Latest Email Marketing Trends to improve your business in 2019

Latest Email Marketing Trends to improve your business in 2019

Email is the primary and never-out mode of communication. It is the best and cost-effective ways to improve your traffic of the website. With the latest email marketing trends, you can be able to develop a potential relationship with customers and their respective client.

With many email marketing trends emerging every day, you will easily draw the attention of the large audience. However, this is the right time to act smart and start implementing the latest email marketing trends.

To Spice up your brand marketing strategy, the most reliable channel is email. This is the most standard and old-school form of communication mode. The below video will help you in getting a brief knowledge about the latest email marketing trends 2019:

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a traditional type of marketing where you send emails to a group of people regarding business announcements or to promote your brands. In a way, email is sent to every current or potential customer with the purpose to enhance the business. The central theme of email marketing is to send emails to build up the relationship with the present and previous customers to encourage customer loyalty.

You can also target the new customers by properly drafting the email in such a way that they feel it is genuine and purchase something immediately. You can also add the current offers running on your business, regarding clearance sales and many more.

Why is email marketing a must?

It will keep the customers well-informed about the upcoming offers and currently going on suggestions. Email marketing will save you connected with existing customers. It is a way to deliver relevant content to customers.

email marketing

How to create active content for Email Marketing?

  • To write compelling content, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind does not deliver automate messages.
  • Always use a conservative tone.
  • Do not beat around the bush, make it straight and to the point.
  • Be precise to the topic.
  • Always be attentive and make sure you reply on time.

What are the top email marketing services?

Search Engine Optimization is essential to optimize the website content like keywords, images and also the text such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, thereby increasing your traffic rate.

Some of the top email marketing services are:

  • Drip: Provides marketing automation and email. It will contact managers. This is best useful for organizations that have an existing subscriber list.
  • Hubspot: This is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. Hubspot is an All-in-one solution for inbound focus.
  • Mailchimp: Mailchimp is just more than an email marketing service provider. It will let you convert your visitors into subscribers and customers. This is the best all in one suite for all purposes.
  • Activecampaign: You can create attractive and eye-catchy emails using in-build drops and builders. This is best to pull up your email marketing sales with CRM.
  • Mailshake: It is the best tool that you can use to generate leads, build relationships. Mailshake makes your work easy with all made email templates and personalized emails for your campaign.

What are the benefits of Email marketing?

Not all companies can afford the agencies to improve their traffic. There are many small-scale industries and own websites where people look for second yet visible results. The main concern of anyone is their budget. Let us have a detailed look at the benefits of email marketing.

If you are looking for one of the best email marketing campaign tools then we would recommend you to go with Mailshake. Sujan Patel one of the top digital marketers is the co-founder Mailshake, providing the best email templates and personalized email campaigns.

latest email marketing trends


Latest mail marketing trends are pocket-friendly. You can do it for yourself by collecting all the required emails of customers and then send them. It costs nothing when compared to other forms of marketing. Even if you hire a marketing agency, this will not cost you a fortune.


You can quickly achieve a high success rate as emails can be targeting specifically to ideal customers. Without much investment, you can soon get back the expected results. The only thing you should keep in mind is how you play the trick.


You can send a bulk of emails at a go, or you can individually send to an ideal customer. However you do, you are flexible to reach out to the customers. You can send emails to a group of present customers and also a group of emails for previous customers too.

Latest trends in email marketing in 2019

Below we mention some of the best and latest email marketing that is coming up in the year 2019:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Email interactivity
  3. Keep it fun with Visuals
  4. Use a Genuine and conservative content
  5. Chatbot

top email marketing


The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind is, make it simple and clear. As many of the people who use email, always look for reliable content and often feel as personalized receive emails. You have to choose the content in such a manner that they feel safe and their data is being used in the wrong way.


A lot of people are interested in following their favorite brands and want to interact with them. You can make it interesting through interactive email marketing.

Where you can pop out few questions for the customers, let them answer, make sure you need to give proper options on how they feel about your brand, few suggestions to improve their services and many other such things.


You can always include artistic images, graphical representations, funny captions to grab the attention of the customers. There is no doubt that email marketing the traditional way of email marketing trends but still people look upon few eye-catchy illustrations to create interest in them. Visualization always attracts the customers, and make them click on the email and then read the content what you want them to see.


Still, there are many small-scale industries and self-employed team where they always opt for the safe options. Let the tone of the email marketing be genuine and follow the conservative sound thereby, gaining confidence in your marketing strategies and also your customers.


The chatbots have been around for quite a sometime. These provide significant value to your users and your company.
Your users will have a seeming hands-on agent at their fingertips. You, on the other hand, can create a richer experience for the user. This is the best way email marketing trend which when appropriately followed gives you the best outcome. You can impress customers as chatbots can always have 24/7 support.

Use of AI in email marketing

These days AI or Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, especially on social media platforms. There are many advantages of AI one cannot ignore. AI is making the email marketing more personalized. However, you can use this feature to send emails to a group of already existing customers. AI is also making news in Segmentation.

In layman’s language, we can say that segmentation is a simple process where AI segments the previous customers and existing customers and new customers and automatically sends emails. This makes your work much more straightforward. This is almost Iend of 2018, and there are many latest email marketing trending, there is no doubt that 2019 will be the year for Artificial Intelligence.

email marketing

There are many uses of AI in email marketing too. AI quantifies, optimizes and then generates the information required. AI has a peculiar feature to automate the ideal time for each subscriber depending on their engagement time on your website. Customers will feel inspired to click on the email you sent.

AI can be helpful in sending the emails promptly without wasting much of your time. Considering the work mode, lifestyles of your customers, you cannot send email according to their time, and then AI will come to rescue by targeting all the customers at a specified time.


Email marketing continues to be the most powerful and reliable source for any e-commerce business today. By following these simple yet effective email marketing trends, you will see the visible results. Your traffic will boost up, and you will be able to attract many visitors.

Apart from these email marketing trends, you can also use other social media platforms to attract visitors. User security is crucial, keeping in mind the same the companies should secure the user data information on the social media platforms, most people are switching back to this traditional email marketing trends and will continue to be at the top in latest email marketing trends for coming 2019.

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Simple SEO Techniques 2019: Grow your Organic traffic Quickly

The world’s most loved and used browser is Google, it keeps on changing every year, and the technique keeps on improving. The search engines in this way become more intelligent and user-friendly. The latest SEO techniques 2019 in the path in which the webmasters keep their traffic intact to their work.

These new methods will help the companies to beat their competitors. It is already December which means we are approaching towards the end of 2018. All the top SEO techniques 2019, have already come up.

So, we have listed out the top SEO techniques 2019 below that will make the companies competitive and stand in this throat cut competition.

What are Featured Snippets?

Whenever a user asks some question and searches something in the Google. The search result shows the results with a featured snippet block in the search engine result page. This block contains the summary of the content or the website that is present in the link.

The content we can extract from the webpage with the page title and the URL. Below is the image of the featured image:

featured snippet

The description above the headline is the featured snippet or question below that there is the gist about the topic with a link.

How is rich snippet important for SEO?

An excellent way to stand out in the crowd is by using the rich snippets. The rich snippets decrease your competition in the Search Engine Ranking Page.

To display all these rich snippets in the search ranking page, you need to add the microformats known to be structured data. These structured data usually increases the organic visibility of your site and increase the visibility.

There are a lot of myths about the featured and rich snippets that we should consider:

  • A schema is not at all mandatory for Rich and featured snippets.
  • Google lists out all the contents that have bullet points, while others prefer paragraphs.
  • Google even considers the contents in tables.
  • On, an average, a content with bullet points is likely to be ranked by Google 27.8% which is better than paragraphs.
  • The suggested words for a paragraph is 100 words more than that decrease the people interests.
  • A sentence containing not more than 20 words is evident.

What is SERP? And What does SERP stand in SEO?

SERP means Search Engine Result Page whenever a viewer searches something in the Google with a particular keyword. Then the viewer lands up in a page that is known as the SERP or the Search Engine Result Page.

It is essential for every search, and the companies always fight to rank their website on the first page. You take a quick look at the SERPs search page below:

Search Engine ranking page

The image above is the search page when we enter any keyword or start to search the topic “Softscript Solutions”. Then Google will take you to the webpage, and you can find a lot of results. First, you will see all the paid search results after which you will find the organic results. Here you have to make your website to rank higher by including all the critical SEO techniques 2019. While in this the most crucial is the keywords.

SERP is essential for the companies so as the SEO techniques. Both are linked with each other if you have an excellent SEO service for your website then you will rank high in the search engine ranking page.

What are the top SEO techniques you should watch in 2019?

SEO techniques are fundamental and keep on changing for the year 2019 we listed out some of the essential SEO techniques 2019 in 2019. Have a look at it below:

  1. Linguistic SEO.
  2. Knowledge Panel.
  3. Rankbrain SEO.
  4. Voice Search.
  5. Speakable Schema.
  6. Blockchain.
  7. Content Curation.
  8. Optimizing User Experience.
  9. Mobile Optimization.
  10. Google Lighthouse.


Customizing every AD has become the new digital marketing and SEO techniques. A lot of people receives linguistic AD. According to the surveys, 95% of the Indians look out for the AD or shows based on native language.

In India, a lot of e-commerce companies are paying attention to regional languages such as SEO in Hindi or SEO Telugu.

This is an excellent move by the companies because targeting people from every region will give an immense result. For any ADs, website, content SEO techniques 2019 is essential. Not just that in India companies have started targeting other major languages talked all over the world.

The usage of the regional language for brand promotion in digital platform willing will increase to 70% within the coming four years. According to this the SEO management for language AD and post are rapidly growing. Below you can check an image of the linguistic AD. This is the Ad of Amazon in Espanol.

Linguistic ADs


We can expect that the use of linguistic ADs will be increasing every year with the increasing demand of the user towards the native language.


Knowledge panel is critical for all the companies to show what they are up to in business in Google. So when people search for a particular activity on Google. All the information about the company is on the right side of the search results.

The whole details on the right-hand side of the Google search page are known as the Knowledge Panel. Below you can see the knowledge panel of the digital marketing agency Softscript Solutions.

knowledge panel

knowledge panel

Knowledge Panels are essential because you can see above all the type of information that it gives- the opening time, ratings, reviews. Whenever a viewer sees this, they get a brief idea about the shop. If they get all the information, then there is 100% chance that people will visit the website and even the place. It is one of the essential SEO techniques 2019 that people are using a lot of time.


In the year 2015, Google has introduced a new algorithm which encourages self-learning known as Rankbrain SEO techniques 2019. Since then AI or artificial intelligence has come to action in digital marketing.

Majorly involved in answering the unexpected search query that has never asked.


Source: Gray Cell Tech

Two thousand nineteen is the year where new advancement will take place. We can get more development in the Rankbrain SEO or the artificial intelligence in digital media or SEO. This is very crucial as the Rankbrain SEO techniques 2019 constitutes 15% of the search results.

The Rankbrain SEO is developing a lot by every passing year and the search results that are also improving. Google these days has become very much flexible to answer the much-complicated questions. So, we expect that the in the year 2019 the artificial intelligence in Rankbrain SEO techniques 2019 grow more flexible and understand the human being much better.


We start our latest SEO techniques 2019 with Voice Search, it is gaining hype, and a lot of people are using the Voice Search.

alexa voice search

The surveys were done by Google earlier in the year 2014; it revealed that 40% of internet users use the voice-controlled web search.

However, this statistics for the teenagers is 50% which is 10% more than the rest of the people. Most of the people in Google make the search using Voice Search every two people out of 5 are searching using Voice Search.

The most famous voice search devices are Amazon Alexa, Siri for iOS, Ok Google! For Android.  You can these days find most of the people are having the Amazon Alexa and Google home in their offices or home. People are doing searches using these voice search devices, and it will increase gradually.

voice search

Future of Voice search is very bright. Making the computers able to answer every question asked by the user is the future of SEO techniques and digital marketing. Due to the massive usage of the smart home devices and all the digital answering devices, the future of voice search is enormous. The usage of the voice search will increase a lot in the year 2019, and people will more frequently use this device.


The Speakable schema markup when are included in the blog content it will help the Google to identify the suitable content which is best in case of audit playback using the TTS or the text- to- speech.

Whenever a user asks for a particular article to the voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, then it lists out the top three contents based on the keywords used and optimization done.

After this, it sends the source of the article or the full article with URL to the user. Therefore, all the website page who want to rank high are recommended to have structured data and proper SEO management. With the help of which Google can easily spot them on the top.

The technology is only going to advance, and more precise form of the speakable schema is expected to launch which will give more accurate and relevant results according to what users want.


The most challenging SEO techniques 2019 that take time for the people to grasp is Blockchain. Instead, it is expected to be a massive hype and revolutionary in the coming few years.

The incorruptible unit of currency like the bitcoins and the other cryptocurrencies: Blockchain is the only pathway which allows these kinds of transactions to take place smoothly.

blockchain seo

In a few industries, people usually get frightened of the word Blockchain, because blockchain is very transparent this may hurt the middleman or the salesperson. Here, both the customers and the corporation or the company are on the same level.

Once, the internet gets decentralized it allows the transaction and the information to the public. However, all this information is secure, flexible on behave of all the parties.

Google is the middleman for these type of transactions however even Google doesn’t have all the power and authority as they usually have, and Google cannot interfere much. Instead, Google has taken a considerable revenue to not interfere much and for all these transactions.

blockchain seo technique

In Blockchain the identity and the security of the customers are kept secure. That’s why we hope to see the people and the companies using the Blockchain as it will reduce the click fraud. As more than half of the traffic to the website or the companies are using the clicks.

The exact effect of the Blockchain in SEO trends 2019 is not yet precisely known, but all the enthusiastic webmasters are already doing a lot of research upon it. We hope to get more news about it in 2019 and get the best results.


For every website or a digital marketer, content is crucial that is why “Content is the King.” The reason why content is the significant aspect in digital marketing or for a website because whenever people come to your site the first glance, they watch in the site is the content.

However, people always want to know more about your services. So, here the content becomes very crucial as you have to convince the reader and make them stay at your site for a much longer time.

content curation

Whenever a user does a Google search, they usually want to find something that will satisfy their need and should accomplish their task. Further, when you start considering the user’s search result into account.

That is when you will eventually land up preparing the best content concentrating according to the audience requirement. It is essential because the internet is already flooded with the contents, customizing the content according to the user’s need will bring you more audiences.


A User intent website is an essential thing to keep in mind because it can make or break the business. So, it is about including all the vital keywords as relevant content can drag the attention of the users to your website.

It is essential to optimize user experience because this thing will make the users stay at your site.

These all things will bring you the desired searches results from some audiences. All those companies who are want to make it big in the market will make their website a smooth and customer-centric site.

user experience

This means that a website which is: smooth to access, designs are intuitive, personalized content, very less page loading time, with no technical glitches will bring you the best result. Whenever a user is searching for a keyword related to your business, it becomes essential to rank higher, and Google should find you easily.

To accomplish this Search Engine Optimization is very important. People and the companies these days know more about the SEO and optimization. Hence, the competition is gradually increasing a lot. So, it becomes crucial to have an optimized user experience.


Search results in mobile phones are increasing a lot since the smartphones are taking down the market. The number of searches is done using Mobile phones only.

mobile optimization

This makes sense because mobiles are small, and are portable can be taken everywhere, and it even has internet so people where ever they may be can check the internet using these devices.

However, 2019 is the Google mobile first index year. Therefore, everyone should prepare themselves well, or else you are not you will be wiped out by all other websites and companies. With the first ever mobile indexing by Google. It will start checking all the content in the mobile version and place your content and the website eventually in the SERPs.

Google plays very practically here, by eliminating all the weak links and the traditional ones just keeping the fresh and the trending links.

Initially, Google used to include the desktop contents previously and kept that thing in priority. While these may contain some weak links which usually drag you down in the mobile search results. Once the mobile indexing starts as the priority the problem of the weak links and the traditional content to aspected to be solved permanently.

mobile optimization

Not just that even the poor loading version in the desktop and the laptop is thought to resolve completely. We have this new mobile optimization for the Search Engine Result Page will get best and tremendous results.

Mobile optimization is not just the work of one man; it involves the other important aspect known to be Google Lighthouse. Usually, it provides the breakdown of a particular webpage about how fastly a page loads or to understand what is the page speed. By using this tool, you can get a whole performance report of the webpage.


You can download the tool for Google Lighthouse from here. Not just from here, there are various other sites from where you can download like for Github lighthouse you can download it from here. Then for Google Chrome user, you can download it from here.

Below you can see the performance of a webpage; it gives a complete report of the webpage.

Google lighthouse

It includes everything like performance, SEO, following applications, Accessibility, best practices all these are the main points considered.

Google lighthouse


Google lighthouse

You just to have to download the extension from any of the above-mentioned sites, then you have to add it to the browser. That’s it you are good to go, click on the icon present on your browser. Each time you want to check the page speed of any website.

Google lighthouse


What are the SEO techniques for different sectors?


Every passing year the real estate business is going a lot. The people all over the world are getting more digitized and depending upon the digital platform for most of the thing. If they want to buy something first, they take reference of the digital platform to check the place or the company.

As real estate is growing, there are a lot of companies that are coming up. So, it becomes vital to have an excellent website with all the services included. It should most importantly it should be SEO optimized website so that it ranks high in the search results.

real estate seo

Your Website should be Mobile optimized as Google give priority to mobile view than the desktop view due to the increased mobile users. The mobile usage in the year 2019 will increase 20 times more so it is crucial that your website should be mobile optimized. Moreover, Google is giving a free trial for the real estate businesspersons to check whether their site is mobile friendly or not.

Not just mobile optimization use social media to attract customers and increase your engagement. Social media is a digital site where people usually spend a lot of time. Having an active social media site adds more viewers and customers to your list.

To make more customers use more SEO keywords like the long tail keywords and the relevant keywords which people are using a lot. All these things are fundamental. So this is the time when you have to get concerned about the market scenario and start adopting the new techniques.


We know that the SEO techniques and digital marketing are becoming a vast ocean to dive in. However, if your business whether it is online or offline we should be ready to adopt all the new techniques that are coming up.

While coming to e-commerce SEO techniques 2019 that is essential is the user experience that should be taken care a lot. User experience is influencing a lot on the SEO techniques of e-commerce.

e-commerce seo


When we come to SEO techniques and E-commerce services, the website security is an essential thing to be taken care of that depends on the Website and the hosting providers. Most of the sites these days have HTTPs which means that the website is secure and you can share any sensitive information in here.

Another important factor is building your brand and improving the conversions is the best part of the SEO. Conversions are the those who put money in your bank account. You can get these conversions only through different channels such as social media, Google searches which gives you the viewers whom you have to convert them to customers. These involve the new SEO techniques 2019.


Social Media has become a main stop for all the type of business promotion. If a company is there, then it has become necessary that it should be in the social media sites.

With the help of Facebook and LinkedIn, we can say that the Healthcare industry is climbing up the SEO rankings. To stand out and rank much higher in the Search Engine Ranking Pages or SERPs a healthcare service must be present in the social media. You can upload video, give tips, offers, etc. in the Social media sites.

healthcare seo

Source: dignity hospital

However, a website is essential for any business it may be. Maintain a blog page and always maintain the blog page, keep on writing contents that will help the people and answer the questions that they have in their mind.

This will bring a direct conversation between you and the followers. If you maintain a good rapport with the viewers then if they have any health issue they will eventually turn up to you.


So, all these are some of the critical things that people and companies should incorporate in the business. All these top SEO techniques will come to action very soon in the year 2019.

We hope you liked the article, SEO is a vast concept with a lot to understand. Eventually, at the end of 24 hours, any company aims to rank higher in the Google SERP and gain a lot of audiences.

If you have any doubt or trouble in understanding all these techniques in your business. You can freely contact us whenever you want we will be pleased to help you. You can easily make us know about your issue through comments or emails.

Hope you enjoyed reading it!

How do I get certified in Google AdWords Certification?

How do I get certified in Google AdWords Certification?

For every person who wants to be in the digital marketing sector, Google AdWords Certification is the very crucial thing that every Digital marketer should take it. The question that most of the time everyone gets: Whether to receive the Google AdWords certification or not? Not only this people even get confused that if they are taking the AdWords certification will be useful if accepted or not?  It is an essential credential for the individual as it is the standardized ways using this one can prove their level of knowledge, and understanding in the particular area.

What is Google AdWords Certification?

Google AdWords is a certification program which people opt or want to get certified. Usually, Google conducts a test in which it identifies the marketers in the internet platform and verifies them to be the experts in online advertising. If a person passes two Google AdWord exam, then he/ she will be provided with a personalized Google Certificate, and you get the official entry to Google AdWords Public profile page.

Similar, to other Google products which got evolved with time in the same way Google AdWords Certification is also developing gradually with time.

The Google certification program is a standalone program, and some of the certifications in earlier time you had to appear it by paying some amount but now it is not required all the certifications are free. This was a massive change in the Google AdWords partners program. It may be somewhat confusing for the new users or the students who have just stepped in the Google Ads certification. As this is available exclusively at the GoogleAdWords Partners site, so it becomes a bit tricky and confusing for all those who are new to Google Ads. However, it is easy for those people who are already present in the Google Ads.

google adword certification

Still, now the Certification works same as that it used to work before a few years back. The Google certification has become one of the primary requirement that every company looks for; even the entry-level jobs require the Certification it has become one of the condition.

Google AdWords actual gives the base level knowledge upon a topic. Having a subject matter exposure on an issue that you will get only by clearing the Google certification as it is much more precise than the usual things that you learn from the textbook because Google can tell about itself and give you more in-depth knowledge about itself than anyone else.

Overview of Google AdWords Certification

The Google Certification is only earned by those who are capable enough and can clear the Google-certified exam. An exam is not so easy only some people can make it who have that knowledge about the subject and are experts in it now and then it merely proves it that you became expert just by qualifying the test. Google certifying means setting a bar between all the people who want a chance to participate, if you have the certification it will help you in standing out in the whole crowd which provides you with much importance.

In the beginning, Google Certification was named Google Advertising Professionals. Then in the year 2010 AdWords program name was changed and called as Google AdWords Certification here some changes in the program were made. In 2013 the AdWords program was renamed once again and called as Google AdWords Partners, this name was also not stable for a much longer time at present Google Certification is known as Google Ads.

The Google Ads brought three new brands with which you can work those are the Google Ads, Google Ad Manager, and Google Marketing platform. All these three everytime double checks all the tasks done by the previous one.

The Google AdWords Certification Courses:

AdWords Fundamental exam- This includes everything that is basic and essential like the campaign management and optimization

There are few other exams also which test your creating, managing, marketing, optimizing tactics, especially for the advertisement campaigns.

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising.
google adword percentage

Source: Google

The passing score in Google AdWords is 80% which means until you 80% you have to appear the exam again and again to gain the certificate. However, the Good here is that you can perform the exam with a gap of 24hours from the previous review.

How to open a Google AdWords Account?

The most crucial and foremost thing is to create an account. The account you create will contain all the details of the exams that you have completed or pending to appear. You have to give the features like the email id for login, password just these two are the required details for account creating.

Google adword certificate

Source: Google

Voila! Your account is activated.

Then you will get policies and privacy pages by the Google Ads, which you have to check in then you find another terms and condition after accepting both the systems. You are redirected to the Google Ads page you can see multiple certification programs as shown below. You can choose any one of the programs in which you want certification.

google adword study guide

Source: Google

google adword study guide

Source: Google

Being a digital marketer, I went forward with Google Ads, where you can find the other sub-groups in Google Ads Certification courses which shown below:

  • Digital sales
  • Google Ads display
  • Google Ads mobile
  • Google Ads search
  • Google Ads video
  • Google Ads shopping
  • Programmatic
Google AdWord topic

Source: Google

When you click on any of the course, you can find more than one certification program which you have open and study one after one. The hard part here is in one certification program there will be various modules which you have read carefully understand and then proceed to next.

digital certification

Source: Google

After completion of the whole course, you have to appear for the Google AdWords certification.

AdWord modules

Source: Google

Just like the above image, you will have several modules which you have to complete, and then you have to appear for the Google AdWords certification exam.

Google AdWords Certification Study Guide

The most crucial question that comes in every person’s mind while appearing for the certification is “How do I prepare for the Google Ads Certification?” and what is Google Adwords Certification Study guide that we should follow? The answer to both these questions is below:


There is no external references and books are required if you are completing all the modules in the right way and not just skipping it and directly heading to AdWords exam. Everything that you read in the modules is significant and helps you a lot for your long run. It is better to take your time and read it concentrating on every single thing and answer all the questions asked in between all these things.


Read all the study guide of Google you will get detailed knowledge about each and everything that is there in the advertising world. If you have the working knowledge before this, it is always recommended to read the guidelines and brush up all the things before going to take the test. These study guides are beneficial for everyone including the beginners and the advanced. So, read the study guide thoroughly.


Make your notes and don’t even depend on the other person’s records. This will help you have a better grip and knowledge about each topic. Also, try to prepare a cheat sheet which you can revise it at the time of the exam. Write down all the essential tips and tricks, formulas, alternative methods, etc. that are important at the time of the review. Not just this try to practice it as much as possible all the things and get a deep thought inside the tips and tricks which you are using.


Always make a habit of talking to all the experienced people or all those who are already in the same field and have already given the exam. Try to join as much forum as possible like the Google AdWords community, Quora, Reddit, etc. Join all those sites where you can find these experienced people and try to strick a conversation with them to know more and in-depth about digital marketing and Google AdWords.


Invest most of the time preparing for the test, and take the Google Ads Practice test. This will help you a lot in increasing the speed while you appear the exam. However, you may not be able to find the practice tests in Google Ads page but some if the Third party websites provide these practice test which you can avail and prepare well. The third-party site such as Scribd and Udemy these two website offers some of the best practice tests for the Google AdWords certification.

google adword certificate

Source: Quora

Follow all these steps and prepare yourself well enough for the exam. Appear the exam as it free of cost; previously it used to charge something now all the certifications are entirely free. After you appeared the exam and didn’t make it don’t get sad because you have to wait for 24 hours and again you can perform the test.

If you have qualified the test then you will receive the certificate from Google which will remain in your Google AdWords account, you can take a look at it whenever you want. However, the harass fact is it is valid only for a year. The certificate may be adequate for just a year, but the knowledge you gain is for your whole life.

Google Holiday mapping for Thanksgiving Day

Google Holiday mapping for Thanksgiving Day

The happy, amused and pomping holidays have started. Holidays are full of friends, relatives, having fun together, good food, lots of  holiday shopping, dinner and enjoying. For most of the American, Thanksgiving actually means turkey, having dinner parties, friends, parades, road trips that’s all. However, people have different choices like some take a trip to other places, some want to be at home and have a family get together, people have turkey feasts, look for amazing black Friday deals.

Not just the party and dinners people will be eagerly searching for the yummiest pumpkin Pie from the Grandma’s recipe book to impress the guests in the home. This guide tells something like these amazing things that people look for in this holiday season. People are also eager to know what is going on this holiday like about the places which people like to visit and where people are investing more time, all the insights about this is being analyzed in details by Google trends that all the things are mentioned in details below.

Most Popular Searches in Google

To have a deeper analysis and understand what people exactly intend to visit, during the holidays and all those places which they are dragged to in this season. It is however analysed clearly from the number of times people ask the Google Maps about taking to a place or showing the direction towards a place. Google had really did a hard work in finding out the exact statistics where the people are preferring to go during their holidays. Then showcased all the statistics in a visual representation about the most visited sites in Google maps. So, the below image shows the amount of searches.

American All state map

Source: Google Maps

Searching Trends in Google Maps National


During the time of Thanksgiving the most popular stop where people stuck to get something in the holiday season are the local shops. All the places which would be crowded during the holidays and we showcased you the peak time when it would be crowded is mentioned below. You just have to hop on when it is not crowded or else you will find yourself stuck in midst of a lot of people. This gives a brief idea about the period of time when it will be crowded, which area will be crowded more and at what period it would be free so that you can go and  buy whatever you want without having to face the problem, you can go straight in without have to make your way in between the crowd. The below images shows you clearly about it.

google popular search

Source: Google Maps


When we have a look at the United States trending holiday mapping for Thanksgiving and the whole nation search trends on this day. People here love video games a lot. We will represent you a data which will show the shopping pattern of the people in the United Nation. During the holiday season, most of the people buy different video especially the teenagers take the advantages of the holiday season and importantly the sales during this time. As the sales are on, so people take it as a chance and buy all the video games which they like. November end December is the season when people get amazing offers through which people can buy everything that is there in their checklist.

Screenshot popular thing

Source: Hubspot

The specific list of video games that the people look for is the other end of story. While, you can’t ignore the fact that the VR or the Virtual reality which was discovered to make the gaming, watching video’s look very much virtual people are wishing to buy it a lot. However, the company Oculus launched a new VR headset which is start studded Campaign that came up this Thanksgiving day. This will influence the way of playing the video games so it is thought to be the game changer in the world of Video Game experience where VR or the virtual reality has become the mainstream in technology.

Searching Trends in Google Maps locally


One of the biggest day for the deals and offers that comes after the Thanksgiving day is the Black Friday still now there are a lot of stores and outlet which have already let out a lot of Black Friday deals, offers, exclusive discounts etc.  People shop on this day like anything and this day can also be called as the shopping day. Shopping doesn’t only involve just clothes, footwear, accessories etc it also involves the other kind of things also. This is the period of time when every shop and store gives exclusive offers and discounts. While shopping tops the list, we show you the image in which we are mentioning some of the google search results which people search in maximum amount during the holiday season.

holiday shopping

Source: Google Maps


A lot of people at this holiday time search a lot about the food, drinks, Recipes to cook, where they can find the good discounts or offer on food, Restaurants to go for etc. However, when it comes to Thanksgiving or Black Friday it is all about good food and yes it also about turkey. People in the United States still need a lot of guidance in selecting the variety of drinks and food which they will opt for the day. and take the help of Google for it.

Thanksgiving food

Source: Google Maps


On holidays people want to relax and enjoy the festive mood. It is the best time for a entertainment, people at this time look for the matches of their popular sport or want to watch their favourite movie. Entertainment is not just limited to a movie or a favorite sports match instead of it also includes a lot of things like someone want to go party, someone wants to relax in an SPA or maybe some like to enjoy in the entertainment zones. Below we mention you the popular places which Google users search for or look for.

Entertainment thanksgiving

Source: Google Maps

Crowded Areas

Every week even you go to some place you must be habituated with the crowd that you face in the normal days, But that is not same in case of Holidays because during the holiday season the crowd even in your nearby places also increases. People travel on different day and time so may be when you go at a point of time but you find your favourite place to be crowded. Not just shops and area even if travelling to some other city, country, anywhere it is will be crowded at the holiday season. In the below diagram we show you all the busiest and the crowded areas, that you may want to visit but it would be good if you schedule it before or postpone it.

Google Mapping

Source: Google Maps

This statistics shows clearly when to avoid a trip and when it is  best to schedule it.

With this note, we come to an end. You get to see in brief about the people searches in the Google during the holiday season.

It is you who should consider all these factors and act accordingly. However, it is the best chance to grab one of the best deals during this holiday season and purchase all those things which you wanted buy could not but can make a purchase with the ongoing exclusive offers.

Happy a safe and happy holiday’s!

Instagram’s Crackdown on fake users and included New Features

Instagram’s Crackdown on fake users and included New Features

Instagram has been reaching to priority with every passing day. After the data breach of Google+, facebook people are more turning towards Instagram. However, this year Instagram two major changes in the month of September it has released the shopping option through Instagram and earlier this month  Instagram decided to crackdown and ban the fake followers, acccounts, likes, shares, and comments. It was this Monday when Instagram made an announcement that it would crack down all those users who are doing all the illegal and inauthentic activities to increase their original account popularity and the two-factor authentication. The situation was very hard for the self-proclaimed social media marketing forum “Blackhat” went into crisis. On the contrary, it made the shoppers and the e-commerce companies happy allowing them to have a shopping cart in their Instagram business page.

We in this article will explain you everything in details about both the two major changes that Instagram brought this year.


Instagram has taken a very tough decision by implementing the two-factor authentication which helps to remove all the accounts which usually use the third party apps to increase their popularity and grow the followers in their Instagram accounts. However, people come to Instagram to have a real experience with genuine interactions. Starting from Monday Instagram has started removing all the illegal comments, likes, shares using the third party application. Instagram has built a tool which identifies these type of accounts that uses the third party application to remove these fake followers and accounts then provide followers to their actual and real page than a fake one.

Instagram mentioned that this type of bogus accounts, likes, shares, comments are very harmful to the community and don’t abide by the Instagram guidelines and terms and uses. It also said that regular usage of the fake followers and accounts like this or a huge usage like this may lead to permanently removing the followers account from the social media site. Till Tuesday several threads were affected by this Instagram’s crackdown of the fake users and a huge chaos is being created among a lot of renowned and big names.

instagram crackdown

Source: techcrunch

Instagram is even discouraging all the followers and accounts from ever giving the users ID or login ID and all important details in any of the ways to anyone who wants to know from you because this may lead to your account being hacked and it can be used to spam other people where you will not know but someone must be using it. If you see that your followers in the Instagram account are decreased then it is not because you have offended someone instead all those users were fake and Instagram has removed them.

The restoring force for policy enforcement comes in the midst of the proceeding with the risk of foreign deception crusades on Facebook and Instagram intended to captivate communities and impact the election in the U.S. furthermore, abroad. In the meantime, Facebook has said that unauthenticated accounts are the roots to all these types of illegal activities even Facebook faced data breaching and has removed 745 million unauthenticated accounts in the last few months. All these bogus accounts should be caught and removed so that it can’t misuse someone else accounts. Initially, Instagram is removing the fake accounts since 2014 but it was the first time when it announced about this step publicly.

There are a lot of bots which are available in the online medium which helps in growing the Instagram follower for a person that takes $10 to $50 per month for doing this. The applications like Archie, InstaRocketProX, and Boost these apps usually promise to not violating the terms and policies of the Instagram however it does violate. The company name Devumi is well known between the celebrities because a lot of celebrities have approached this company for buying fake followers and accounts for them on Twitter.


Not just removing the fake followers and accounts Instagram even launched a new feature which will help immensely all the brands. This allows the followers to have a shopping experience in the Instagram Ad of that brand. It made the shopping experience for the people very easy, you can shop while you are scrolling down on Instagram. If you like a product on Instagram then you can know more about that product on Instagram you don’t have to go somewhere else and search for it.

Instagram has announced three ways to discover new products for shopping from your favorite brands’ and then keep a track of all these clothes in one place which you can see when required. So, we are summing up all the new features Instagram updates below:

Save the collection

When you see your favorite thing in your loved brand then you can save it now in your shopping collection to avail it later. You have to tap on the product tag you will get to see the price of the product all on that picture. Then you have to go in a product by the arrow beside the Price tag.

instagram show

Source: Instagram

instagram show

Source: Instagram

When you get inside the product you can see various pictures of the product similar to that you view in the e-commerce site. Below the picture, in the right corner you will find the tag if you click on that button then your product will be saved in your collection which you can review later.

Instagram save option

Source: Instagram

Below the product, you can find the description of the product and the related product of the same type which you are looking.

Business profile shopping

Whenever you go to the account or the business profile of the brand then you can find all the product images and advanced options such as shop email address and direction. Then you have to click on the shop option when you click on it you will be redirected to a page which will have all the products and the details of it that the brand is selling.


Source: Instagram

You can select any product which you like just like similar the above points you can save it and can buy it later or directly you can go the website and make a purchase. Not only the shop you can even avail the email id and direction for the store which makes the work of the people very easy and can we find the store without any confusion.

Instagram features

Source: Instagram

Feed videos Shopping

You read it right you can even shop your favorite item from the Video feeds that your brand posts on Instagram. When you see the video from any brand first click on follow and then tap on the shopping bag icon to reveal the details and price of all the items present in the video. Then you can know more about it.

instgram new feature

Source: Instagram

These are some of the important features that Instagram incorporated this year and made the task of the brand very easy and even people can get those items which they love it. However, on the other side, it even took a very tough and good decision to protect the safety of the users and abide by the Rules and regulation which it established by removing all the fake accounts, comments, likes, and share.

We hope that Instagram in future will bring some more strict laws against the spammers and new features to make users happy.