge about trending topics for sure, it is your loss. So also make yourself updated with new techniques.


To develop a top digital marketing strategy it requires both the creative thinking mixed with analytical thinking. So, usually, people search for those who have both and can handle both together. Many of the new candidates only concentrate about only one or the either but not both but it is the high time to realize that having both “art and science” hand in hand works wonders, and people having this skill gets selected immediately.


In digital marketing whatever field you chose you should have in-depth knowledge about the thing. Having a more profound knowledge about the subject will always help you, and when you are in an interview, your experience in the particular issue will still rescue and grab you the job.


Owning great marketing skills will drive you a lot of lead generations. The best ability that a marketer should always possess is the execution of a specific task and then analyzing the job whether it will work or not and what will be its reach. These are two critical things in any of the marketing campaigns. A marketer should always first analyze the whole campaign list out all the pros and cons and then execute it accordingly. This is the most significant sign of a best Digital Marketer.

Does digital marketing pay well?

digital marketing jobs

Source: LinkedIn

Yes, digital marketing has a good pay scale depending on your skills. Like all other jobs in different sectors, digital marketing jobs also have a good pay scale. The salaries in digital marketing may vary from place to place and also depends upon the companies you want to join.

digital marketing strategy

Source: Statista

As digital marketing is becoming huge and a lot of people are using the digital platform for various uses. Above graph shows the increased users in the digital platform, this is the main reason why people are relying more on digital media and why this is creating a lot of jobs in the digital media.

The following are the jobs in Digital marketing sector with the salaries.

  • Content marketer – 1.2 LPA-12 LPA
  • SEO- 1.8 LPA to 24 LPA
  • Digital marketing executive- 3.5 LPA to 24 LPA
  • SEM- 1.8 LPA to 18 LPA
  • Digital marketing manager – 4.2 LPA to 18 LPA
  • Social Media Marketing Expert- 4 LPA to 4.5 LPA
  • Digital marketer- 4.5 LPA to 12 LPA
  • Analytics- 6.5 LPA to 10 LPA

All these are expected salaries in the digital marketing sector. The salaries are not restricted just to this point it may vary depending upon the company.

How do you create a digital strategy?

Creating a top digital marketing strategy is very important if you have a business in digital media. To improve your business and to know your target is essential, below we mention some points which will help you strengthen your marketing strategy.


Before you go for any plans and strategies, get yourself clear with Goals that you want to reach. You have to dig deeper into the topic and know about the goal you want to achieve. Having a clear view of your Goal, 25% of your work becomes very easy. Maybe you plan for a 100 customers there are a lot of chances that it may increase to 500 subscribers. Knowing your goal and having a clear view of it will help.


According to the latest reports, 25-50% of the people in digital marketing want to spend more time content strategy. It may be the emails, blogs, social media or video contents any type but content marketing has become more important and crucial as these days the internet is just bursting with content marketing in all the place. Therefore, content marketing is a driving strategy for digital marketing.


Once you know what type of work that you want to do, it is better to build a calendar or a timeline which keeps you tracked in every step. You will have a lot of work to do or content to follow there will be a lot of things that you have to analyze and follow. It must contain details about the content formats, benchmarks, deadlines, channels.


For a business, the omnichannel is very good to follow. However, the reality is that different digital marketing agencies require different channels for the industry. This step is essential to filter what is needed for your company and what is not so you can target those customers who are turning up to be your target customer.


So, these are some of the critical things that are necessary for a building a good digital marketing strategy which helps to build you a robust digital marketing plan for your company. Always think about all the pros and cons and plan wisely about the work that you are going it. Have a vision of your goal and try hard to achieve it.

If you have any doubts regarding the planning the digital marketing strategy then you can comment us below or can also contact us, we will be delighted to help you.

How are Twitter Hashtags useful in businesses?

How are Twitter Hashtags useful in businesses?

Twitter hashtags are one the crucial and omnipresent thing used in social media platforms nowadays. These had their humble beginnings from Twitter, but have now become quite trending. People, these days even talk using these hashtags. Every tweet, every post in the current scenario, contains hashtags in it. Hashtags render people more active in social media. These hashtags, may, at times, result in providing the required engagements, but not at all the times.

By using Hashtags, you can organise everything in social media. You will also get an opportunity to know who is talking about similar things as the ones you are talking about. A person should know: when to use hashtags, where to use hashtags, and also the hashtags one should use? Most importantly, how will these hashtags help you leverage your brand and company in the social media.

What are Hashtags?

On Social media, mainly Twitter, when you use “#” and continue writing the words without any spaces, then the phrase is a “hashtag”. When we write a hashtag for a tweet, it gets linked to all the other people who use the same hashtag. One more advantage is that these hashtags also increase the visibility in the masses. It can even increase the conversation to last for a longer period of time.

When you add “#” with any phrase, then the resultant hashtag will act as a link. Whenever someone clicks the hashtag, that person is redirected to the place or people who use the same hashtag. You can see and know the range or people who use the hashtag.

Hashtags are tags that anyone can create. In fact, anyone can use these, but one can’t restrict people from using them. Sometimes, the hashtags can trend organically without including any popular brand. Hashtags grab people’s attention and encourage them to read the content. In this way, you can increase the engagements and viewers for your page in Social media.

Keeping all these things aside one more crucial thing that comes up on everyone’s mind is:

Would I be able to enroll my hashtag?

The answer to this is “YES”. Anyone who has created his/her hashtag can enroll it. The only thing they can’t stop people from using it, unless the hashtag is promoting a brand.
It clearly means, you can register a hashtag as yours but you can’t own it as you do in case of websites created by you.

Why should we use Hashtags?

Hashtags usually ease the process and make your brand visible to the audience. When people search for the hashtag, each and every post which contains the hashtag will pop up all the results. Using the hashtags, you can reach the audience who are the target customers for your business. This makes things easy for you, because people themselves will search for your business, using the hashtags and will find you. Hashtags are also used to create an action because people use it and automatically get attracted towards it.

If your hashtag is relevant enough, then people will be automatically get enticed and spend more time on your social media page. After some time, you can redirect them to your official website. In this way, you can increase the number of engagements. Hashtags are also used by various social media platforms except Twitter. This somehow affects the use of hashtags in social media. It also impacts the use of Hashtags as the amount of information given increases and puts everything on the front page, while you search in the social media.

The Hashtags created give only the distinctive results. For people, who are active in social media, it becomes easy to find all the information for the users in the social media platform. If a hashtag is unique and you combine it with the content, then it makes the whole content unique and makes your post stand out amongst the social media users. The users can also find it useful and valuable and will also copy your hashtag.

How to use Hashtags on Twitter?

The series of hashtags started from Twitter only. Hashtagging has a major impact on your Twitter account, when you start considering the follower count. Using the general and non-specific hashtags doesn’t drive the required traffic. If you use some of the hashtags which are trending and most of the people are using it, then such hashtags will attract a lot of people. Below are a few similar kinds of hashtags:


Hashtagging in twitter encourages people to take part in various activities taking place in the social media platform. Always make sure that all the hashtags that you create and the tweets you tweet in the twitter aim at grabbing more audience, or you can say, followers. This is useful, even if people don’t follow you.

If you have a good content with unique and grabbing hashtags, people will automatically start engaging in your posts. From the next time, people will automatically consider you to be effective and your work to be amazing and they will start following you.

Below, we mention some of the hashtags and the twitter campaigns that we created and the hashtags that we registered. By using these hashtags, people following us increased a lot.

How to do Campaign in Twitter using effective Hashtags?

For any digital marketing company or organisations who are selling their products on the digital platform:

All those companies for whom the digital platform is a business, have to make their presence felt on the online platform. Grabbing the attention of the people is the main motto of any company. The audience, most of the time, gather in social networking because many people stay active on the social media platform and people communicate with each other here. Social media has become a part and parcel of everyone’s everyday life these days.

Coming to the Twitter, it is one if such platform where people are always active. There are a lot of biggies, companies, celebrities, social activists who use this platform, almost incessantly. Most of the people all over the world follow these people. Not only the people, but celebrities are also interested in various activities that go on in the social media platform.

To promote your brand amidst all these is a major challenge and grabbing the attention of the people becomes a bit difficult. To overcome this challenge, companies do campaigns on different occasions. Being a digital marketing agency, we also embarked on digital campaigns. Having a sound knowledge of Twitter and its use, we too started campaigning.


Independence Day

Our first campaign on Twitter was the Independence day campaign, in which we made a video about giving up plastic flags and use flags made of fabric or paper. Indirectly, we were requesting our viewers to stop using plastic and turn to use biodegradable materials. This was to highlight the adverse effects of our addiction to plastic, resulting in pollution and killing of land animals and marine mammals, the resultant plastic pollution and the interminable loss to the environment.


This was our very first campaign in Twitter. A maiden attempt by us, we just used trending and relevant hashtags. We didn’t use or make our own hashtag. Our main motto was to reach the masses by hook or by crook, and create awareness. It truly was a boon in disguise, and proved a boost for using social media as a viable platform for sharing our ideas.

Post this, we started amassing knowledge about Twitter and started learning different ways of doing marketing on Twitter.

Raksha Bandhan

Our second campaign was on Raksha Bandhan, a festival signifying the bond between a brother and a sister. The festival is characterised by the sister tying a Rakhi or the sacred thread on her brother’s wrist. The brother then takes a vow to protect her lifelong. On this day, we planned a campaign and made a contest with hashtag #IamwithYouSister. The campaign ran like this – the brother and sister had to take a selfie, with the rakhi tied on the brother’s wrist. People had to take the picture and use the hashtags #IamwithYouSister and #RakhiAtSoftscripts. Gift vouchers were given away to randomly selected participants.


The outreach of this campaign was moderate. Here also, we neither created our own hashtags, nor used or framed our own hashtags. The response was not very encouraging.
Our learnings:

It is not necessary that every campaign will grab the audience’s attention. Some campaigns might be a huge success and grab a lot of response, and yet a few might not be upto the expected level. This is a fact that must be accepted with grace. We should never give up and stop, but should move on.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganapati Puja, as it is more popularly known, is one of India’s famous festivals, celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha – the elephant-headed God. Every house is adorned with Ganesha idols made of different materials – Tumeric, mud, or the idols made from metal. We collaborated with another company that produced eco-friendly idols of Lord Ganesha, which could easily dissolve, and started our campaign.


We shot a 30 second video that displayed the idea of stopping usage of Idols made up of POP or Plaster of Paris. Instead, it showcased the usage of Green Ganesha or biodegradable idols. For this video, we received 1,146 organic views and the people not only viewed the video but gave positive response and engaged themselves actively. Hence, we need to upload good and relevant content such that viewers can be easily attracted.

Collaborating and doing campaigns also saves a lot of time. This is always a win-win situation, you can increase the number of users by attracting and retaining your own viewers, and also by gain the users of the collaborated company.


On the same occasion, we also ran another campaign – selfie with eco-friendly Ganesha. That was when we started using our own hashtag, that is #SelfiewithEcoGanesha. People participated enthusiastically and came up with their unique selfies with biodegradable and environment-friendly idols of Lord Ganesha and posted them, using the #SelfiewithEcoGanesha. It was mandatory to have the selfies only with Eco-friendly Ganesha. Selfies with other forms of idols were not considered. The top 5 contestants were awarded gift vouchers.



The campaign was live on all the 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi and a lot of people participated with their amazing selfies. They also came up with different ideas on celebrating the eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi. The response was overwhelming and we had, by this time, gathered a group of loyal followers and people who follow us regularly. They are still with us!

World Tourism Day

We not only concentrated on the local or national events. In fact, we tried to cover almost everything that was going on in the whole world. We mostly concentrated our campaigns on trending topics. For instance, we conducted a campaign on World Tourism Day too. However, here also, we didn’t create any hashtag of ours. Yet the campaign was successful with a huge crowd of people who visited the campaign. The people who had participated in our earlier campaigns, now became our trusted audience. The campaign was all about sharing their travel pictures.



In this campaign, we gathered a decent number of comments and retweets, where people posted their travel pictures in India with the hashtag #WorldTourismDay.

Our motto was not only to promote our brand. We had the vision of promoting our brand along with the concept of improving the Indian Tourism on a worldwide spectrum. Our efforts bore fruit and we landed up getting thousands of lovely pictures with nature at the backdrop.


We did not restrict our campaigns exclusively to promotion of our brand, instead, we also focussed on the current scenario and the present world conditions. For example, we created awareness, empathy and sympathy in the minds and hearts of people when Tsunami struck Indonesia. This was for a social cause and with the noble idea of helping people in distress.


Gandhi Jayanti

Considered to be a national festival in India, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated to mark the birth of the father of our nation – Mahatma Gandhi – our great leader who freed India from the shackles of British supremacy. We created a campaign to accomplish his vision of keeping India clean and green. We also supported the Honourable Prime Minister’s vision of #SwacchBharat. Here, we created a Hashtag #WeSupportBapusdream. In the campaign, people had to post their images supporting the #SwaachBharat campaign and how they are contributing their bit in keeping the country clean.
The top participants got away with alluring Gift Coupons, sponsored by us.


Most of our campaigns are aimed towards social causes and also make people aware of the present day scenario in our country.

Indian Air Force Day

We created a campaign on the Indian Air Force Day to support our Sky Warriors and make people realise the fact that it is because of them we are safe and sound inside the comfort of our home and have a happy sleep. After this, we asked people to write 2-3 lines about these real heroes whom they know. We created our own hashtag #HumVayuSenakeSaath, which means “we are with the air force” We also promised to give Gift hampers at the end of the campaign. A huge number of people participated in it, and came up with a lot many stories – told and untold of these real heroes.



This was our latest campaign which ended with the culmination of Dussehra – a 10-day long festival or Navratri, where people worship Goddess Durga. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil. Our idea was to support women and the concept of women empowerment. We created a hashtag #HumNaarikeSaath which means “We support women”.



In this campaign, we encouraged people to tag their friends and family, whomever they wanted to gift this festive season. For this, they had to use the hashtag #UtsavKaMausam which was created by us. At the end of the festival, some randomly chosen participants were given Gift Coupons.



  • Always giveaway the prizes and gifts which were promised in the campaign. Never ever try to bluff people, because if you do so, people will not only feel cheated but would lose their trust in you and eventually leave. Your campaigns will be considered fake and you will lose your integrity.
  • Conduct the campaigns according to your budget and limit yourself till the point your budget permits you. It will only be stupidity if you promise something and struggle hard to fulfil it.
  • Have some guidelines for each and every campaign. Ask the contestants to follow the guidelines and make everything fair for the audience. This will reduce your stress levels, while selecting the deserving persons as winners of the campaigns.

These are some of the things that, if meticulously followed, will yield good results and positive outcomes, in the twitter campaigns.

This article throws light on how hashtags help promote twitter campaigns.

Hope this gives you a good idea about campaigning on social media.

7 Crucial Social Media Metrics to Monitor to Grow Your Business

7 Crucial Social Media Metrics to Monitor to Grow Your Business

n recent years, the hype around social media has been growing tremendously, be it in businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It has become vital for all the brands to leave their trail in the online chatter of these numerous networks, and they have devoted entire strategies in doing so. After all, this is precisely where your customers are, where they browse, get chatty with brands, as well as friends.

Spread the word about awesome products, and make buying decisions easier for your valued customers. Social Media Metrics plays a crucial role in the present businesses.

As a result, brands do their best to make some authentic noise, and keep their followers interested and glued, with fun content, unique language, and brilliant imagery. Of late, video content on social media is in the form of live-streaming, as well as short animations, such as gifs have become an even more popular form of content that most audiences love. So, brands do deliver.

However, many businesses fail to look at the results of their efforts from a critical perspective. They invest a lot of time, resources, funds and expertise in crafting ingenious strategies, but sadly, fail to follow up with the response. In the current era, an equal portion of a successful social media strategy, requires every brand to keep track of their results on social media and react to them in such a way so as to focus on continuous improvement. This is to keep pace with the ongoing market trends. Social networks are almost infinite sources of useful data, and it’s up to you to make the most of it to dazzle your followers and turn them into loyal customers.

social media image

The number and growth rate of your followers

There’s no such thing as having too many followers, so naturally, brands aim to attract more of them each day. They create new posts and do their best to entice a lively conversation. However, earning these followers is often a result of years of reputation-building, that is not solely dependent on your social media tactics. Hence, the need to keep an eye on the rate of your follower growth is imperative.

The first number, your overall follower base, that is, shows the potential reach you have since they combined with their own pool of followers, is within your grasp. The second number, or how consistently your audience grows, shows how engaging your social efforts are, and in which instances you’ve earned more followers. This is for you to make more similar posts in the future.

Cross-referencing across your channels, whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a different mix, is crucial, to check which of your followers are simply discovering you – one network at a time. Also, which ones are actually the new members – this will give you a chance to push for more followers in each different segment you find, to have better success rates.

The engagement rate for your posts

How often do your posts receive likes, retweets, shares in other forms, comments, and emotional reactions? Although it feels impossible to track every single post you publish, you can use a wide range of tools on each of these networks, dedicated to monitoring your engagement levels.

If your audience prefers video content, you’ll see a spike in engagement, every time you post something appealing in this format. Given that, you time your publishing schedule well and use the right type of content. Make sure to always sift through your posts, even if you discover that your audience prefers one or two formats. Keep your efforts diverse, try to translate the quality, the look and the feel of those most engaged posts to other formats, to elicit a similar reaction.

social media picture

Your influencer relationships

Who do your followers look up to when they make decisions related to your industry? For those interested in fitness, just the names Kayla Itsines or Michelle Lewin, ring the bell. They are the key source of inspiration for health and fitness for these folks. While not every brand is able to aim that high on the list of popular influencers, there are literally hundreds of micro-influencers who can deliver the same results to a smaller company.

Always know who your go-to people are. They are not just there to expand your follower base, but they are the key to building a strong reputation, and a name that will stand for well-defined values. That is why, it’s crucial to find the right match and build long-term relationships with them through content and collaboration, your audience will appreciate.

Brand mentions

Those who merely follow your brand without having any type of engagement with you may not be convinced yet about your product or service. Those who engage, in a positive or negative manner, are most likely well-acquainted with your brand, and they are the ones who might actually feel free enough to start their own conversations regarding your brand. This is especially relevant when you wish to see how well your competitors are doing, compared to you, and if a certain campaign is delivering the expected results.

Understanding the emotional context in which your brand appears by including social mention monitoring into your marketing strategy will allow you to reshape your brand perception and build greater brand awareness. Whether you’re pushing a new product line into the market or trying to start a contest to grow your audience, tracking your brand’s mentions will show how well you are truly doing it and which of your efforts are making the greatest difference.

Conversion rates

social media tree image

Every marketer’s favourite metric is the one that shows to what extent all your social media efforts are indeed paying off, literally. Of course, you want your followers to love you, but only when most of that love gets translated into actual purchases. Then you are actually turning a profit from all those hours, thinking up new tweets and delivering stunning Insta-perfect photos.
Now that many social networks actually allow brands to sell through their platforms, they no longer exist merely for creating influence or gently “nudging” their audience to visit their websites. On the contrary, features such as the Instagram Shopping feature which went live earlier this year, have made it possible for brands to sell directly through social media and redirect to their websites. Now, you can measure how many of those selling posts are delivering result, which ones have high click-through rates, and how you can bring more content, that will inspire that level of interest.

Organic and paid reach

Even though social networks update their algorithms to better serve their purpose, you can still see results from the organic reach efforts, and tailor your paid efforts to improve your overall reach. That said, having a massive following on social media doesn’t guarantee that your posts will have an equally impressive reach. This is precisely why you need to structure your efforts carefully to meet this goal.

You’ll see industry examples of people, as well as companies, that manage to reach a large chunk of their audience with a single organic post, but there is so much more than that meets the eye. From timing your post perfectly to crafting exactly what your followers crave for, all the way to choosing the right social platform for such an event – all of this play into the equation.

That’s why some of your posts will outshine others. You need to check the numbers to see which of your publishing content reaches the greatest portion of your audience – whether it’s through paid ads or through organic ads.

Return on investment

In order to have a comprehensive social media strategy put into action, most brands need to invest not just money, but a significant portion of their time and creative energy. It takes expertise to understand the fluctuating market, the changing needs of your audience, the upcoming social media trends, and all the finesse of excelling on these platforms.
That’s why most companies hire at least one dedicated social media manager, although most companies have entire teams at their disposal. Then, there are photographers because you can only use so many stock photos, and the SEO experts who know which keywords will be essential for your business. How many of those investments truly deliver a return you’ll feel and which will allow your business to grow?
You can rely on many analytical tools to give a deeper insight into how far you’ve come with your goals. After seeing these numbers and how they affect your social presence, you can apply a more fine-tuned approach, focus on the key profit-drivers, and create posts that will help you see these numbers grow.