Looking for a digital marketing job? How will it help your profile

Looking for a digital marketing job? How will it help your profile

If you’ve been following the trends lately, then you’d know what kind of a response digital marketing field is having in the world of internet, that’s how important digital marketing jobs are. It has become the key job role for almost all the industries we see around. Starting from small-scale industries to the large-scale industries, the importance of this field is beyond our understanding. With an increase in demand, the job requirement in this field has taken a hike and doesn’t seem to get down in a while. In this case, let me acquaint you with some of the job roles under this field.

1. Digital Marketing Manager:

A digital marketing manager is a person who plans and runs the campaigns for the company. They strategize different aspects and make sure that the marketing goals are met. The Digital marketing manager needs to have a sound knowledge of the marketing techniques. They should have had a good experience being a marketing executive. Understanding the audience needs enough experience and idea on how they’d react to certain circumstances and situations. Then act accordingly by using the manpower of their executives.

A digital marketing manager needs to understand his niche, plan according to it. Then organize and then guide his executives in the right direction. The manager is responsible for the activities of their executives. Hence, a good idea on the potential of the executives should be known to the manager. Calling up for meetings, sharing the ideas and building relationships come under the roles of a digital marketing manager.

Apart from this, the manager has to maintain the plan for the company’s website. Then, the manager should be able to understand the needs of the website and observe the traffic influx. A proper strategy needs to be implemented in regard to the traffic statistics and new things should be tried to understand how the audience responds to the same.

2. Digital Marketing Executive:

A digital marketing executive is the one who has to run all the campaigns and also implement the plans as requested by the manager. This usually is in a form of a team where the executives are put together by the manager and they have to do the assigned work. The executives are required to do the error and cost-cutting whenever there’s an opportunity. They are advised to approach their manager before any implementation of ideas. They need to work on SEO of the website pages and make sure that the site is ranking higher on Google. Edit and post content, videos, podcasts, and audio content on online site and take proper measures to have it reached to multiple areas.

3. Search Engine Optimizer – SEO Executive:

Search engine optimizations, as you all know is a set of techniques implemented in order to rank yourself higher on Google and to attract a large audience all at once. There is a tremendous need for Search Engine Optimizer in today’s world where everything runs on digital marketing. Hence, one needs to be aware of all the techniques in SEO before applying for this role. As much as this could build the morale of the employee, similarly, it could break them apart if not properly executed.


4. Social Media Marketing Expert:

One other important role in the field of digital marketing is SMM expert. We all know the value that the social media holds these days. It can make even a person living in remote areas an overnight star. That’s the kind of impact social media has on us these days. Hence, this has also become one of the easiest of the easiest ways to attract a large amount of traffic. So when you share something from your blog to the multiple social media sites, it gets a huge amount of popularity, but the only thing to consider is that the content is worth the fame and you have enough followers.

So in order to maintain a good brand value among the customers, one needs to have a very happening social media connection in order to spread the word. That’s where an SMM expert comes into the picture. They start publicizing and gaining followers on different social media platforms and in the end, the create a brand value for the company. When in need, these contacts can be contacted for any marketing purpose and which eventually leads to the conversions.

5. Content Writer:

A content writer is the one who writes all the blog posts for the websites. These blog posts are very essential as they attract the business prospects towards them. It also shows the kind of exposure that particular company has towards its field. A content writer needs to manage the contents of the blog, edit the previous blogs, attach particular images. They also need to have some good knowledge of SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Apart from these traits, a content writer should be able to understand what kind of content would reach the audience. The writer should not only be proficient in grammar but also be able to build a connection with the reader. Understanding the audience, what kind of questions he/she might ask and how will they take it etc. should be the kind of thinking a content reader needs to possess. They need to build a loyal relationship and a connection with the reader.

6. Content Marketing Manager:

A content marketing manager is the one who decides a particular strategy. This is done with respect to the circumstances and conveys the same to the content writer. This person should be able to brainstorm ideas and understand the whole scenario of the contents being published. So this keeps the contents up to date and trendy. This role should possess a great skill of awareness. One should be acquainted with all those things that would be intriguing to the reader. A sound knowledge of SEO should be present and should have experience in attracting different clients to the business.

7. Search Engine Marketing Specialist:

This is another, almost similar role of an SEO executive. This role isn’t common everywhere rather than in organizations that have a huge base and a big department for their marketing needs. Though the scope of the job is quite short, still a great amount of investment is made for this job. The reason is that you know the kind of a reputation a search engine holds in the world of marketing. A search engine is a basis through which the viewers visit the site. Enough exposure in this area would not only drive the traffic to the company but would also lead to a good amount of conversion.

search engine for digital marketing

8. Inbound Marketing Manager:

An Inbound Marketing Manager is responsible for attracting traffic, and the potential customers. In the end these visitors turn into business leads. This is how an inbound marketing manager is essential for a firm. They should be able to manage and build contents like blog posts, webinars, whitepapers, infographics, reports that attracts the viewers. Optimize lead nurturing process and marketing automation through different and appropriate tools for the website. Not just that, an inbound marketing manager has a privilege to put all the new ideas on the table. Through this growth of prospects can be observed.

9. Conversion Rate Optimizer:

This is one of the main job roles to exist, in terms of understanding the prospects. The prospects can be of numerous types. Hence, understanding them is never an easy job. These prospects are to be understood by the number of viewers of website turning into the clients or customers. In case there’s an e-commerce business, a conversion rate is determined by the number of visits by that person.  Also by all the purchases made by that particular person in a certain duration. Hence content rate optimizer has a grand role to lay when it comes to converting the audience into leads.

animation (2)

10. Analytics Manager:

This is one another role that’s similar to the previous role explained. This has a great impact on understanding the viewers that come into your blog. Though this doesn’t only deal with the prospect analysis, but also about the all other people that visit the website. They can be understood by an analysis made on several factors like viewership, attendance. Also the time they spend on the blogs, where do they navigate and other such factors. Hence this has a great role to play as well in its own field.


So these are the different job roles available for a daily researcher of jobs in the field of digital marketing. Though digital marketing seems to be a small area it has a wide growth in the industry. Experts say that digital marketing is the next big thing in the world of internet. It’s going to rule over all the businesses too. Almost every business is going to grow itself with a digital marketing team on its side.

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Why time management is the first basic trait required

Why time management is the first basic trait required

Probably the one thing you’ve heard over and over again but still didn’t master it the way you should. We all know for a fact that this is the most essential part of the day but somehow we tend to neglect the significance of this. Jim Rohn aptly said, ” run the day or the day runs you”. Our traits of being submissive about things we can’t control have led us to get into the second category. Yes most of us are run by the day. The very reason why we waste the whole day not planning anything and in the end rushing through the things to get it done in time. As we all know anything done in rush doesn’t ripe the beautiful result. Its efficiency is lost right then when you don’t put your complete mind into it.

Credits: Sources of Insight

Putting a big glass jar on the table in front of him, he started placing large rocks in it until they had filled the top of the jar. He then asked the class, “Is this jar full?” Everyone in the class shouted, “Yes!”

The teacher replied, “Really?” He then grabbed from under the table some gravel and proceeded to dump it into the jar and then shaking it until all of the gravel had filled the spaces of the big rocks. He then asked again, “Is the jar full?”

Some nodded their head yes. But most didn’t say a word.

“Okay… let’s see.” the teacher said. He reached under the table again, this time pulling out a bucket of sand. He took the bucket and dumped all of the sand in and once more asked the question, “Is it full now?”

By this time the only response he got was from a mumble in the back that said, “Probably not.”

He said, “Good.” He then grabbed a pitcher of water nearby and dumped it into the jar until it was filled to the brim.

Then the wise teach asked, “Would I have ever gotten these big rocks in if I had started with the water, then the sand and then the gravel?” The class all shook their head, “No.”

He then taught something this youthful class would never forget. He asked, “What are the big rocks in your life that must come first? What is important?” The class was silent. He said, “They are things like the time you spend with those you love, your faith, your education, your service to others…they are the things that matter most.” He then said, “Make sure to put the big rocks in first or you will never get them all in.”

Credits: Video Excellence Productions

What are your big rocks? What are your priorities? The reality is that the only thing you will care about when it is all said and done is the big rocks. The little rocks won’t matter much then.

Source: http://www.teamworkandleadership.com/2012/01/impactful-time-management-story-what-is-important.html

Treat time like you treat the money in your bank. Bit by bit it starts declining. But you’ll never know its value until you’re down to your last few pennies. Learn the importance of things beforehand rather than waiting until the last moment to get the job done. Yes, you might think doing the job in the last minute helps you cope up with the pressure in future. But for a skill to be learned could you really risk your present task for it? Wouldn’t that be an inefficient way? So if you really want to learn rather than using this excuse of honing your skills, you can set a deadline that can be pushed, but don’t. Do it as early as possible so you’ll have enough time to make improvements to it.

So let’s get deeper into this and rather than pushing you to manage your time, I’ll help you with some foolproof strategies that you can inculcate in your businesses to make sure you’re more efficient tomorrow than you were yesterday.

Catch the big fish first:

If in a day there’s some task that you think is the most difficult and annoying one, that you’re not really interested in doing, go for it first. Once you’re done with doing the biggest job first, you’re left with just the tiny things that don’t make you feel demotivated. It rather pushes you as the destination could now be easily reached.

Source: https://www.fg-a.com/animals12.shtml

Prepare yourself:

Have yourself prepared for this the night before. Close your eyes, think as if it’s the next day and imagine what exactly are you going to do in order to hunt the big fish. Enlist all the things in a notepad, according to the timeline with the appropriate time. If you need to have your colleagues make up their minds for something inform them right then no matter what time it is. It not only makes you enthusiastic but also shows your colleagues how serious you’re about finishing this and they understand the grave of the situation too.

Credits: 123rf.com

Set a deadline:

Manipulate your mind in such a way that you feel the urgency of finishing the task in the stipulated time though the deadline can be pushed a little farther. Keep testing your limits and make sure with every completion of task you learn how to get things done in a lesser time.

Credit: Dreamstime.com

Get a hold of emotions and pressure:

Emotions and pressure are the last things you need to get yourself engaged in. Time is elastic, whenever you start thinking how things might turn against you, you’ve already had lost your time without your notice and the worse thing is you lose all your confidence, all the energy you’ve invested in motivating yourself and planning this all out goes in vain.

Credits: www.solomon-mc.com

Stay determined, stay focused:

You’ve prepared yourself. You have a plan, you have a goal to reach. The stage is all set and the only thing left to do is being focussed and determined and not get distracted. It’s as essential to prepare your team as it is to prepare yourself. So if it takes a while to share knowledge or motivate your team, use the time. One needs to take two steps back before taking a giant leap.

Credits: tutor4u, Youtube

Put on a watch:

Ever wondered why watch makes people look much professional than those who don’t have one? It’s because a watch is the direct indication of your time sense and there’s nothing more important than time.

Credits: WatchReviewBlog

So anything you do takes some time to master it. Take it step by step. In your day of completion of a work use these strategies one after the other. You’ll notice for yourself the progress you’ve made. That’s how you become the best in any field you’re working for.

What’s the best social media platform for your branding promotions?

What’s the best social media platform for your branding promotions?

Social media has taken the world of internet by storm. In the world of digital marketing, there’s no doubt social media is on a roll. Just the way people you’re connected with on social media are mostly aware of your whereabouts and what have you been up to,  the same way the branding companies have a good eye on your preferences and choice of selection. This makes their task of finding the right audience much easier and precise.

How Social Media will help to promote your Branding?

Do you know? Branding companies have a way of gathering its customers by looking into their age and other personal information? That is how they find their target audience and increase their productivity of advertisements.  So let’s just get deep into this and understand what can be potential social platforms that could play a huge role in marketing.


Yes, it’s not Facebook and there’s a good reason why Instagram has taken this place. Ever wonder why? Instagram, in such short time, is able to rule over the social media world and the stories are a big hit than it was ever on Snapchat? It’s because of its reach towards customers in terms of marketing. People around the world dedicate ample of their time in watching videos and posts on Instagram and which eventually helps the brands with their marketing.

Apart from visiting your favourite Insta celebrities for their way of grabbing your attention, have you ever observed they endorse products using their publicity? Yes, brands pay massive bucks for the same. Wondering why branding companies are behind these rising stars? It’s that they don’t need to pay them as much as they need to for celebrities. This helps them reach a vivid range of customers without spending much. Hence they make it a job of attracting their followers and simultaneously earning on the other side. Not just through posts but with the introduction of Live-Videos, it has become much easier for these stars to make a frequent endorsement and the best part? It doesn’t stay forever on their page which most of the stars prefer.

The main reason why Instagram is top on this celebrity marketing list is, that it’s mostly used by age group of 16 to 24 years old, which is about 41% of the total users of Instagram. This is the age group which is mostly influenced by the advertisements. This probably is an age when people follow their idols in everything they can. They don’t have a very good sense of awareness about how the world works which leads them to be attracted to these products.



Well, you might have expected this to be first but yeah, this has been pretty close to Instagram in terms of social media marketing. Facebook is first in terms of reaching people. Almost every person in a developed or developing country has a facebook account, exactly where the branding companies put their concentration completely upon. Facebook has a way of attracting the brands to endorse their advertisement through celebrities or videos. That’s because Facebook has a better data collection when compared to other media platforms. Facebook helps the brand to reach their potential target customers, by helping them with the information on age and likes


From presidents to pizza hut, everyone has their share of Twitter fame. Twitter is an easy to use and day by day upgrading site which modifies according to the user’s feasibility. There are over 330 million active users, who not only share their ideas and thoughts but also tell their preferences of brands and products which gives twitter enough information to attract branding advertisements. You can now share branding videos, images and events that wasn’t possible earlier. If you need a brand promotion, use Twitter to tweet some good ideas and thoughts and this might reach out on a global level making it easier for the marketing of our brand.

Brands that maintain an active account and engage with their target audience enjoy much higher visibility on the web. You can spread a word about your new products in no time and have a wide reach of customers just with a few tweets. The same thing isn’t as easier as it sounds on other social media platforms. The key is to switch up the quality of content by sharing posts from other users. Then you respond to your target audience. Always use relevant hashtags for your posts. This will attract the attention of the users already interested in the niche.



Do I even need to tell you anything about this? I don’t think anyone is really oblivious to the kind of annoying ads that YouTube posts, just before the beginning of a good video. It might be annoying but this marketing technique is usually the best one! Why? Because the Television advertisements are something you can ignore by changing channels, but here, you need to stick in front of the screen until the video appears. Youtube has some billions of videos that might take you ages to watch, so youtube is never going to out of date until something huge comes up. So this is a kind of market that brand investors are always going to be interested in.

Going by the trend even Facebook has started putting up ads in between the videos. But the only difference is facebook videos never gets even one-tenth times the YouTube videos. Which puts YouTube on top in terms of as between the videos.

So, these are the social media platforms one needs to look out for, if they would like to establish themselves in the world of business through marketing. As marketing is the heart and soul of recognition of any particular brand, marketing is the only way of reaching out to billions, no matter how famous the product is. Marketing will help garner a farther range of customers any day.

Mobile marketing? Is that still a thing? Ask the millennials!

Mobile marketing? Is that still a thing? Ask the millennials!

Well, to begin with, I’d like to tell there’s always a reason why I chose my words the way I do. There’s a pretty good reason why I used the word millennials. It’s because people in that age gap has been ruling over every social media. Whether if it is Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat, you name it. This makes them stay longer hours over the phone and that’s where the right companies make the most of!

Image result for statistics on usage of mobile phones age

Credits: comScore

Mobile marketing is a big thing because it’s something that one can’t get easily rid of. So when you see an ad on tv, you can just skip the channel or go, do something else. But on a mobile phone, it’s like you’re stuck to it. You hold them with both your hands and enthusiastically watch whatever you wanted to. A few seconds of ads wouldn’t make you skip to some other app. So, you tend to stick with the same application! That makes mobile marketing one of the most efficient one.

So, what are the different types of mobile marketing that we usually see around?

SMS Marketing:

Image result for text sms

Well, I don’t think anyone is alien to this kind of marketing. Every mobile user is familiar with all those annoying texts we get. Sometimes they cross the line and set multiple texts that we can’t really take. But what do we do? We still read all those messages in fear of missing out on some important messages. Haha! that’s a win for the advertisers and that’s how SMS marketing is still a big thing in the marketing industry. According to a survey, about 68% of the major companies still think that SMS marketing is a huge boon for the marketing of any company. It’s also an easier mode of communication between a company and its customers. So yeah, it’s here to stay!

MMS Marketing:

Well, this kind of marketing is quite popular in the western and north Asian countries but not really in countries like India. Does that make it any less important? Nope! It’s still as important as advertising on websites for multiple companies. Marketing through image, videos and audio is better than a text any day, so would you really expect brands to stop utilizing this easy to access and straight to the customer feature? A strict no! So this is one of the great ways of brands to endorse their new features and updates.

Advertisements on applications:

One more annoying thing in our daily lives but still can we resist? Almost 80% of the applications are filled with such kind of advertisements. Sometimes they block the work you’ve been doing and sometimes they don’t. These are usually found in the applications where you’re not asked to paid or if you’re using a free version of the application. It’s a way for developers to encash and get a good ROI(Return On Investment).

Advertisements on games:

Image result for in game advertisement

Have you ever played a game on your mobile phones and once you finish a level or your character gets killed somewhere and suddenly an advertisement pops up! It takes about a minute or less of time but feels like ages. In that boring moment, all you could do is wait for the advertisement to finish. That is when they catch your eye and make you download the application.

QR codes:

You must have been to inox or PVR. If you have, you must have noticed some black and white rectangle boxes in the front of your seat. It’s the QR code. It’s an easy way for someone to visit a website and make a purchase. This feature is essential as one can’t go on typing the whole link.

Proximity-based Marketing:

The balance messages you get or momentary telecommunication ads you get as a pop up on your phone, come under this kind of marketing! These are not as annoying, as they don’t stay on your screen for long but yeah they could pop up while you’re in the middle of something important. Hence, these kinds of advertisements are not fondly encouraged.

Voice Mail:

This again isn’t found often in Indian marketing but western countries get a handful of these. To be honest I’ve never experienced one of these but in my knowledge, reading from other sources I’ve come to understand that this can get annoying but still is quite productive for the advertising companies.

Telephonic Marketing:

Remember a few years ago when the advertising companies had the similar number as that of any phone number in India. Those were one irritating time in the field of telephonic marketing. You expect someone to call in order to talk something important and all of a sudden all you get is a call from a customer marketing executive. Since then the rules have changed and the marketing agencies had to stick to a certain pattern of numbers that could be easily figured out by the customers and would refuse to pick up or just cut the call.


What are its benefits?

These days a large fraction of the population has been accessing the contents over the internet through mobile phones. The portability helps us in using the internet anywhere and anytime. Increasing number mobile users lead to an increase of usage of internet and other contact modes. This eventually leads to the hike in Mobile marketing. Here are some reasons that would explain the importance of mobile marketing in these days:

1. On the go services:

People love to do things that are done in no time. They often look for service providers who could meet their needs and help them fulfil their requirements. A company can contact a user via mobile marketing techniques. Even a customer can easily send his/her feedback instantly.

2. Mobile is an undetachable part of us:

The only thing that we hold with us all the time is our mobile phone. For every little thing, the first thing you take out of your pockets is your mobile phone.

3. Your contact details are used by the stores:

Multiple stores that you might visit on a daily basis. They tend to use your mobile phone details to make sure they’re connected with you. This increases the customer brand relationship too.

4. Mobile search index is a primary choice of rankings:

Google makes website search engine rankings based on the mobile searches. More than the system based search results, mobile-based are preferred. This makes sure the users get a better view on both the kind of devices.

5. Importance of Mobile advertisement

Advertising on mobile sites or directly to mobile seems more effective in marketing.


So I guess this is quite enough why mobile marketing is still the most burning way of marketing and is going to hold its fire on for quite some time!

What are the 10 websites you must know for Digital Marketing

What are the 10 websites you must know for Digital Marketing

You must have heard of digital marketing. Though it’s like a tiny thing, you don’t understand the real depth of it until you tend to get into this. Digital marketing is one of the top requirements before establishing any business. Any business needs marketing and out of all sources of marketing, digital marketing is the most important one. Why? Because people are more connected through the internet than by the calls or television. Hence, in the current generation, it’s quite important to have a sound knowledge of digital marketing, if you ever want to be an entrepreneur. Unless the business is a monopoly and has already been established well, it always needs marketing.

Let me take you through some of the websites, that’d help you in building a good future in digital marketing. These websites are not just to help you with your basics, but to also to help you get a strong position in the world of digital marketing.

1) Neil Patel’s Blog:

If you tried looking for some information on digital marketing or SEO(Search Engine Optimization), on youtube or elsewhere, then you must have come across this man. He’s like a basic book for everyone who needs to learn digital marketing. This website would also tell you how to use different techniques to bring in more traffic to your website. More traffic means more trust and any company would be glad to do a business with you.

2) HubSpot:

It is one website that one needs to come after they’ve developed their product and are ready to launch it into the market. HubSpot offers some of the best software for you to utilize as your marketing source. It also helps with the customer service applications for your website, so it’d be easier for your customers to communicate and interact with you.

Not just this, they even offer you different blogs and guides for you to go through. This will help you in understanding how the world of marketing works. If you’re not interested in their applications and software, you can just skip right to the part where a lot of information on Digital Marketing is provided.

3) Google Inside AdWords

If you want to understand the thought process of your potential customers then this is for you. Google AdWords provides you with all the information that you need under one roof. It has the analysis of everything you need to know. If you have enough patience, you can understand everything that is to know to attract the right customer at the right time.

All the analysis has been given for making it easier for you to attract whoever you want too. Understanding the analysis isn’t a hard thing either. So do visit this once you’re done understanding the basics, as this would help you in understanding the mindset, customers have.


4) Content Marketing Institute:

Content marketing institute is a one-stop institute for all your content marketing tips. You can read various blogs on this that’d tell you how to go about content writing. Don’t underestimate the power of content writing as content writing is remarked as the most important factor in driving businesses to the company. When you write proper contents, people often start reading and sharing it. Once it’s liked by all, it’d bring more and more traffic to the website. Traffic increases the trust rate of any website. More the traffic, more is the trust generated for your website. Trust is all one needs to maintain the business.

This is the prime reason why many websites go bonkers for content writing. Hence, if you need to make your website famous, you need to learn to blog well and attract the required customers.

5) Four Dots:

Four dots is more of a website analyzer. It analyzes your website and gives your website a rating. This helps people identify the things they are lacking in. Then, the website developers are supposed to work on this as this would lead to a  better website rank. Better the website rank, better is the position on google search and traffic. This will help in getting a good number of audience to your website.

6) Buffer:

Digital marketing is not just about the blogs, but also about how you represent yourself in social media matters. Social media is one platform where you can go and publicize your product and if it’s done the right away, it’s going to spread like a rapid-fire and turn your product into an overnight success. That’s the power of social media. So never take the marketing in social media for granted and do visit this site, if you want further help or information on how to go about this. You can also analyze the results on how and from where the traffic is generated.

7) Tech Crunch:

The one-stop destination for all the information on various trending things that can push your website to the desired state. This website offers information and service on various things like Startups Apps Gadgets Events and videos related to the same. Ample of new and updated articles are written such that if you manage to follow these, you’d understand every page you need to in the field of digital marketing.

8) The Moz Blog:

If there’s another place like Tech Crunch where you can find the information to all the important things that you’d like to have for the information on how to maintain a website, then this is it. You don’t have to wait for a long time before you can get your hands on some good content and start developing your blog if you refer to this. This blog gives you information on how to maintain your website’s traffic and when and where to look for all the information you need.

9) Your Story:

One website, that is different from these all others and the one you need desperately to guide you right. It’s well said that failure is the road to success and experience is all one needs to make his/her mark. Similar is the thing with this, your story provides all that is necessary for an entrepreneur, which is about all other entrepreneur’s stories. These stories tell us the make and break of a company or an industry. All the experience these people have gained all through these years will be put in front of you with a click. What else could you ask for? Read multiple stories and take all the precautions those people failed to take.

10)Quick Sprout:

For latest and more innovative ways to drive traffic to your website, this is the right website for you. Quick Sprout is known to have one of the best ideas and tricks one needs to make sure enough traffic is generated for your website. Go through the blog of this site and you’ll understand why I said what I said.

Image result for thinking

Credits: Public Domain Pictures


These are just a few websites that you need to visit on a regular basis, to make yourself a better digital marketer. Reading all these one after the other might get you bored or might not give you a full scope of the real world scenario. So, in such cases, I’d suggest you follow few of these famous bloggers who are known experts in digital marketing.

1) Gary Vaynerchuk
2) Seth Godin
3) Neil Patel
4) Marketing land

Other than following these coveted experts, you can also follow these communities to have your doubts cleared on a regular basis and for ideas sharing among the other digital marketing aspirants.

1) GrowthHackers – Premier Growth Community
2) Inbound.org

All these information are for the learners. If you’d like an easy way to get all these done for you, then do visit our homepage and we’ll help you with all this in no time. Visit here.