7 Crucial Social Media Metrics to Monitor to Grow Your Business

7 Crucial Social Media Metrics to Monitor to Grow Your Business

n recent years, the hype around social media has been growing tremendously, be it in businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It has become vital for all the brands to leave their trail in the online chatter of these numerous networks, and they have devoted entire strategies in doing so. After all, this is precisely where your customers are, where they browse, get chatty with brands, as well as friends.

Spread the word about awesome products, and make buying decisions easier for your valued customers. Social Media Metrics plays a crucial role in the present businesses.

As a result, brands do their best to make some authentic noise, and keep their followers interested and glued, with fun content, unique language, and brilliant imagery. Of late, video content on social media is in the form of live-streaming, as well as short animations, such as gifs have become an even more popular form of content that most audiences love. So, brands do deliver.

However, many businesses fail to look at the results of their efforts from a critical perspective. They invest a lot of time, resources, funds and expertise in crafting ingenious strategies, but sadly, fail to follow up with the response. In the current era, an equal portion of a successful social media strategy, requires every brand to keep track of their results on social media and react to them in such a way so as to focus on continuous improvement. This is to keep pace with the ongoing market trends. Social networks are almost infinite sources of useful data, and it’s up to you to make the most of it to dazzle your followers and turn them into loyal customers.

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The number and growth rate of your followers

There’s no such thing as having too many followers, so naturally, brands aim to attract more of them each day. They create new posts and do their best to entice a lively conversation. However, earning these followers is often a result of years of reputation-building, that is not solely dependent on your social media tactics. Hence, the need to keep an eye on the rate of your follower growth is imperative.

The first number, your overall follower base, that is, shows the potential reach you have since they combined with their own pool of followers, is within your grasp. The second number, or how consistently your audience grows, shows how engaging your social efforts are, and in which instances you’ve earned more followers. This is for you to make more similar posts in the future.

Cross-referencing across your channels, whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a different mix, is crucial, to check which of your followers are simply discovering you – one network at a time. Also, which ones are actually the new members – this will give you a chance to push for more followers in each different segment you find, to have better success rates.

The engagement rate for your posts

How often do your posts receive likes, retweets, shares in other forms, comments, and emotional reactions? Although it feels impossible to track every single post you publish, you can use a wide range of tools on each of these networks, dedicated to monitoring your engagement levels.

If your audience prefers video content, you’ll see a spike in engagement, every time you post something appealing in this format. Given that, you time your publishing schedule well and use the right type of content. Make sure to always sift through your posts, even if you discover that your audience prefers one or two formats. Keep your efforts diverse, try to translate the quality, the look and the feel of those most engaged posts to other formats, to elicit a similar reaction.

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Your influencer relationships

Who do your followers look up to when they make decisions related to your industry? For those interested in fitness, just the names Kayla Itsines or Michelle Lewin, ring the bell. They are the key source of inspiration for health and fitness for these folks. While not every brand is able to aim that high on the list of popular influencers, there are literally hundreds of micro-influencers who can deliver the same results to a smaller company.

Always know who your go-to people are. They are not just there to expand your follower base, but they are the key to building a strong reputation, and a name that will stand for well-defined values. That is why, it’s crucial to find the right match and build long-term relationships with them through content and collaboration, your audience will appreciate.

Brand mentions

Those who merely follow your brand without having any type of engagement with you may not be convinced yet about your product or service. Those who engage, in a positive or negative manner, are most likely well-acquainted with your brand, and they are the ones who might actually feel free enough to start their own conversations regarding your brand. This is especially relevant when you wish to see how well your competitors are doing, compared to you, and if a certain campaign is delivering the expected results.

Understanding the emotional context in which your brand appears by including social mention monitoring into your marketing strategy will allow you to reshape your brand perception and build greater brand awareness. Whether you’re pushing a new product line into the market or trying to start a contest to grow your audience, tracking your brand’s mentions will show how well you are truly doing it and which of your efforts are making the greatest difference.

Conversion rates

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Every marketer’s favourite metric is the one that shows to what extent all your social media efforts are indeed paying off, literally. Of course, you want your followers to love you, but only when most of that love gets translated into actual purchases. Then you are actually turning a profit from all those hours, thinking up new tweets and delivering stunning Insta-perfect photos.
Now that many social networks actually allow brands to sell through their platforms, they no longer exist merely for creating influence or gently “nudging” their audience to visit their websites. On the contrary, features such as the Instagram Shopping feature which went live earlier this year, have made it possible for brands to sell directly through social media and redirect to their websites. Now, you can measure how many of those selling posts are delivering result, which ones have high click-through rates, and how you can bring more content, that will inspire that level of interest.

Organic and paid reach

Even though social networks update their algorithms to better serve their purpose, you can still see results from the organic reach efforts, and tailor your paid efforts to improve your overall reach. That said, having a massive following on social media doesn’t guarantee that your posts will have an equally impressive reach. This is precisely why you need to structure your efforts carefully to meet this goal.

You’ll see industry examples of people, as well as companies, that manage to reach a large chunk of their audience with a single organic post, but there is so much more than that meets the eye. From timing your post perfectly to crafting exactly what your followers crave for, all the way to choosing the right social platform for such an event – all of this play into the equation.

That’s why some of your posts will outshine others. You need to check the numbers to see which of your publishing content reaches the greatest portion of your audience – whether it’s through paid ads or through organic ads.

Return on investment

In order to have a comprehensive social media strategy put into action, most brands need to invest not just money, but a significant portion of their time and creative energy. It takes expertise to understand the fluctuating market, the changing needs of your audience, the upcoming social media trends, and all the finesse of excelling on these platforms.
That’s why most companies hire at least one dedicated social media manager, although most companies have entire teams at their disposal. Then, there are photographers because you can only use so many stock photos, and the SEO experts who know which keywords will be essential for your business. How many of those investments truly deliver a return you’ll feel and which will allow your business to grow?
You can rely on many analytical tools to give a deeper insight into how far you’ve come with your goals. After seeing these numbers and how they affect your social presence, you can apply a more fine-tuned approach, focus on the key profit-drivers, and create posts that will help you see these numbers grow.

Top 5 Trends for Future Social Media Marketing

Top 5 Trends for Future Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t been online lately, then you might have missed Facebook’s AR feature for its marketplace. This is a new feature introduced by Facebook to attract the users towards its new marketplace feature. Right now, the feature has been, This shows how serious Mark Zuckerberg is in making his marketplace feature a global one. There are top 5 trends for future social media marketing will rule out in 2019-2020

If you’re not really aware of what an Augmented Reality is, then let me explain it to you. Augmented reality is a digital integration of features that reside inside your device but can be portrayed as if they exist in the real time. The digital equipment and features are featured over your phone, and when you place your camera towards the real world scenario, you can get a glimpse on how it’ll be in the real world scenario. If you still haven’t understood it well, let me give you an example of Pokemon Go, where the technology gives you a feeling that you’re catching a pokemon in the real world.

Future Social Media Marketing Trends

1. Automate your Chatbots and leap into the future of social media marketing

The client bolster is a field that has a significant incredible work rate, particularly in India. Keeping in mind the end goal to adapt up to the high time-based compensation rates, the western nation associations depend upon Indian and other eastern nations for these administrations. The client mind officials are paid low here yet at the same time an instalment is an instalment. So as to keep away from this, chatbots with higher scholarly levels are being fused in this field.

future social media marketing

These chatbots are savvy, brisk to answer and they are scarily compassionate. On the off chance that you’ve run over Google’s Duplex, at that point you’ll comprehend what we are discussing. Around 90% of the general population conversing with the bot couldn’t remember it was a bot conversing with them. Thus, there’s a vast degree for AI to assume control over the bots.

So Automate your Chat Messenger will help your business growth.

2. The Biggest social media trend overall is interactive media. So Need to prepare good video related to your products

For some, promoting groups, a lot of their opportunity is given to content advancement. They centre around making blog entries, intelligent recordings, quizzes– these distinctive online encounters to give their intended interest group what they’re searching for at each phase of the voyage.

Be that as it may, once in a while with regards to the advancement stage for those benefits, they come up short on steam.  Here are the five case studies for successful interactive content ideas.


3. Create More Original Content with Complete Profiles

Rather than basically sharing substance via web-based networking media, valid on top of things content makers are picking features, photographs and even points in light of social sharing.

More than 50 per cent of individuals find out about breaking news by means of online networking rather than customary news sources, so it attempts into social.

Simply look at BuzzFeed, which cases to have “the most social substance on the planet.” Seventy-five per cent of its perusers searches for content on the site particularly to share. That is the reason it’s critical to compose social-drifting substance, focus on slanting themes, and spotlight on auspicious, applicable news.

4. Get Real Look and Feel Touch with Augmented Reality to take part in the future of social media marketing

Augmented Reality plays a crucial role in future marketing trend.

How Augmented Reality(AR) use for Marketplace?

Facebook & Instagram

facebook augmented reality

Courtesy Facebook

That’s what Facebook has embedded in its marketplace feature. You can experience the devices right in front of you. When you turn the front camera on, you can see yourself wearing those glasses and apparels or caps. Such sophisticated is this feature.

  • IKEA.
  • Lacoste.
  • Tesco.
  • BIC Kids.
  • MTV.
  • New York Times.
  • Patron Tequila.
  • Cadbury.

These brands already used the power of Augmented Reality in their Market.

Mainly Facebook and Apple investing their money to create a new trend in E-Commerce Sector by introducing latest technologies like Augmented Reality ( AR ) & Virtual Reality ( VR ).

Facebook ads can begin to look and feel a touch with additional sort of Augmented area. Corporate Brands declared nowadays that it’ll begin implementing increased augmented reality ads into the News Feed.

These AR ads area unit within the testing part, and users within the U.S.A. are going to be the sole one’s United Nations agency can see them for currently. The new feature permits users to do on the merchandise that area unit publicized through a method just like that of a Snapchat filter. (Facebook bought the increased reality face filter app MSQRD back in 2016, and it’s been adding additional filters directly on the Facebook and traveller camera options.)

In associate degree example, Facebook showed off the new AR and with a try of archangel Kors glasses, however, it is often applied to all or any styles of e-commerce product. Users are going to be able to move with digital versions of fashion accessories, cosmetics, and furnishings before shopping for them through the app. There’s already many big-name stores on board; Sephora, Wayfair, and Pottery Barn area unit a couple of the companies that area unit ready to start out testing this summer.

Shopping for Instagram Stories will be increasing over the months leading up to the vacations further. Last month, Facebook started permitting brands to position stickers on the associate degree Instagram story to link out and let a user purchase the publicized product. solely a couple of choose brands were able to begin exploitation the stickers then, however, the program can begin rolling out globally nowadays.

Facebook is not the first company to connect shopping and augmented reality. In fact, Snapchat pioneered this type of “selfie-commerce,” first with an AR ad for BMW last year. Then this year, Snapchat connected AR lens ads to shopping, letting people click to a checkout page to buy products on display—called “shoppable AR.”

Not only Facebook and Instagram even Pinterest has come up for the online marketing race.  We can even use Pinterest for various branding purpose. It is a kind of Social media platform which is free of cost and allows the users to share, display and showcase other visual elements. You can Pin here anything from cooking tips, to fashion, to fitness etc. everything that you are interested in. It is considered as a very reliable website for all the users. 93% of the purchases are made after taking a look at the product and what Pinterest has to say about it? This is one of the leading growing social media platforms for online marketing.


Furthermore, online business brands are dashing to offer those iPhone proprietors better approaches to associate, find, and purchase their items with AR innovation.


Recently Apple released AR KIT 2.0 Here is the Demo.

Courtesy Intent GmbH Youtube

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer promoting can be one intense strategy if done right. To see exactly how great influencer advertising can do to one’s business, influencer promoting gives 11X higher rates of return (ROI) over every single other type of conventional showcasing.

  • Finding Potential Influencers
  • Pitch Them
  • Collaborate to Create Unique Marketing Content
  • Create Unique Experiences

It’s our conviction that better advertising equivalents to better shopping, which prompts development for your business

If any better ways to increase e-commerce business by using Social Media Marketing. Feel free to Comment us.

What’s the best social media platform for your branding promotions?

What’s the best social media platform for your branding promotions?

Social media has taken the world of internet by storm. In the world of digital marketing, there’s no doubt social media is on a roll. Just the way people you’re connected with on social media are mostly aware of your whereabouts and what have you been up to,  the same way the branding companies have a good eye on your preferences and choice of selection. This makes their task of finding the right audience much easier and precise.

How Social Media will help to promote your Branding?

Do you know? Branding companies have a way of gathering its customers by looking into their age and other personal information? That is how they find their target audience and increase their productivity of advertisements.  So let’s just get deep into this and understand what can be potential social platforms that could play a huge role in marketing.


Yes, it’s not Facebook and there’s a good reason why Instagram has taken this place. Ever wonder why? Instagram, in such short time, is able to rule over the social media world and the stories are a big hit than it was ever on Snapchat? It’s because of its reach towards customers in terms of marketing. People around the world dedicate ample of their time in watching videos and posts on Instagram and which eventually helps the brands with their marketing.

Apart from visiting your favourite Insta celebrities for their way of grabbing your attention, have you ever observed they endorse products using their publicity? Yes, brands pay massive bucks for the same. Wondering why branding companies are behind these rising stars? It’s that they don’t need to pay them as much as they need to for celebrities. This helps them reach a vivid range of customers without spending much. Hence they make it a job of attracting their followers and simultaneously earning on the other side. Not just through posts but with the introduction of Live-Videos, it has become much easier for these stars to make a frequent endorsement and the best part? It doesn’t stay forever on their page which most of the stars prefer.

The main reason why Instagram is top on this celebrity marketing list is, that it’s mostly used by age group of 16 to 24 years old, which is about 41% of the total users of Instagram. This is the age group which is mostly influenced by the advertisements. This probably is an age when people follow their idols in everything they can. They don’t have a very good sense of awareness about how the world works which leads them to be attracted to these products.



Well, you might have expected this to be first but yeah, this has been pretty close to Instagram in terms of social media marketing. Facebook is first in terms of reaching people. Almost every person in a developed or developing country has a facebook account, exactly where the branding companies put their concentration completely upon. Facebook has a way of attracting the brands to endorse their advertisement through celebrities or videos. That’s because Facebook has a better data collection when compared to other media platforms. Facebook helps the brand to reach their potential target customers, by helping them with the information on age and likes


From presidents to pizza hut, everyone has their share of Twitter fame. Twitter is an easy to use and day by day upgrading site which modifies according to the user’s feasibility. There are over 330 million active users, who not only share their ideas and thoughts but also tell their preferences of brands and products which gives twitter enough information to attract branding advertisements. You can now share branding videos, images and events that wasn’t possible earlier. If you need a brand promotion, use Twitter to tweet some good ideas and thoughts and this might reach out on a global level making it easier for the marketing of our brand.

Brands that maintain an active account and engage with their target audience enjoy much higher visibility on the web. You can spread a word about your new products in no time and have a wide reach of customers just with a few tweets. The same thing isn’t as easier as it sounds on other social media platforms. The key is to switch up the quality of content by sharing posts from other users. Then you respond to your target audience. Always use relevant hashtags for your posts. This will attract the attention of the users already interested in the niche.



Do I even need to tell you anything about this? I don’t think anyone is really oblivious to the kind of annoying ads that YouTube posts, just before the beginning of a good video. It might be annoying but this marketing technique is usually the best one! Why? Because the Television advertisements are something you can ignore by changing channels, but here, you need to stick in front of the screen until the video appears. Youtube has some billions of videos that might take you ages to watch, so youtube is never going to out of date until something huge comes up. So this is a kind of market that brand investors are always going to be interested in.

Going by the trend even Facebook has started putting up ads in between the videos. But the only difference is facebook videos never gets even one-tenth times the YouTube videos. Which puts YouTube on top in terms of as between the videos.

So, these are the social media platforms one needs to look out for, if they would like to establish themselves in the world of business through marketing. As marketing is the heart and soul of recognition of any particular brand, marketing is the only way of reaching out to billions, no matter how famous the product is. Marketing will help garner a farther range of customers any day.

How to make your presence felt in Social Media and increase the engagements?

How to make your presence felt in Social Media and increase the engagements?

Social media and SEO work hand in hand and are becoming more interdependent on each other. Basically, these two things are the main reasons because of your which your business will be getting success. The strategies of the Search Engine Optimization and the capability of reaching people through social media gives a lot of boosts your business campaign. Social media is a very powerful tool, if an online business doesn’t get optimized on social media then the business is losing a lot of their effective customers. Whereas social media doesn’t directly hamper the rankings of a business page but instead acts as an important aspect of the ranking of the page.
High Rankings in the search engine is what every online business is dependent upon or every business wants to gain from the Social Media Campaign. And there are various ways to improve the rankings and engagements for your business campaign in the Social Media. And having the positive social media influence on the business is very important. It is possible to improve your rankings and engagement of people to your social media site.


There is always a strong interrelation between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media as your activities in social media decides your rankings in the search engine.

Have you ever wondered how you get the desired answer when you search something on the internet? It’s all because the Google and other search engines check the contents and post the best content only.

When your post or the content get shared a lot of time it is one type of indication that you have a great blog or content which attracts the people. The search engines always think that the content or blog which are shared or viewed a lot will have a very good content as people will share those blogs or contents only which will have the great contents. It’s ultimately like people are the decision makers what they love the most will get served as the best.

As in an organic search what is the most influencing factor is your content is able to reach to people? And how much is your post is being searched? Not the social signal you get. Social signals include the number of likes you get, the re-tweets, the comments etc. it entirely depends upon the number of shares you get. And sometimes people think that they have great followings on social media so they will rank high in the search engines then you are mistaken the rankings doesn’t depend on it.

Below are some of the ways which help you in gaining the engagement on the social media platform:

  • CUTTING DOWN THE WORDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: the contents you write on social media should not contain a lot of words. As social media is a platform of entertainment for people so they don’t want a lot of words. As less the content is with more information and keyword, the more the people get attracted to it. The surveys conducted says that in facebook the click-through rates on the long paragraphs are 2-4% slower than on the contents having fewer word likes 40-50 character long sentence. But you should use all the words or keywords that are important and keep the content short.
  • ENGAGE PEOPLE IN WHAT YOU WANT FROM THEM: Requests always works out, audience sometimes requires requesting them which helps in connecting more with the content. The keywords like “comment”, “like”, “share”, “retweet”, “checkout” etc are the commonly searched words or the most clickable words by the audience in the social media. When you want your audience’s to do something for you always be requesting and concise. Never and ever give a chance to people to leave your page without commenting, liking, sharing, retweeting etc on your post.
  • ATTRACT PEOPLE TO YOUR CONTENT: The most important thing to remember is never sell something to your audience instead check what they require and help them with that. Always remember to answer each and every question which may be some of their queries, important points, doubts, problems that pop up in the mind of the audiences. And add all the links to these question answer to your main blog in the social media, which the people can find easily.
  • MAKE YOUR PRESENCE FELT AND INCREASE VISIBILITY: Creating your presence felt in the social media platform is very important for any business. Because the ranking given by the search engines is always done by the checking your social media presence, keywords used, and how effectively you are reaching to the people these all can be done by a well crafted SEO service. Whereas the links which you provide on your content doesn’t add up directly to your rankings in the search engine. These are considered only when the posts receive a “no follow tag” which means the origins of the post are being ignored by the search engine.
  • PAY ATTENTION ON THE KEYWORD: the keywords which are very relevant to your topic are to be chosen and these important SEO keywords are to be incorporated into everything like the headlines, taglines, links, summaries etc. even it can be incorporated in the social media bio’s and can include the keywords as the caption and include the pictures on the blog. People who are searching for these keywords will always come across your blog and you have relevant content then you can make them to your customers. As they can know about your strategies, business plans, ideology etc. which will at the end of the day help you gather a lot of leads to your blog.
  • OPTIMIZING YOUR KEYWORDS: the keywords which you post are to be chosen carefully and then to be posted on your blog as similar to the links, and hashtags you chose which helps you to amplify your search ranking in the social media result and increase your discoverability in the social media platform.
    To know whether the content is effective is not by the ability it is reaching to the people and the ability in which it is gathering the following of the people and established it is to gather more and more new audience to its blog. The social media has a great contribution to the SEO also as the content not only gets attention in the social media but also gets the high rankings in the search engine results.
  • USE KEYWORDS TO IMPROVE VISIBILITY: To increase the visibility of your content or blog in the social media platform it is very important to come up with new and creative thoughts each and every time you write a blog or a content. And should apply the best SEO strategies and with the relevant keywords involved. The searches should be so efficient that whenever people search for something your business should pop-up in the first.


Earned media VS. Paid media: Which is best for brands?

Earned media VS. Paid media: Which is best for brands?

If you want to have an advertising and are confused between paid Vs. earned media strategy. Then it is high time you should know about Earned media Vs. Paid media.

While coming to the media strategy, it all started with the word PESO is what everyone remembers. However, PESO stands for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media. Until some time all these four things were essential in any media strategy.

As years passed the idea of the PESO in the media strategies also changed. The PESO idea has evolved gradually, and it looks as:

  • Paid marketing was primarily focusing on native advertising agencies.
  • Earned media marketing is just for publicity.
  • While coming, to Shared and Owned media both are major for nothing.

Digital marketing is a significant revolution in the present time, according to this, digital advertising agencies claim that social agencies lack the ideology of the brand perspective. Now the situation is like the social advertising agencies are ignoring to manage the long-term engagement. All these things are leading to the loss of opportunities for social media.

This article contains all the details only regarding Earned media Vs. Paid media.

What is earned and paid media?

Earned and paid media are the very important aspects everyone should remember in media marketing strategies. Below, we explain about earned media and paid media in brief.

Earned Media

Free media or Organic marketing is the other name of the Earned press; it even does the publicity of the brand makes the brand name visible in the marketing.

Word of mouth, buzz, reviews, comments, feedbacks, impression, news coverage, likes, shares, mentions, and all other promotional events that will increase the brand visibility, on the other way we can say that Earned media primary work is publicity gaining.

Earned media Vs paid media

Paid Media

This refers to the external marketing efforts that will involve a paid placement. The Key or the significant role here plays is the PPC native advertising, all the display ads and the branded content. If you want to grow your revenue and increase brand awareness in the market then Paid marketing is the best solution.

Paid media is somewhat very close to Traditional marketing. Paid media channel directly refers to the paid communication to impart the information to a wide range of audience. You get the paid publicity, attention and driving the whole traffic to your website by using the influencers, advertisements, and integrating brands.

Is SEO owned or earned media?

If you have a digital marketing strategy for your brand then combination on paid, owned, and earned in SEO will deliver you the best result. All these three things mutually rely upon each other and have to work together. With so many aspects to take care of in digital marketing, it is so typical that things will overlap on each other.

social media

While coming to SEO the significant part of SEO marketing involves on page effort. As, we know there are a lot of things that have to keep in mind like website content, tags, titles, keywords are very relevant. The owned media categorize this On-page SEO to optimize a page.

However, when we go for the off-page SEO. It emphasizes on the website and the positioning in the search rankings. If you want your company to be visible then should rank high at any cost.

Getting the higher ranking in the search engine involves organic searches, unpaid mentions from all those other credible sites. For accomplishing all these things earned media plays a major role.

Is PR earned media?

Earned media means publicity it gains the attention from the backlinks from reputable sites, word of mouth, online reviews, blogging, press focusing and influencers marketing. Having a third-party endorsement for your brand is essential.

PR or Public Relations media and earned media, as explained above, earned media means publicity and publicity involve connecting with the people and grabbing the attention. This at the end means PR or the public relation.

The number one secret of earned media marketing is to focus on other people. While the most important thing is building a reputation, and reaching people, this includes the most simple things like:

  • Connecting with the bloggers by appreciating them and by sharing the posts.
  • Give information about your business which will attract the audience to your customers.
  • Interact with the influencers in all the social media site so that they promote you.
  • Join groups related to your work and participate in the discussion.

By doing all these things your hard work will pay off. If you focus on the audience, it will improve your credibility, and thoughts process this is the peak and the highest point of good PR. Once the reputation is built in the market, you will be known to everyone and people will take to be as trustworthy businesspersons.

What brands have done paid and earned media well?

Brands that are using earned media or the earned media examples for the advertisement:

  • Share coke campaign where coke launched the cans customized with the names of the people on it last summer. It was a massive hit and people loved it a lot, this was a successful earned media campaign.
  • Dove soap a beauty product research about “The Truth of Beauty” this campaign received a significant response as the study showed that only 2% of the women though they are beautiful and the YouTube Video got 65million views.
  • Salesforce made a video on B2B earned media strategy for cloud computing. It just did nothing but simply explained cloud computing. However, this video got 1.6 million organic marketing views on YouTube.

Brands that have used paid media channel or examples of paid media for an advertisement:

  • Nike, the famous sports shoe brand, made a big stunt in the social media with its video. Nike now mastered the idea of the authenticity in product launching. The video “Nike- Dream crazy” became very famous and inspirational to all.
  • Dominos Pizza used Social media in a very fine way, it used a customized bot which allowed the users to enter the website and create their own pizza, later can name it and share on the social media site. Back in time, it used the PR technique in which the number of tweets will make your Pizza price so much cheaper. Recently this year September Domino’s used the Instagram very nicely to promote the brand.
Instagram AD

Source: Instagram Dominos

How to measure earned media value?

Earned media is what you get for your brand through Publicity. It involves some essential tactics which are mentioned below to measure the earned media value:

Impressions in the Online platform

Here, you measure the media using the digital marketing platform and the mentions you got from all your ads. This shows your targets, your audience and will accordingly help form the advertisement.

Once you get a certain group of people those who are following you regularly it is the best news that you will get because using these bunch of people you can increase your business and can reach more number of people.

It is like a whole cycle to influence commitment and achieve the engagements. It doesn’t take one thing into the foreground and the other into the background while keeping every impression in an equal place.

Resonating messages

If you have included your most desirable keys in your media coverage, then media resonating messages becomes very important to measure the earned media value. Select one or two succinct keys and regulate all the blogs, articles, that are present in your website to check all the keyphrase and the resonating messages present in the content.

Initially, this metric is useful for determining whether or not the media has understood the entire idea behind the launch of the critical resonating messages. While software is not yet reliable enough to deliver the desired result. Otherwise, the trained human analyst can easily identify all the resonating and key phrases in the content.

SOV or Share of Voice

A share of Voice compares the mentions in the internet media platform with the competitors. Suppose there are a total of 100 mentions of you and your competitors in a total and then your site is observed in 35 percent out of the whole then you share is 35%.

Whereas this necessary computation doesn’t reveal the readership publication data or if the impressions are positive or negative. Only if we dig deep into the data, then we will get the information regarding everything.

What is earned media and paid media strategy?

The earned media strategies and the paid media strategies are quite similar, like both the media platform requires the attention of the people and gain publicity.

Identify your objectives and set the targets

Know what is your goal and where you want to reach? Your aim of the business should be crystal clear and should be answerable to all the critical questions like are launching your website or brand in the public? Are your concentrating on just the products? Understanding your goal and underlying it accordingly is very crucial.

target reach

All these things involve a tremendous background work; the first thing is to know about is your target audience and the demographic area.

It is imperative because every person doesn’t like all the products and brands available make sure you know who are your audience like male or female, age groups suitable. This will help you increase your engagements in the business.

Distribute your ad in different channels

The first step here is to figure out what type of content does your audience like, and the customers link. Then frame a full advertisement accordingly which will interact with the people.

While posting it never and ever forget to post the ad in all the social media platform and, the online platform. Post on all those platforms where you think people stay active and all your focused audience also gather.

If you miss the social media platform, then you are going to lose a big chunk from your marketing aspects. Earned media definition means publicity and publicity mean reaching the people anyhow. Even Paid media channel also focuses on the Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn so on.


Facebook has even recently said that it would promote the paid ads more than the organic. So concentrating on of the social media platform to get tremendous results. Here the trick is the influencers, these days if you promote your Advertisement or brand with the help of the Influencers then you can get a lot of increased results.

Check efforts

While you release the advertisement in the online platform remember to track the success rate. For both, the earned marketing which is organic marketing and the paid media channel which is bought both the things requires checking the growth rate. Some metrics would be some views, likes, shares, bounce rate, subscribers, unique visits to the site.

take feedback

All these things are critical to check the efforts while you are going through a media planning strategy.


Paid media Vs. Earned media both things are critical in digital marketing aspect. Both are equally very important for the native advertising and increasing the visibility in the online media. It is you who have to decide which one you are selecting for your marketing tactics.

While there are a lot of questions, people get in their mind while talking about the earned media vs paid media. If you are also confused and have some queries like this, then feel free to write to us. We will surely help you!