What is virtual and augmented reality? Could it change our future?

What is virtual and augmented reality? Could it change our future?

Virtual and Augmented Reality are the two words that might have been ringing in your ears since a time. It isn’t something that you can escape from. Such is going to be the future as well. Let’s get in deep about these two!

Augmented Reality

What is the augmented reality and what does it do?

A digitalised image represented to interpret as a real-life object for the easy understanding of the viewer is called Augmented reality. Augmented reality enables users to have the real-time experience of the objects. These AR  creates a computerized object to be displayed in front. This representation would go a long way in experiencing different objects and products. Hence this has a great scope in the field of technology and sales.

Who invented augmented reality?

Ivan Sutherland was the one who made the equipment and fed it with the computer design to make out an augmented reality. He hanged a device out from the ceiling and the device was put over the head. Although the Augmented Reality was invented by Ivan Sutherland, Tom Caudell was the one who coined the term “Augmented Reality”. This augmented reality was expected to be a huge thing but wasn’t in talks as much. But now, with the implementation of new things day by day, augmented reality is back in talks again and has quite a promising future.

Who uses and benefits from augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is an invention, that still has a really broad scope and has a number of places to implement it on. The augmented reality gives us an experience of a non-existing object. These objects might cost us millions or might consume a lot of time to try on. But with the AR, that has become a not so tough job. Hence, there’s a dire need for every industry to upgrade their equipment towards AR. Let’s just read further about this in order to have a good view on the advantages of AR.

Who are all investing and working on augmented reality?


The e-commerce industry that is still the giant in selling products, has been trying hard to keep its place in the market. How does an industry survive in the competition? Yes, by updating themselves again and again. That’s what these industries are trying to do as well. If you operate an E-commerce and deliver products to your customers, and they don’t like it. What are you going to do? Accept their return! Yes, in order to fulfil their needs, you need to have those products returned back to you and send the new ones. This causes a huge loss for these industries.

What if the customers can try on the products sitting at home itself? Wouldn’t that be amazing? It not only saves the time but also E-commerce industries will save a lot on all those pickup and delivery charges. I wouldn’t say that the concept of returning the products will be wiped out completely. But I’m pretty sure that it’s going to go down to a great extent. Read more about how e-commerce attracts the customers here.

Image result for facebook marketplaceSource: Wikipedia

Facebook has also introduced their own version of AR marketplace to make the purchases right there. The users have the liberty to see how the product suits them using the AR experience. There’s a large scope for this ahead of this. You can experience it live after logging in to the facebook here.


Pokemon Gopokemon-go

2 years back from now the idea of Augmented reality was so oblivious to people but with the introduction of pokemon go, augmented reality took a great leap in connecting with the audience. The audience started playing the game as if it was the task of their life. They made it a part of their lives, traveling as far as possible in the anticipation to find their favorite pokemon. Not just that, with the announcement of iPhone X, there were a few other sets of applications launched. Few of those were the AR games. These AR games, though haven’t garnered as popularity as the pokemon go could, still they have a long way to go in the future of gaming.



Image result for app augmented reality

Source: Wikimedia Commons

AR applications also came out with the IOS 11 last year. A few of the games that would display your star position in the sky. All those zodiac signs that can be interpreted through the stars could be navigated easily. Not just that, Google, in their i/o conference 2018, explained how they are going to incorporate AR in their maps. It’s going to be displayed in their Android P once it comes up. You can read about the Android P features here. If you’d turn your camera on, you can actually see a digitalized creature that would guide you to your destination. It’s just like having a travel guide but even more interactive and fun to watch.


IKEA Augmented-reality

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is another field that has been trying really hard on the Augmented Reality. The architects have a great vision, but the vision is not as easy to express as it is to think. In this case, augmented reality comes to the rescue. With augmented reality, one can have a real-time experience of the object that an architect is trying to show. The person can, in fact, put the digitalized object at the right place and the suitability can be experienced as well. Not just that, a good understanding would require the measurements too. Augmented reality also offers you the feasibility of showing the dimensions of the products. Can you imagine, putting a furniture of your choice digitally, to see if that suits the corner of your bedroom? Yep, that’s possible and has brought to use as well. Houzz, DecorMatters, Homestyler are few of that kind of applications.

Surgical Purposes: 

Image result for surgery augmented reality

Source: Flickr

A new device ARveo Augmented Reality microscope helps the doctors with the surgery with AR. It generates some visual overlays that help the surgeons during brain and spinal surgeries. The Uconn health hospital in Connecticut was the first to incorporate such kind of technology into their field. You can read further about it here.

Advertising and Promotions:

Well, this is the age of Marketing. No matter how you market, all that you need is a proper marketing technique to be able to reach your customers. The marketing can be easily done and even more sophisticated techniques can be incorporated into AR. You can make your viewers see how those glasses from Ray Ban would fit you or how the luxury from Zara would suit your newly purchased top. That’s not it, you can actually feel their presence looking at your front camera while they do their cheapest and the most efficient way of marketing. So if you think the augmented reality might not grab the attention through these ads, then you got to wait and see.

What devices does augmented reality support?

augmented reality

Augmented reality currently supports the mobile phones. The mobile phone with the cameras are the ones where you can experience this AR for yourself. Although AR is a great experience, still it doesn’t excite the millennials as much due to its battery consumptions. the applications use a great amount of your phone’s juice to be able to show what you see on the screen. This would cause a great deal of battery to drain.

How can augmented reality be used in the future and how can it change the world?

Augmented reality has a great future. You must have understood by this time looking at all the industries craving to have it. This is just the beginning, there’s still a lot to come in this field and we’re all waiting what wonders can it pull. With the introduction of Pokemon go itself, everyone was in awe of what AR could do. But let me assure you one thing, Pokemon Go is just the beginning. There’s still a lot of this to come and you can be pretty sure it will. New advances that would change the way we do things will change and yes, it’s for good.

Virtual Reality

virtual reality

What is the Virtual Reality and what does it do?

A 3-dimensional environment created, by wearing a headset where the person could feel the environment is called virtual reality. A reality experience that’s created virtually to be interpreted as real. This experience can be created by creating a digital environment that would appear as real for the viewer. Although many of you might have already experienced it one time or the other, still it’s always a delight to have such experiences.

Who invented Virtual Reality?

Morton Heilig, who is known as the “Father of Virtual reality” for his works and research on this field was the innovator. He innovated the “Experience Theatre” also known as Sensorama Stimulator, as a first step towards the progression of Augmented reality. This theatre would show the digitalized objects on the screen when put over the head. So that’s how the great step towards the augmented reality was taken.

Who uses and benefits from Virtual Reality?

Multiple industries are already investing in virtual reality. It has started as a gaming experience and now is expanding to multiple fields. These fields are trying their best to make the most out of this and provide their own share of virtual experiences. This helps them stand out from the rest. With virtual reality talks being everywhere, a number of industries are willing to use this feature.

Who are investing and working on Virtual Reality?


FIFA World cup: Russia 2018:

Image result for fifa world cup 2018 vr

Source: FIFA.com

The FIFA world cup app had the VR feature in it to allow the fans to have a real-time game experience. The virtual reality application has the feature of displaying a 360 view of every game. This not only helps the viewers have a great experience but will also cheer all those who couldn’t make it to Russia in order to watch the game live. You can read further about it here.

Google Earth

Image result for google earth

A number of application developing agencies are using this feature in their own special way to offer an exquisite experience to their customers or clients. The applications can be used to help the users experience the real-time situation of a location or an area. This would give them a practical understanding of what they are getting into. t’s like helping them see the real version of it, without having to change their respective locations. They can stay right at home and enjoy the experience of saving both their time and energy.


Batman Arkham VR

Image result for batman arkham vr

Source: Flickr

The gaming world is going to change completely with the initiation of this virtual reality. Almost every game that has come out recently have this features in them. Even in the recreational and fun parks, you can see a number of stores helping you experience their own virtual reality games. Have you seen people wearing those headsets and moving every possible way? Some of them tend to shout and get startled by what they see on their device. Some of these games could include roller coaster or have an experience of a dangerous ride. There are a number of computer games as well that give a real-time environment to take the game experience to a new level. You can get your hands on or read more about this game here.



Image result for youvisit vr

Source: Flickr

The travel industry is booming and hence no one wants to back out from all the technological advances that they can make. SO the travel industry is going down the same path as well. Incorporating VR into their applications. How would you feel if you can give your customers a glimpse of what they can see in after traveling there? Instead of pictures, it would be more like a real visit and experience. that’s what the travel industry has been doing to help their customers see all these things. Not just that, recently a ziplining agency, used the VR to give the users a feeling of ziplining at very high altitudes. These guys have made a 30-second ziplining feel like a 3 minute one. mark my words, VR is a big deal when it comes to creating delusions.


Image result for augmented reality applicationsSource: Wikimedia Commons

This is the best part. When you come home from all that long day of work, what would you need the most? A little time in the mountains? Experience a beautiful sunset? Watch and count the stars in the sky? Well, that isn’t really an all-time happening thing but you can make that happen. With VR, you can experience these things in the real time and keep the stress away from yourself. You can also surround yourself with all the funny jokes and positive people in order to calm yourself and find some new faces.

The virtual reality is also being incorporated in the field of surgery to take this to a next level and help the people in their surgeries. This will also prepare the doctors on their surgical advances.

Real Estate:



Source: Smart2VR

This has changed the life of many people who are looking for a new home. The virtual reality feature has been utilized by a number of organizations to show their own homes or by the broker industries that want to sell their client’s properties. It saves time and the buyers don’t even have to visit the home. They can have a real-time walkthrough of that respective flat and can explore it the way they want. They can walk and switch from room to room and understand the kind of ambience they have there. Thre are a number of real estate brokers incorporating this into their applications.

What devices does Virtual Reality support?

Virtual reality is supported in almost every mobile phone that has a wide screen. Though you need to have a smartphone in order to see these things. If your phone has the gyroscope sensor, then you’re good to go. Get yourself a good headset that is comfortable to you and has a good view capacity. Make sure the headset fits your phone. Now put the phone in the headset and you’re good to go. Find yourself a good cardboard video which is frequently available on youtube in order to experience this.

Which is the best headset for Virtual Reality?

Well, there are a number of devices have this feature. From cheapest of the headset starting at $1-2 to one of the costliest in the field, you can find the right headset based upon their specifications. But do understand that there might be the different headset for different phone sizes. The most reputed and one of the first VR headset to come into the market is the Oculus Rift. It has been purchased mostly by the gamers for a great gaming experience.

How can Virtual Reality be used in the future and how can it change the world?

Virtual reality has a number of applications. They have already been used in a number of applications, games, devices etc., and there’s a lot of need to explore its limitations. As a matter of fact, there are a number of new ways that have been coming up and been surprising us with its innovation. Just like AR, VR has its own innovative ways to amuse us.

Mixed or Hybrid Reality:

The mixed reality often referred to as Hybrid reality, is the mixture of both the augmented reality and virtual reality. This will be a great step towards the digitalization of experiences. The early mixed reality experiments were practised at the US Air Force Laboratory. This feature was developed in order to provide a flight simulation for the pilots.

Key Take Away:

All these reality devices are on the verge of becoming something really big in the near future. There is a constant need for the betterment of all these practices in order to see a better-digitalized world. But one thing is not to be forgotten, though there’s a great need for this to be incorporated, still, you need to make sure the usage is up to the limits and doesn’t go beyond the permissible usage.

What is the Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India

What is the Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India

There are a few crucial tips to know, before talking about the future scope of digital marketing, that are imperative to understand. Let’s have a look.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is online marketing of your services or products related to using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet. It includes usage of mobile phones, display of adverts in the social media and other digital mediums like Quora, Medium, and other Sites

What is the work of a digital marketer?

A digital marketer is involved in everything that goes on in the company from the marketing end. Digital marketer has to take care of the company website like the design, functionality. He even has to coordinate with the web developers and designers for the better output. Not just limited to the site:

  • The marketer has to maintain a rapport with the content curators and plan the content strategy, then execute it accordingly. Digital marketer is responsible for the whole content that is supported on the website. The content must be strategized in the right way to obtain the best results.
  • Digital marketer is also responsible for checking that company website can be found easily on the internet whenever somebody is searching for it. So, a digital marketer has to make sure that the SEO works accordingly.
  • Eventually, the most crucial task for which a Digital marketer is present is for e-commerce. Digital marketer has to make sure that the visit in the e-commerce site should convert to the customers and the enhance the online sales.
  • The last one, a digital marketer is responsible for the social media marketing and engaging customers into the posts. Then drag those customers to the official websites.

However, work of the digital marketer is not so simple as it is thought to be, the digital marketer should be an around and have to handle everything that is there in digital branding of the company.

What is the average salary for a digital marketer?

Average salary of a Digital marketer in India starts from 4.5 LPA and can extend up to 12 LPA as the digital marketer is an all-rounder and has to look after all the tasks in the Marketing field, so the salary for the digital marketer is very high in comparison to all other job roles in the digital marketing field.

Online Digital Marketing Courses:

Here are the various online courses which available on the Internet.

Udemy’s Digital Marketing Course:

It is one of the best courses available in Udemy. Currently, 171,148+ students have registered in this course. Please check here

Price: ₹830 Original Price ₹12,800
Discount: 94% off

Our best recommend choice is to go for free techniques on youtube:

Complete Facebook Marketing Course

What are the different types of digital marketing?

There are major seven different types of digital marketing which are presently being used everywhere in the world. All the seven categories are mentioned below:

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the significant things which should be taken care with utmost care in digital marketing. SEM  manages the traffic whether it may be the organic traffic or paid traffic through PPC. However, the traffic is gained from the SEO while SEM manages the traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the reason you get the traffic or the viewers to your website. Optimizing the content in the site, building the backlinks, having related keywords will help to increase the page traffic and a lot of viewers come to the website. SEO improves the organic search results.


Paid marketing is known as the PPC marketing which usually means Pay-Per-Click marketing. It is one of the fastest ways to rank high in the organic search results. Each time when your ad is clicked by someone you are then charged with some amount which is why it is known as the pay per click or PPC marketing.


Content is king for any website and the online media. Whenever a user goes to a site first, he will find the content. By writing blogs, making videos and images increases the ranking of the website, which helps in the gradual increase in the viewers.


For retargeting a customer and doing the rebranding of your company. Email marketing is the best thing, as it behaves to be more customized. When people see the email think this is only for them and no one else gets this opportunity. Marketing through emails helps in targeting individual customer and making them know about the latest things.


Social Media Marketing or SMM is a significant thing which no marketer can never ignore. Marketing using Social media involve both paid and unpaid marketing strategy. The aim is to engage as much amount of people as possible and increase the social engagement who can later to turned into the loyal customers.


Promoting the brand name is essential which we can not ignore. Anyone can be an influencer or Affiliate marketer be that person in social media or any other industry promoting the brand is necessary. The Affiliates marketers promote the brand name with the help of content.

Digital Marketing Courses in principal cities of India:

Let’s look at the Digital marketing courses offered:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Creation of Website, Microsite
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Fundamentals of AdWords
  • Display Advertising using AdWords
  • Search Advertising & Adwords Tools
  • Advertising on mobile
  • Video Advertising using YouTube
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Shopping Advertising with Google
  • Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Programmatic Buying,
  • Email and Affiliate Marketing

Hence, these are the topics that every digital marketing course should cover. There are various digital marketing courses provide by various digital marketing institutes. You can search in google with the help of the keywords given below to get to the best institute.

Keywords for google search
Digital marketing courses in Pune.
Digital marketing courses in Kolkata.
Digital marketing courses in Mumbai.
Digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.
Digital marketing courses in Ahmedabad.
Digital marketing courses in Chennai(Madras).
Digital marketing courses in Bangalore(Bengaluru).

Note: Select Institute based upon Google Review and Check their Facebook page for their reviews.

The Scope of Digital marketing for Freshers and experienced professionals:

There’s a critical question on everyone’s mind these days, the scope of Digital Marketing in India. Well, it’s quite evident from all those digital advertisements that digital marketing is growing at a never before rate. That should give you your answers.

As experts speak, always go with the statistics and not mere words – this, we will explain to you with all the proofs. So, without further ado, let’s jump to fact-finding.

Digital Marketing is not a new word for all those who are active on the internet. However, Digital marketing has changed the way people view the advertisements. Remember, all those annoying TV commercials, before the advent of digital ads?

Well, thanks to digital marketing, we feast our eyes on visually appealing and insightful businesses.

Earlier, the relevance to which the viewers viewed the ads was quite low. Even the kids’ channels would display detergent ads, which were in no way relevant to them, nor had any value-add or appeal for them.

With the dawn of digital marketing, the aptness of the platforms where the ads are displayed has taken a huge plunge. The trends of digital marketing for the past 14 years has been depicted by way of the graph given below.


trends worldwide

Courtesy: Google Trends


scope of digital marketing

Courtesy: Google Trends

Take a look at the graph. Observe the increasing trend over the years. That itself should remove your skepticism on the scope of Digital Marketing in the coming years. Look at the graph you can check that the digital marketing wasn’t as trending as it is now until the year 2012. From then on, this field has witnessed massive growth. Now, the graph of digital marketing, both in India as well as across the world has risen to great heights.

If you’re still not satisfied, have a look at the following statistics:

TV Vs. Internet Ad spend:

TV vs Internet ad graph

Courtesy: Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends 2017

The graph has two lines, blue and red; the red line represents the TV Ad spend and the blue line represents the Internet Ad spend on a global plane. It is quite evident that in the year 1995, the amount spent on TV Ads was much higher than that spend on the Internet Ads, where it was almost zero.

Since 2006, the line representing the Internet Ads has taken a sudden leap and crossed the line representing amount spent on TV Ads – this was before 2016. The amount spent on TV ads has been declining day by day, but as can be seen, the amount spent on internet ads has been increased manifold.

Finally, the graph itself is a definite proof of how the ad spent on digital marketing has not only increased but also has taken a better hike than its previous ones. Such is the expenditure on digital marketing. Thus, you can make a safe bet on Digital marketing to reach a better position in the future.

What skills do you need for Digital Marketing:

If you’d like to excel in the field of digital marketing, then you need to possess some basic skills. These skills are supposed to make you stand out from the rest. Initially, there is a specific set of skills that you need to teach in yourself to put yourself in a better position in this field.

  1. Aware of the trends
  2. Good understanding of audience and know what sells
  3. Specific marketing expertise
  4. Content writing skills
  5. Ability to manage tools and technology
  6. Interactive skills
  7. Sales skill
  8. A blend of creativity and analytical skills
  9. Basic design skills
  10. Politeness and patience

What are the different Job Roles and their salaries?

There are multiple job roles in this field. Every job role has its demand and its prerequisites.

Let me introduce you to a few of the job roles that have acquired their fame and have a promising future:

  1. Digital Marketing Executive    3.5 – 4 LPA
  2. Digital Marketing Manager  4.5 – 5 LPA
  3. Content Marketing Manager  5 – 6 LPA
  4. SEO Analyst   2.5 – 3 Lakhs LPA
  5. Social Media Marketing Expert  4 – 4.5 LPA
  6. SEO Executive 2.5 – 3  LPA
  7. Analytics  6.5 – 7 LPA

The salaries mentioned above are just the average salaries. These might differ from place to place. Salaries said to relate to freshers. Experienced professionals will have better wages.

To read in-depth about these job-roles, do go through this article. It’ll give an excellent idea of what’s the role of that particular job.

Is there scope for digital marketing?

Yes, there is a scope of digital marketing which looks quite promising. Digital marketing has taken the world of marketing by a storm and going by the analytics mentioned above; there doesn’t seem to be any stoppage for this shortly.

You’d like to have a career in this field; then I think this is the best time ever. It’s one of the most trending jobs of the day, and the grid is likely to go up, in all probabilities and possibilities.

If digital marketing is your dream job, and you are keen to build the career in the field of digital marketing, start planning now and make your dream come true.

Some of the standard search errors encountered while searching on google.
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digital marketing what is

8 B2B trends in 2018 to attract more businesses

8 B2B trends in 2018 to attract more businesses

If you’re a firm whose key concentration is B2B, then this B2B trends in 2018 would be something really useful to you. Often we see even after all those continuous efforts, still we lack in making an impact on our business. Attracting more businesses towards our firm becomes a tough nut to crack. Well, if you’re under such a situation, then you are in dire need of a serious upgrade. Check with all the points mentioned below as I’ve picked the best ones for you. If there seems to be a lack in any one of these, do act upon it quickly.

Content and Slides marketing:

b2b trends in 2018

The content marketing has been for a while in the market and I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay. Content writing is the first and primitive most section required for any website that intends to sell services. The respective blogs show their expertise in that particular area. It also attracts the audience or viewers who need information or services from that particular topic. It’s been proven that the services websites with blogs were able to generate 160% more leads than those who failed to maintain one. Content marketing enhances the chances of your brand recognition. You can further read the tips and tricks of content marketing here.

The slides have not been so acclaimed in the market but in my opinion, slides are an easy way to share the information. They are easy, on point, don’t claim much time and most of all slides are interactive. Every other slide you visit you are welcomed by images and short notes rather than those big blog posts that some might be annoyed to read completely. Slides are time-saving and people with less patience or who don’t have enough time in their lives can go with it.

Customization with AI:

b2b trends in 2018

Customize your website with AI. Yes, if you’d like to stay ahead in the race and ahead of your competitors, this is a must. Artificial intelligence is going up and up day by day. AI has the capability to interact with your clients directly and individually. It doesn’t just give vague answers to their query, whereas it understands the situation, analyzes and gives the best possible outcome. This enhances the bond between the firm and the client in the most efficient way.

To add to this, artificial intelligence plays a prominent role in figuring the faults in your website. A few tools that can optimize your website and figure out all the vulnerabilities in it. These tools are quite essential for the small to big scale firms.

Account Based Marketing(ABM):

b2b trends in 2018

If you don’t already know what an account based marketing is, let me help you with it. ABM is a process of client acquisition through specific marketing. Being specific and particular while marketing is always beneficial. Similar is the situation with ABM. In ABM, a customer or client is targeted directly and individual measures are taken to acquire them.

For example, if I am a law firm and would like to attract the mobile giant Samsung as a client, just sending out field specific emails to all such clients won’t do me any good. A certain individual attention needs to be given to show them how important they are to us. How you’re going to take care of their needs with utmost responsibility. That’s what ABM is. It’s like individually catching the particular fish that you need rather than throwing a whole piece of net in anticipation of finding that particular fish in it somewhere.

Leverage LinkedIn:

b2b trends in 2018

LinkedIn, after the acquisition by the software giant, Microsoft is now more popular than ever. B2B businesses have been benefitted the most from this. Through linked in the clients and firms could find each other based upon their requirements. If you’re a firm deal with SaaS, there can be queries you can address on LinkedIn and they’d recognize you. This increases the chances of you having a business with them.

Video and Podcast Marketing:

b2b trends in 2018

Video marketing, though has been for quite some time on the field, has been upgrading ever since. In this generation where everything needs to be in a blink of an eye. Video offers just the facility in sharing the information. Videos are fast, interactive and influential in most of the cases. Attaching a video to your blog also increases the stay time of your visitors.

The podcast is the other kind of media marketing. When you write a content, the viewer might not always be able to read it. As it’s highly impossible for a person to read and do some other job at the similar time. So podcasts offer you the flexibility of doing some other work while understanding the concept.

Implementation of AR:

b2b trends in 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) has been ruling the current real estate world. It’s certainly going to grow much larger than ever. In augmented reality, one needs to turn their camera on and place it to the location where they want to put the product. On the camera, you can see the product is placed at the appropriate location. The dimensions with which it’s said to be made is also accurate.

If you’re a product based company, instead of sending your clients the desired products, you can give them a good view on how it looks. They can sit at home or office and understand how it looks in their respective place. After having a good look they can straightaway place the order. This saves time, effort and stress.

Introduction of Marketing Automation into your business:

b2b trends in 2018

Marketing automation is one another important aspect in marketing these days. Marketing automation is highly required in order to make the work less stressful and more efficient. his automation is said to be used by about 80% of the businesses and is expected to have raised by 51% when compared to the 2014 statistics.

This automation collects the data from the prospects and then you can utilize this data to convey the appropriate information to the respective audience. This has a high relevance rate and the rate of conversion would be substantially higher than any other way. You can customize the automation tools in a way that it sends out the marketing emails or messages occasionally and keeps your audience stuck to you.

You can further read about marketing automation here.

Voice Operated Searches:

b2b trends in 2018

The next big thing that’s going to rule all over the world in a few years.  People who can’t really use their hands in certain situations, tend to use the voice search instead. You must have seen Siri and Google now being so trendy. Out of which, Siri, which was founded in the year 2011 has been used by 66% of the users and Google by 33%. The rate of usage of these voice search engine is expected to rise drastically.

Voice operated searches are expected to be used more than 50% by the end of 2021 which is some great number. This shows the kind of concentration one needs to put on this. So while writing a blog or telling about yourself, do use the keywords that suits the voice search. Read further about this here.

In order to read further about this, do go through this article. and if you’d like to go through the statistics, visit here. For an in-depth statistics, visit this article.

All the effective ways for a healthy client relationship

All the effective ways for a healthy client relationship

How has your client relationship been? Are you a business that has a healthy client relationship? Let’s understand. We often tend to put all our efforts into attracting the customers or clients, but we forget to understand the importance of building a healthy relationship with them. This not only helps them in maintaining a frequent business but also in building the reputation of the company through testimonials. Hence, it’s always a necessity to understand the worth of the customer no matter how big or small the business might be. Let’s look at the few factors that could not only help your business grow but also sustain in this competitive world.


client relationship: Reputation

The reputation of your business is the first and the foremost thing to be considered when running one. This enhances your client relationship in so many ways. If you manage to have a great reputation, your customers are attracted on their own. People often are attracted by the measure of one’s reputation and also based upon their previous experience with them.  So never take your customers for granted based upon who they are or where they are from. The reputation that you earn is going to stay with them and their acquaintances for long. All of these efforts are never going to go in vain. You’ll be known for your reputation and the quality of work you deliver. This not only reduces the marketing efforts but also gains some good amount of healthy prospects.

Attracting the customers or clients:

client relationship:

This is the first step in any business and is often the most considered one. And yes, you should be. Attracting your customers towards your business through various mediums is something that every executive should be proficient in. This earns you the customers from various parts of the world. If you’re not very aware of how this is to be done, let’s look at few of the most effective ways of doing this.

Leveraging social media:

Social media is the kind of a platform that’s here to stay. Billions of users every day are on social media. Sometimes they come to kill their time and sometimes to find their interests. You need to make sure to market your product in such a way that it helps them both the above ways and still remember your brand name for a long time. They should be able to find your marketing technique amusing and it shouldn’t seem like marketing at all.

The audience is so busy using the social media for the one reason that they don’t have to look at the ads and look at whatever intrigues them. If you still start showing them those boring ads, then they won’t really appreciate it. They’d rather choose to skip it. So, whenever you post your marketing video on social media make sure it’s either a funnier one or an innovative one. Usually, the funnier ones are easy to make and are shared widely around social media.

Specific marketing:

This is one way where you can show your customer that you care about them. Being specific and direct to your customer, not only shows how valued they are to you but also builds a great bond. This bond is further essential in spreading the talk and also for further business with the same client. Although this isn’t an easy thing to do for businesses with a lot of clients, you can still classify them into certain categories and send them the information specifically. For instance, if yours is an e-commerce site, and you have customers purchasing shoes, ties and shirts. You can classify them accordingly and send them their respective interests.

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Never forget this whenever you’re trying to market your product. CTA is the landing page of the product you’ve just been marketing. Let the customers who are receiving your market ideas, find a way to purchase them. If there’s no proper linking to the item, then the customer might lose the interest altogether and stop doing the business with you. They can also think of switching to somewhere else where they have been buying products frequently from.

Strong connection with the prospects:

client relationship:

A connection with the prospects can be the reason why your business can sustain in this competitive world. Unlike before, there are multiple businesses that might stand as a competition for you. This not only builds your customer client relationship but also helps you with further business with them and the ones they recommend. The process of recommendation goes a long way in earning you some of the most important and loyal customers.

Targeted content writing:

If you’re running a blog for your site and write about things unrelated to your clients that don’t help them, then maintaining such blogs is of no use rather than just to show off that you’ve got one. So before writing an article, make sure you’re writing something that benefits your customers. It should guide the customers to be effective and confident in doing business with you. They shouldn’t have to go to some other place to be able to understand your business.

Effective response rate:

A good response if what a customer or a client needs to understand their value. You need to show your customers how valued they are to you and your business. Responding to their messages and comments right away is the best way to go about it. Treat them with courtesy, offer your respect and help them in any way you can without deceiving them. These are the ways in which you’ll finally be able to keep your clients stuck with you.

Display of innovative ideas:

Come up with new and innovative ideas that could benefit your business and your client’s business in the best way possible. If you keep on upgrading your techniques and start using all the foolproof ideas, your customers will gain a great impression of you and would love to do further business with you as well.

Gain their trust:

client relationship: Trust

Gaining the customer’s trust has always been the primitive aim of a business. Trust is something that’s very fragile and infectious. The better it grows, the worse it fails. If you don’t manage to have your customers trust you and your business, understand the fact that you’re doing something terribly wrong. Never blame your customers for the fault you’ve committed just to cover yourself up and protect your business. Apologize in the way that they deserve and start putting efforts. Else, you’d be losing some good number of prospects as well. There are certain ways in which you can manage to gain their trust and do an efficient business.

In time results:

When you produce a timely result to your customer, that’d be the start of gaining their trust towards your work. You need to ask for the appropriate time through your past experience and make sure you don’t ask for even a second more, later. Don’t try to put a finish time beyond your capability just to show off. Such kinds of practices are not appreciated in the world of business.

If you’d like to understand clearly how to manage and effectively use your time, visit here.

Efficient work:

Efficient work is something that the customer will appreciate every time using your product. If you’re a web developer, make sure you develop in a way that they don’t have to come back to you. Build it in a way with all the future requirements in your mind. Never let them feel that it wasn’t efficient enough for them.

Affordable services:

In this generation, anyone could produce results in the best way possible. The only thing that sets the best kind of people is their affordability. Make sure you don’t charge your customers a lot. Also, make it a point that you allow some discounts for your frequent customers to have their loyalty for you intact.

Feasible to reach:

client relationship: contact

An easy reach to you would go a long way in understanding your customer and their needs. If your developed, or produced product is not efficient enough, your customer should be able to reach to you for an upgrade. If the approachability is not feasible to them, that’d be the first negative impact you’d be receiving. Hence make sure you have enough resources to help and reach your customers with.

These are the basic things that an organization needs to follow, though some of these are cliched topics, still, many of us fail to follow the same. Do follow these things without a miss if you want to build an effective organization. If you’d like to get a few other things to maintain a healthy client relationship, do read this article.

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